I’m Surrounded By Snakes

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It’s just a title—this article is about the lizards of Costa Rica, not the people, more specifically iguanas—they’re everywhere! To give you an idea of what I mean by everywhere, where I come from, Los Angeles, it’s squirrels. Squirrels are up and down all of the trees, squirrel roadkill is abundant, they’re on the beaches, local parks, etc—squirrels are everywhere. Well, that’s how Costa Rica is but with iguanas, even the roadkill part. Geckos, too, the geckos come inside each house we’ve stayed in at night and hang out on the ceiling or by the window screens to eat the bugs. We name the geckos, I’ll introduce you to them in a minute, first is the iguanas. Some have mohawks, some don’t and they vary in color as well; brown, black, green, some are fluorescent and they’re all big like this guy:


Each of the following images are various lizards. I didn’t take multiple shots of any of them, that’s just how many there are—they’re everywhere. Parking lots, beaches, poolside, patios—everywhere. It’s always cool seeing them on the beaches, they make it easy to capture good photos.














We name the geckos that come inside at night. @puravidaville’s nemesis is a mosquito so she’s a big fan of the geckos coming inside. Like this little guy—“uppy.”






Push-Up and Wally.


And finally, the lizards we just saw last week as we crossed the Tempisque River en route to Liberia. You’ll have to zoom in for these ones, crocodiles aren’t too photogenic. Three of them floated down the river toward the Pacific Ocean as we watched, each of them were between 10 and 15 feet long.






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Those crocodiles were so rad. It’s a trip that the boys peddling past us on their bikes probably see these things everyday. Kind of like we see deer or squirrels… if we had the front row seats that the group of men had overlooking the river, I’d sit there and watch that with you all day. Experiences this world with you is the best chapter of my entire life so far… you truly are a great husband, partner, and best friend 😘. Love you babe!

Those dudes had the best seat in the house for sure. You know, you keep telling me all of these nice things and I’m a work in progress—a mess just like everyone else. Shoooooot, you think I’m “great” now, Wait’ll you see me this time next year when I have another 365 of knowledge.

I’m the luckiest guy I know.

iheartu all the time beautifulest.

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lol i hate geckos, yesterday i found a little one in my home garage i was going to kill it but it escaped then i left it and left home to do some stuff

But they’re just tiny little things and they’re always on big patrol, how come you don’t like them? A neighbor of ours where we recently stayed didn’t like either. He said they hang out on the ceiling and poop in his coffee!! Laugh out loud!

Thanks for stopping by @cityofstars. Eh, I dubbed your Sammie Beats track over Puras recipe video she’s releasing today, I’ll shoot you a link on discord when it’s up—Wait’ll you see what happens when a DJ mixes your audio to her video. It’s DOPE!

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ya i saw @puravidaville resteemed and upvote it hehe ;)


An excellent overview @dandays and it is surprising for me to see so many lizards and their own movement in different places, but it seems to be a common thing for Costa Rica!

Very common here, you are correct. Another interesting feature is their speed, it doesn’t matter how big they are, they can run so fast! Big, huge creatures running across the land so quick it looks like they’re floating.

Thanks for stopping by @serkagan.

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what animal is this, really the body color is very beautiful

I mentioned it several times in the article, sir. They’re iguanas. I really appreciate you resteeming this article, thank you.

Thanks for stopping by @ustazkarim.

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It is rare for me to see green lizard where I live, commonly we always see the red lizard

Good evening, sir, how are you? Thanks for checking out this article. Do you have any pictures of the red ones? I wouldn’t mind seeing them. 👍🏿

Thanks for stopping by @adenijiadeshina.

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No actually I don't have any one yet on my phone but I will try perharpd if I can see one to snap

Little Dinosaurs 🦖
That’s what these are

Hey what’s up man, how’s it going? Good morning, I hope you had a good weekend geneeverett.

They are little dinosaur looking creatures, for sure, that one on the cover kinda looks like a gremlin huh? With its white Mohawk and bright green. I had no idea they were that fast dude, these giant lizards are so fast, when they’re in top speed they look like they’re floating.

Hey dude, how close are you to Times Square? I ask because we’ll be there in a few weeks.

Thanks a lot for stopping by @geneeverett. It’s always a pleasure to hear from you.

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Hello @dandays, how are u doing? I like to see your posts about reptile animals. You also see you photographing very well. The green lizard looks very beautiful. In Indonesia iguanas are rare animals and are very expensive. Geckos are also rather rare because many people are hunted for sale. But I don't see snake images in your posts, friend. ... happy right in the title you make you surrounded by snakes. Enjoy your day, sir .

You’re always so nice to me, thank you!

Good evening, elianaelsima, I’m glad you liked the pictures. I tend to get too many images saved in my phone and then they get buried. It was happening again with these lizards so I finally posted all of them—now I can delete them from my phone and start working on the next one.

Geckos are bought and sold in your country? For what, as pets? The title was just a metaphor referring to the local in this country. 😉

Thanks for stopping by @elianaelisma. It’s always a pleasure hearing from you.

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Woah, where I live we have birds, cats and sqyurrels...doesn't seem as dangerous to go take the garbage out. Must be go cool to see as much different animals just like that. Nice pics

Hey, how’s it going Pegarissimo? Good evening, sir! I’m glad you got a chance to check out these pictures, the bright green ones are really cool huh? Fun fact: they’re a lot faster than the other ones it seems, either that or they’re just always on the move whereas the brown ones are often stationary.

Birds and cats? I apologize for not remembering, France? Is that where you are, France? Or was it Canada? Ah man I forgot!

Thanks for stopping by @pegarissimo.

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Ô Canada 🍁 . If i would venture up north in the forest, I guess I could encounter a few bears if I'm 'lucky'...but not going to risk it 😁

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Thank you for the generous upvote @esteemapp.

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It just amazes me how adaptable you and @puravidaville are. I think of myself as flexible, willing to try new things, but I really don't think I could sleep well with those critters on my ceiling. Just sayin. GREAT PIX

I think they’re cute 🥰. Our neighbor was convinced they pooped n his cocktails. Haha… 🤷🏼‍♀️

How’s it going farm-mom, thanks for reading this one, I’m glad you liked the pictures. If the little geckos on the wall aren’t your thing, you’d probably be pretty against any of these on the ground then...


Ha! Yeah, so are we. There’s lots of bugs here though so the geckos are cool. We just name them. 😉 Will you do me a favor and tell that husband of yours to shoot me his email address on discord, pot favor? I’ve been trying to get him to do that but I don’t think technology is his niche. 👍🏿

Thanks a lot for stopping by @farm-mom, I hope you’re having a great evening. Wait’ll you see my short film debut for food fight.

Howdy sir dandays! hey I can understand this post. Don't get me wrong, I liked your last post, I just didn't understand it but that's my redneck heritage showing. So these guys are everywhere but not inside? That's hilarious, naming the geckos but how can you tell which is which, their size?

We have those here too, the geckos I mean, inside, they're great but they don't eat scorpions.
Them iguanas though, they all move super slow so that's why there's so many casualties on the road?

  ·  2 months ago (edited)

Hey good morning Janton! Don’t worry, I often have a tough time understanding what the heck I’m doing too. Happy Monday to you sir, I hope you and Jack got plenty of exercise over the weekend.

The geckos are surely different, I doubt they’re always the same but it’s fun to name them anyway. We had our first dead one recently, a little itty bitty tiny guy. It was on the tile floor so I’m assuming it fell from the ceiling—poor guy. Thank God we haven’t ran into scorpions yet, centipedes though, we’ve been seeing more and more centipedes lately. Not inside though, whew!

Oh man, one thing the iguanas are NOT is slow!! Janton, I had no idea! Those big massive lizards are just as fast of not faster than any common lizard, they’re huge and lightning speed. They look like they’re floating when they’re in top speed actually—nearly taking flight. They’re dead in the roads sometimes because that’s just how many there are—they’re everywhere.

Thanks for stopping by @janton.

Howdy sir dandays! wow, I had no idea that iguanas were so quick. I wonder if the homeless ever eat them? Don't they have natural predators that kept them from overpopulating?

We see the geckos dead sometimes, I don't know what kills them or if they just die from natural causes. We never see any spiders around because of those guys so they're cool. spider eaters are cool man. See, there's hope for you sir dandays! lol.

Agreed. Spider eaters, any type of bug, really, we’re big fans of the geckos. I like it when we see them inside, it’s like a sense of protection against the bugs.

The people down here won’t eat the iguanas, they don’t go around eating all of the animals like we’re accustom to seeing people do in the states. Down here it’s all about the eco-system—no eating the wild cows or horses or dogs or lizards or anything.

I’ve actually talked back n forth with a couple of people about the predators, Janton. There’s a general consensus that the big birds would feed off of the iguanas but I’ve never seen it happen. I’ve never even the aftermath of a bird eating one so I’m not sure what, if any, predators they have.

I’m not kidding sir, they’re lightning quick! They’re just as fast as any lizard you can imagine, the can’t that aren’t catchable by hand, only thing is they’re HUGE! But just as fast—interesting right? And they’re that fast up and down the trees too, way faster than any squirrel or rodent or anything like that.

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Howdy again sir dandays! Faster than a squirrel??? come on! Hey if they're so fast, and I believe you, then don't you think you should video those things? Makes you wonder what kind we have here, like when people have a pet iguana the thing barely moves. They make sloths look fast.

You have wild cows and horses just walking around?

  ·  2 months ago (edited)

as far as faster than squirrels, I think so man. I don’t know, maybe not but I’d give myself a better chance at catching a squirrel than a lizard, wouldn’t you agree? And these iguanas, although massive, are every bit as fast as the little
Lizards that we can’t catch.

But as far as livestock roaming the streets... and beaches...



haha! howdy sir dandays! Well if all these cows are walking around you would think someone would take them and sell them. This is bizarre, don't they trash the beach with big piles?

Of course. Just wait for the tide to come in I guess. The word around here is, all of the livestock you see roaming he streets: chickens, turkeys, pigs, horses, cattle, I’m not exaggerating, aren’t owned by anyone and they just roam coast to coast in Costa Rica the same as you or I would do.