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…continued… from part 1, part 2 and part 3


When you treat people anyhow, and more so your spouse, when others who witness it get home, they will make you and your partner a topic of discussion. That’s not maturity. Maturity involves accepting apology, giving one, and dealing with it as fast as you can. Maturity doesn’t make you lord it over the person who has decided to put his or her ego aside to apologize. Maturity doesn’t shout.

Learn to appreciate what you have, be it a friend or a partner. A ‘good’ friend, or a ‘good’ wife or husband shows there are bad ‘friends’ or wives/husbands out there. You have a considerate one that apologizes and seeks to improve, cherish them. Don’t take people for granted. When you hurt them and you fail to apologize, it shows you are taking them for granted and we all have our breaking points.

You can’t hold me like a pinch of salt while I carry you like a bag of rice.


You know you have taken people for granted when you seek to rubbish them or fail to apologize when it was clear that you hurt them. There is no higher court than the court of conscience. Your heart screams it but you silenced it by trying to look for ways to justify yourself. That is not maturity. How would you want your children to act?

One thing we all need to learn is to appreciate people. One thing I have come to learn recently is that, once you always appreciate people, it makes it easier for them to take offense to whatever you do. They see the ‘joke’ you intend and see the goodness behind every action, and when they can’t shrug it off, they break it down for you easily and when you apologize, it actually means something and they move on from it quickly.


You’ve got a great guy? Appreciate him. You have a great lady? Cherish her. Your friends mean so much to you? Respect them. I recently told a friend of mine I would never take her words for it anymore because I felt she doesn’t value my friendship. When you value friendship, you keep to your words, at least most of the times (because situations happen that knock us off our stride), but her attitude after I told her that shows she is truly sorry. She said she would always bother me and be in my face till I accept her again. That means a lot to me. She can’t undo what she has done, but I saw value in her words and that’s enough for me.

…to be continued…

Thank you for your time.

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Mistake is bound to happen afterall we are humans. But accepting the mistake and committing not to repeat is sincere thing. We should apprrciate that the mis deed have been acxepted whole heartidly and appreciate the truthfulness of it. It makes a relation more lovable and develop lot of faith.

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Always accept your fault if you have done something wrong accidentally. Do apologize for wrong actions. It's great way to pass the good life.