Can Animals Have Depression?

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Can Animals Have Depression?

Can Animals Have Depression? - A number of animals can develop stress-related and depression-related illnesses. Many colonized animals live in groups respond negatively when isolated. Many colonized animals live in groups respond negatively when isolated. Similarly, the bird is depressed when separated and herd. Parrots caged in cages will behave strangely, including plucking their feathers and injuring their own beaks, and shouting hysterically. This kind of behavior is a response to confinement, boredom, and loneliness. When confined and isolated for long periods, most of the adult cockatoos even seem to lose consciousness.

Dogs are also sensitive to anxiety or excessive anxiety and depression. Recently, some veterinarians give antidepressants to dogs because depression in dogs is believed to be very similar to depression in humans. The drug used is a chewing anti-depressant named Reconcile, which contains a depressant inhibitor similar to a drug for humans, Prozac.

Ferret house mammals a kind of weasel with the scientific name Mustela putorius furo can also experience stress and depression, especially if separated and herd usually. These animals show clear symptoms: refuse to eat and restless for weeks. The most surprising thing, this sad momentary tendency becomes a companion and healing friend for sick or depressed people. In theory, the emotional nature of the ferret makes it easier for us to sympathize with him than the more carefree animals. Because of this, ferret is used in pet therapy because it can help the recovery of a depressed person: in the elderly and people in poor mental condition.

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