Animation Progress Report - 17 March 2017

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WHELP! That musical thing went absolutely nowhere, so I'm back to my animations again.

It's probably more than a little evident that I've gotten sucked into Tumblr. It's fun, but I wind up drawing too much fanart and not doing any of my original stuff.

But I love drawing fanart so much it's so great and fan theories and just alfjlsjfklajs slfaj
but it also really fuels my antisocial behavior and I'm already bad about not replying to people sometimes `criES FOREVER AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA'//SHOT//


So as a kind of like, to get the best of both worlds, I sometimes draw my OCs as if they're Homestuck Trolls.

Most recently, I've made a trollsona for Haku, and I just??? I love the new design so much alfjaALFJLSJS

He looks surprisingly good with horns???


I'm super attached to this character. Like.

EXTREMELY attached.

So much so that it prevents me from sharing him with anybody aljfjLSJFLSJ

But... people on Tumblr seemed to like him?? Maybe? And I just. Am in love with the new design.

So even if sharing him kinda stresses me out a little, I wanna draw him, aaaaaaa;jflaj;;;;;

So, I was kind of frustrated yesterday, so since I wanted to pick back up with doing animations, I decided I wanted to draw my little grumpy butt son just. Blowing off some steam.


I started off with some basic facial changes, but decided they weren't emotive enough, so I added some arm and leg movement.


I added some rips to the pants since his shirt is kinda torn up, and proceeded to rough out the rest of the animation.


It shouldn't really take very long to finish this up, but I'm also kind of working on this comic collab thing with a few people. As per usual, I'm making it a bigger pain in the butt than it needs to be by drawing SEVERAL characters in a single page, so that's taking up most of my attention.

Even still, after I finish the animation itself, I'll probably color it. Maybe even add some sounds and post it to YouTube.

It might wind up becoming longer, if I think of anything I'd like to happen after he throws the rock. I'm looking forward to the final results!

A Few Quick Animations

Raindrops Today - Arble Speedpaint
Fluffy Feels and Flower Crowns - Speedpaint

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great animation :D! It's cool to see the progress you have at making it.
Also, good luck in the colaborated comic you're doing :D!
Great to see you back :)


Aah, thanks! I'm a little frustrated that I haven't gotten back into the swing of it so easily dhcdhd just... from bad timing, have some IRL stuff that's keeping me from working on it :/

But it's good to be doing these animations again :3c


YAY!!! yes!! I'll be waiting for more of them

I just realized I marked this as 2017 when it was posted in 2018 AFJKLSJKRLSA DANG IT AND NOW IT'S TOO LATE TO EDIT IT DX