12/12 ANDY HOFFMAN (CryptoGoldCentral.com): BRhodium Vs. BGold And ALL Bitcoin Forks – LOL, No Comparison!

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The cryptocurrency market has been a nightmare this year – with the exception of one lone project…BRhodium. Whilst ALL other cryptos have lost nearly all their value, BRhodium started at ZERO a year ago, and today is worth around $7 - and shortly, when it lists on its first crypto exchange (atop Bisq, which it started trading on last week), it should trade A LOT more expensively. This, for a crypto given for FREE to proactive Bitcoin holders in a 10:1 airdrop with ZERO risk to claim, and ZERO requirement of wallet or exchange support to “split” – as unlike the dozens of Bitcoin forks, BRhodium is a new, unique blockchain.

In 50+ articles and three dedicated podcasts over the past year, I have discussed why I believe BRhodium’s best valuation “comps” are said forks, for lack of a better choice. The reason being, these MASSIVELY INFERIOR projects – like BGold and BDiamond – should set a FLOOR on BRhodium’s valuation when it starts to trade.


Right now, BRhodium OTC prices are still around $7, up from $3 when MainNet launched seven weeks ago – which STILL equates to a comically low market cap of $5 million (based on estimated 750,000 coins outstanding at launch). This, compared to $210 million for BGold; $110 million for BDiamond - which makes BGold look like Bitcoin in comparison; and ROFLMAO, $43 million and $32 million, (dis)respectively, for Lightning Bitcoin and Super Bitcoin – two of the most useless altcoins ever created…as you guessed it, pump-and-dump Bitcoin forks at the height of last year’s crypto bubble.


Earlier this week, I wrote that Bitcoin’s biggest enemy is non-progressive thought from within – particularly, “maximalists” who refuse to acknowledge the hurdles in Bitcoin’s near-term path; or the opportunity to profit from new, quality projects in a world that even they admit will be decidedly crypto-centric in the coming years and decades…especially those who cling to old paradigms when new ones emerge – like, for instance, quality projects like BRhodium that seek to avoid the issues Bitcoin is currently dealing with, in creating an “investment grade” store-of-value altcoin to be embraced by financially-focused investors.


Even worse, are those fixated on low-quality altcoins like BGold – which frankly, has no reason to exist, following a year of ignominy in which its only “accomplishment” was being the first Bitcoin fork to follow BCash…which in turn, enabled wallets like Trezor and Ledger to split it out before they realized they have no legal obligation to do so; which, I might add, simply fostered the mass exodus out of BGold into Bitcoin, given how useless it is.


It’s funny how the below BGold “team member” claims a “flaw” in BRhodium was that it took a year to develop – as opposed to BGold, which took mere weeks to copy Bitcoin’s code in the same manner as BCash. To the contrary, BRhodium’s development team; working 24/7 for an entire year; has truly built something special…and care of its amazing Discord social network – and 24/7 contributors like myself, nobby, Bitcoin to the Moon, TopRoller, and others – has built a community as experienced and deep as any altcoin…the difference being, they received their BRhodium for FREE, and are already deep in the money.


When BRhodium lists on a major crypto exchange in the coming weeks, I expect it to IMMEDIATELY surpass BDiamond’s valuation – and possibly, BGold’s as well. Do the math, and determine if you think taking an OTC position at $7 is worth your while – or keep acting like the bitter no-coiners…and Bitcoin “leaders”…that claim it’s a “scam” or “sh-tcoin” simply because they don’t have any, or are too narrow-minded to consider they might be wrong. Worse yet, are those that believe Bitcoin is not an investment but a “cause” – and thus, brand those who see opportunity in other projects as “traitors” to the “cause.”

Frankly, I’m embarrassed to even compare BRhodium – which I believe will be 2019’s top altcoin performer – with the garbage Bitcoin forks of late 2017; and for that matter, 95+% of today’s sorry altcoin crop. But I’m doing so here because I’m so excited about what’s coming – as in my view, BRhodium at $7 is as potentially lucrative as what Bitcoin was when I bought in at $425. Not “better” than Bitcoin…but simply, as potentially lucrative in percentage terms.

If you have any questions about BRhodium, or BTR OTC trading, please email me at [email protected]

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