12/25 ANDY HOFFMAN (CryptoGoldCentral.com): BRhodium Preparing To Take Crypto World By Storm in 2019

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2018 has been a nightmare for financial markets – none more so than crypto, where the average coin has fallen at least 80%. Most altcoins deserve this fate, but not Bitcoin – which functionally, has never been stronger. That said, it’s undeniable that the SHA256 “Hash War” between Bitcoin, BCash, and SV is real - and until Bitcoin can recoup some of the Hash its lost since Faketoshi went on the war path, it will likely have difficulty recovering its losses.



That said, cryptocurrency isn’t going away – as the Digital Age is upon us, even if 99% of the world doesn’t yet get it. So, amidst Bitcoin’s battle for SHA256 market share; and its battles with governments, regulators, and every other heavily marketed, centralized coin trying to usurp it; not to mention, the unending debate of whether it’s a store of value asset or a transactional currency; other developers are creating their own concepts to add value to the space. Crypto is here to stay, and there will be MANY winners in the coming years – as defined by the value they create, not Maximalist claptrap about a utopian world where all assets disappear, in lieu of Bitcoin.


Due to fortuitous timing, BRhodium’s anonymous development team has spent the year of crypto carnage developing its own, unique blockchain (NOT a fork), distributed via a unique airdrop enabling Bitcoin holders to receive and store BTR without risk. MainNet went live October 22nd, and the chain is now over 9,400 blocks, at its highest-ever Hash Rate.


BRhodium started trading on Bisq two weeks ago, and had its highest-ever volume day yesterday. And by January 14th, it will be trading on the Swiss P2PB2B exchange – which, following a simple registration process that took me 30 minutes, enables $100,000 per day of crypto or fiat withdrawals. Since MainNet launched, BTR has risen, in fiat dollars, from roughly $3 to today’s $11, having hit a high of nearly $18 earlier this week…making it the top performing crypto of the year. And BTW, when P2PB2B lists, BRhodium will shortly afterwards be listed on coinmarketcap.com.



The Bitcoin holders that comprise the vast majority of the “shareholder base” got it for free – as well as some old, and new holders that made a killing buying tens of thousands from maximalists selling indiscriminantly when MainNet launched.


Still, despite the EASIEST BRhodium money having been made, there’s plenty of “EASY” money left – as unless crypto collapses into nothing, BTR’s $8 million market cap is VASTLY cheaper than the pathetic dog turds it best compares to – like BGold, BDiamond, Lightning Bitcoin and Super Bitcoin.



Let alone, the biggest scam since Bitconnect and BCash…BPrivate…which incredibly, even after yesterday’s MASSIVE scandal was revealed, STILL has a market cap of $36 million! Putting BRhodium’s unconscionably low pre-launch valuation into perspective, it would have to rise from today’s $11 price to roughly $50 to get to BPrivate’s $36 million market cap. Ah, the beauty of scarcity!


Speaking of BPrivate, we learned yesterday that its criminal developers – the same people who created ZClassic to pump-and-dump it to unsuspecting 80 percenters – secretly pre-mined two million coins, using the very privacy feature it claims to be its strength to bilk investors again.


Which, I might add, could never happen with BRhodium, per these response from one of its anonymous – but through a year of public discourse, trusted – developers…

Block #1 was the premine: https://explorer.bitcoinrh.org/btr/Block/785793c0c87e83ed9cf3851359210c03123aa6a43d2d0a96ee000c4373e24274

Blocks #12-16 were the distribution blocks: https://explorer.bitcoinrh.org/btr/block/532bca8a10ed2c6f06eb2bd6532f8b61d3af00a0e64b8ed1eb49db66ade95834 (this is the 12th block).

Mining opened at block #17. So 37.5 BTR was mined during that time and sent to RsYMxMxMrW7KngFEq9jWfmuHakYL3pY8f8, to kick off the blockchain. That information is known and can be gathered in plain sight through the explorer.

BRhodium is also NOT a privacy coin right now - nothing can be hidden like what happened to Bprivate

And one more that needs to be seen – to realize what investors are getting with BGold, the Bitcoin fork that was 51% attacked, and forked again to fix it; that currently, trades at a market cap 35x that of BRhodium.

Actually I can also provide similar info about BGold hidden pool charges that were secretly paying 1% or so to one of a newly joined developer wallets.

It’s funny that people think I am “employed” by BRhodium – like, say, Amanda Johnson at Dash…who, I might add, I have nothing bad to say about. To the contrary, I am a simply a BTR holder who, through a year of learning about the project, have become extremely bullish on its prospects – so much so, I was comfortable selling my Bitcoin when the Hoffman Line broke last month. To that end, the BTR community is growing larger and larger – focused principally in the Discord Chat room, where you can speak to the anonymous devs; as well as BTR miners, investors, and traders.


And now, the project is ready to advance to the big time, just as the calendar turns – as aside from the exchange listings, a new BTR Electrum wallet was released this morning, to complement the existing web wallet. Moreover, per the recently published roadmap, hardware wallet providers like Ledger and Trezor will be targeted next year.


Last but not least, the value of BRhodium’s “Strong Hands” crypto-dividend program – of which, the wallet snapshot date is January 1st…making it the only altcoin to pay in-kind “dividends” for simply holding it.


If you have any questions about BRhodium, or BTR OTC trading, please email me at [email protected]


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