[Summer 2017] Season End Anime Review: Made in Abyss

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Good day Everybody!

Summer season always brings a lot of good choice of anime to watch from. My last week's post [Summer 2017] Season End Anime Review: Kakegurui talks about the review for one of the anime that I enjoyed this season so please do check that out too. Again, I am reviewing another anime that will not give you much spoilers or info for you to enjoy this anime as much as I do.

Now, my favorite anime of this season goes to.....

Made in Abyss!!

Genres: Adventure, Drama, Fantasy, Mystery, Sci-Fi

A little bit of summary for you guys!

What happens when there is an enormous pit and cave which they called as the "Abyss" located in the center of the island, as the only unexplored part of the world? Strange diverse creatures resides it and, precious relics that have powers and unimaginable uses are found within it. Curiosity and endless adventure awaits for the brave people who wants to explore the depths of the Abyss. The Abyss is divided into different layers with different landscapes.

The story is pretty much focused on the 12-year-old orphan named Rico who aspire to become a "Cave Raider" -the title given for those adventurers who ventures deep within the pit , like her mother Lyza. One day she starts exploring the top most part of the Abyss and discovers a robot boy which she name as Reg. Reg has no recollection of events preceding on his discovery. Now, their adventure begins in discovering the secrets lies within the depths of the abyss. However, they do not know what is the harsh reality the Abyss awaits them.


The Story:
Story wise, It is a original concept. I really love the flow of story. I really love how they tell the story from layer to layer. You will be hooked by the story as if you are the one who is descending down the abyss. You don't know what will happen next. To sum it up, it is breathtaking, unpredictable and, addicting.

The Animation:
Hands down to the animation. The details are incredible! The style really compliments on how the story are told.

The Characters:
As the main characters are centered around children, some will be likable, but the others are totally hateful. The personality of the characters are diverse.

The Soundtrack and Voice Acting:
The opening theme song Deep in Abyss is sung by the main characters voice actors. It is nice sounding song that really fits the anime itself. Very catchy anime opening song. Not much to be said about the ending song, but it is cute though. The voice acting is spectacular, the actors has done a spectacular job in dubbing the characters. To be honest, I really like Ozen's Voice actor here. It really suits her personality. Even the pain-filled scream, the grieving cries will pierce right into your hear.

I really enjoyed this anime as it deserves to be part of the top anime for the season. The concept and the execution are well produced. The alternating cute and colorful anime turned into gore will keep on board. Some of its humor will be disturbing as to say but hey, It will be all worth it I tell you. As you keep on watching, or reading the manga more and more questions keep coming up as oppose to being answered. The mystery of the Abyss really deserve its place as one of the contender. With all 13 episode released (with 1-hour finale episode), it is not enough to answer all the questions.


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I hope this review will help you decide to watch it.
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