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This post is not only aimed at those in relationship but for everyone. We all need to be a better person, only then can we give our best in a relationship.


A lot of people find it so hard to say sorry. Many feel that the moment they say it, they have reduced their worth. Some feel the moment they say it, they have concede defeat. You are wrong. Not saying it doesn’t add to your account balance, and saying it doesn’t take anything away from you either.

We need to understand that we are all human beings with feelings and blood running through our veins. We judge people a lot by how they appear. The moment we see someone looking ‘strong’, we feel they can handle anything and they don’t need to be apologized to. Ladies sometimes feel, ‘he is a guy, he doesn’t need my apology’. He needs your apology and you should apologize anytime you have done something bad. Saying sorry is actually a sign of maturity; it shows you are taking responsibility for whatever wrong you might have done. It is okay to hurt someone, but never let it be intentional and strive to make it up.


A lot of people say sorry just for the sake of it. They say sorry so much that it doesn’t hold any meaning anymore. They fail to back up their apology with considerable actions to show their genuineness and remorse. Don’t be like that. When you hurt someone, be reasonable enough to apologize and be sincere.

When some hurt others, they feel bad because they expect the person not to take offense. It is like asking the person not to act real. There are exceptions where maybe you always give the same kind of joke and the person never talked about it until that moment, but the moment the person tells you, you need to adjust. We are humans and we judge situations differently and most of the times based on how we feel too. The person might take a joke few minutes ago, but with a more sad countenance, you might try that joke with the same person and he or she would find it offensive. In moments like that, just apologize and trust the person to have the initiative to know he or she has gone overboard too.

…to be continued…

Thank you for your time.

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Hey @olawalium i think people are not bothered about sorry due the fact that it is common word ever spelt across the globe. Be a literate or illiterate they have used SORRY words many a times. I think that makes the value of the word bit less.

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Exactly!. People throw it around anyhow without any real effort to back it up. They just say it to allow peace reign, not because they truly understand the hurts they caused.


Wish they could the pain one suffer of the mis deed. Have you been in that situation @olawalium?? it hurts a lot

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Of course. It is a terrible feeling to have my friend.

Saying sorry doesn't mean to lose something. After doing something wrong if you accept it and say sorry then it's a better decision. Always say sorry if you are at wrong.

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