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…continued… from part 1


We need to live our lives for the future. Life is in stages and don’t be surprised you might meet the same set of people later in the future and how would you explain to others that your ego just didn’t allow you to get along with them? How would you explain that a simple ‘I am sorry’ ruined a great friendship? Learn to let your desire to keep your friendship override your desire to be right.

When you are wrong simply say, ‘I am sorry’ with all sincerity and be intentional about it. Don’t try to give reasons for what you did. If you truly hurt that person, don’t try to sweep it under the rug, because a lot of people do that. They apologize just to allow peace to reign, not because they are truly apologetic. They try not to let their ego to be bruised, and they try that by trying to be nice instead, rather than address the situation. You know you have done that person wrong, address the issue, apologize with a sincere heart, and ask for forgiveness. Do your part and do what you need to do.


The more hurt you inflict on that person, the more you need to apologize, until that hurt is gone, or at least easy to bear. We hurt differently and we let things go differently. If that person means so much to you, then you need to apologize and learn from what you did that really hurt that person. Show remorse.

You have to learn to treat people well. You don’t know where you will both meet later in life. I am not saying by all means get along with people, but you can get to the point where you can have mutual respect for each other, even if you can’t coexist. If you keep treating people anyhow you will create a lot of pain and like I said, we hurt differently. Others might keep quiet about it, but some others won’t, and some others would go through any length to get even. Thread carefully, you don’t know who is who.

…to be continued…

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When one say sorry they should mean about it. It is not a formality, It is a conefession about your mistake. And there is no fault in accepting your mis deed. The other in relationship is in hurt and for sure need time to accept tye appologies

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You said it right. I'm totally agree with you. I think if someone is did something wrong with others then the solution is to say sorry. Apologize for your mistakes and realize others that it won't happen again.