ANDY HOFFMAN ( How Easy Is The BRhodium Trade Today?

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Six days ago, I espoused that the EASIEST BRhodium money had already been made – for the free airdrop recipients, early miners, and early OTC investors; the latter of which, acquired tens of thousands of coins in the weeks following the October 22nd MainNet launch, at $3-$6/coin. To that end, when I wrote last week’s article, BTR was trading at .0025 BTC, up from .0005 at MainNet launch…compared to today’s price, of roughly .0040 BTR.

At .0040 BTC, BRhodium STILL trades at an implied market cap of just $12 million – compared to the pure garbage known as BGold and BDiamond – at $275 million and $145 million, respectively; and the flaming dog turds known as Lightning Bitcoin and Super Bitcoin, respectively, at $45 million and $35 million. This, with BRhodium no more than three weeks from exchange launch on – and unquestionably, numerous others shortly thereafter. To that end, BTR’s hash rate has dramatically increased since MainNet launch –particularly in the past few days.

However, there is no better way to describe how EASY the BRhodium opportunity still is, then comparing BRhodium’s $12 million “pre-launch” market cap to what I view to be one of the biggest scams in crypto history, BPrivate; which, despite all it’s done to sabotage itself and destroy investors; in a horrible crypto market, no less; STILL trades at a $49 million market cap…4X that of BRhodium!

In my view, BPrivate epitomizes all that is wrong with altcoins – from its highly public, deeply centralized structure; to the scandalous, borderline criminal way it was distributed; the dangerous way it must be claimed; the ominous signal given by the contentious departure of its leader; the short time it took to develop and launch; and the fact that in essence, it is just a clone of another redundant coin, ZCash. This, compared to the NON-FORK BRhodium – whose anonymous developers considered everything worthless coins like BPrivate did, and did the opposite.

If anything else, BPrivate’s $49 million valuation tells us the market is willing to pay for coins with sketchy (at best) backgrounds and ambiguous (at best) use cases. Thus, to believe that – particularly in an improving crypto market – a quality coin like BRhodium, with a sterling reputation and viable use case, won’t reach AT LEAST BPrivate’s level in the short-term, with exchange launch imminent; and potentially, as high as the crypto top 10 by the end of 2019; seems naïve at best.

If you have any questions about BRhodium, or BTR OTC trading, please DM me on Twitter or email at [email protected]

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