Took this photo in the gym the other day. I’m already much stonger but no weight ...

in appics •  5 months ago 

... has shifted yet. I’m still around 125kg. Show up every day, work hard and eat well and it will move at some point.


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Muscles weigh more than fat!


I heard that before!

Good job! Keep going!

You look great! I posted today how I'm sticking to my "better me because I'm getting older" routines. I think working out is the best thing I could have done for myself.

You could be gaining muscle and losing fat, which since muscle is heavier, would explain it. A better measure is either body fat %, or just how your clothes fit. :)


Think everything is pretty much the same, but I feel more energetic.

If your primary objective is to loose some fat, gym itself is not an optimal way to do so. Diet (calories in - calories out) does the huge impact.


90% is won in the kitchen I heard before. I do my best.

You got this! Keep it up boss! 💪🏼🙌🏼

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Good luck! I have to agree with @cryptoandcoffee, and as I said in your other post, you carry it really well. I carry mine more like an apple or pear. it isn't attractive at all, but for some reason @mrsbozz sticks with me :)

You’re looking great
Take some fat of central bulge and tighten up the neck/ palate muscles.
All the best

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Stick to it and it sure will pay off!

Weighloss is such a struggle !

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You truly are a ‘peaceful giant’ @exyle!
Try to alternate compound movements with some high intensity curcuits, it is the ultimate fat burner and if you eat well you’ll get the results :)


I've made my own HIT circuit and do the workout every friday. With alternate do you mean on the same day?


Yes, I generally give my clients combined programs, which include 45 minutes/1 hour of weight training mostly with full body compound movements such as squats or bench, and a 15 minutes HIT circuit or bike/treadmill.
The big difference with HIT is that you stimulate the metabolism to burn more throughout the day instead of cardio LISS (low intensity) which tends to burn calories only during the exercise.

How tall are you??

If you feel stronger and muscles are growing, it is a good sign, it means you didn't have much body fat to lose on the short term.



Hey Exyle, how tall are you because you carry the weight well. I am similar in weight and I reckon it will take me 3 months to get back in shape. The exercise bike is what I start on and will shift 10 kg's in the first 3 weeks.


I'm 6"6 or 200cm.


Lol you beat me by 4 cm. That is why you don't look so bad as I have same issue. I need to get to around 105 and then I will be happier. I used to be 94 many years ago and that was too skinny. I have let myself go a bit over the last year or so and feel it is time again to do something.
Would be great to hear how you get on and just take it easy and give yourself a decent time frame.


Just do a water fastening of 3 days you loose 5 kg. 😉

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Keep going!

It’s lit though

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are you on calorie deficit ?

Hi, @exyle!

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The weight loss journey is long time to keep going

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