Causes Cats Fear Water

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Causes Cats Fear Water

Causes of Water Fear Cats - Anyone who ever tried to bathe a cat would say: cats do not like water. The reason: cat hair is not designed to wet because the top layer is waterproof, which works well in the rain. But if splashed to soaking wet, cat fur will be wet too and difficult to dry. The submerged cat faces the risk of drowning because the heavy and wet coat makes it difficult to float. If wet, the cat also tries hard to keep his body temperature. Cat fur is not easy to dry, and as long as the coat is wet, the cat will lose body heat. As a result, a wet cat may experience hypothermia: regulation of body temperature can not be controlled in cold conditions.


But, there are some exceptions. Some species of cats living in hot climates have developed different types of feathers, which allow them to swim without risk of drowning or hypothermia. One of the example: a Turkish Van cat found in Lake Van in the eastern region of Turkey. This cat fur has lost its undercoat and has a fine texture, such as expensive soft wool and waterproof. Lions, tigers and jaguar tigers, all three families with cats are also known to enjoy swimming. Other cats even hunt in water. In Southeast Asia, the angler cat dives into the water to catch fish. This cat is also observed to have attacked the ducks and underwater.

Some home cats can also be trained to like water. Many pet owners say that their cats used to play with an open water tap or shower. In this way, cats can experiment with water in a gradual way and play, without fear of wetness. Ordinary cats and frequent cat show performances may also feel comfortable often bathed. These cats although bred as show cats, have been used to bathing since they were born.

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