Last Update: On Plagiarism

in anti-abuse •  2 months ago
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Kudos for doing the right thing!


Thanks for the support. 🙏

I'll just leave my upvote and support here for you, Jaundre <3

Let's move on now :) I look forward to seeing new works from you in the near future \o/ !!!


Thanks, Lise. Time to turn the page, I agree. :)

Congratulation ! thats the right way. Honesty, originality, creativity will pay off, dishonesty not. At least that what our hardworking Steemcleaners, Jaguars want to achieve. Now in future I can also see what inpired you, thats an extra piece of information and if I like it I can upvote.

I´d also love to see a painting sometime in the future, coming from YOUR heart/soul something you made without any reference. This will get you an extra upvote, I promise.


I've created art without references, but thank you.

Wonderful, voted and resteemed. One detail, you forgot to include Firestarter and this one:


I might have missed some. Thank you.