The Beetle Can Detect Smoke as far as 80 km

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The Beetle Can Detect Smoke as far as 80 km


Beetles That Can Detect Smoke As far as 80 km - What would you do, if there is a malignant forest fire propagating right in your direction? Surely you want to run away as quickly as possible. But a weird little beetle does the opposite. A jewel-like black beetle, also called a fire-beetle, can smell the most vague fires and even a very long distance. After that, he immediately flew into the blazing fire.

Cause: the jewel black beetle likes to make a house on a charred tree, ideally as soon as possible after a fire. Most of the animals that may be as predators will run away or die so that charred trees tend to be free and predators. This means that a hot scorched tree trunk provides a shelter for the jeweled black beetle to breed safely, without fear of predators or competitors.

The way the jeweled beetle knows there is a fire at great distances is amazing and yet fully understood. This beetle has an infrared sensor under one of its legs, allowing it to detect the faint odor of burning wood smoke and a distance of 80 km. Scientists hope to use this amazing technology to develop an early warning system for forest fires.

Thus the discussion of a unique animal entitled Beetles Can Detect Smoke as far as 80 km.

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