Just made this meme after reading about Kim kardashian being robbed;this is what the media covers instead of real news

in anarchy •  3 years ago  (edited)

I read that she is out $10 million worth of jewelry,which is nothing for her;cant help but think of the thousands who die every day from lack of just basic food,let alone the millions and millions who live in extreme poverty to keep the gears of the worldwide machine turning  .

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awww...soo sad....too bad.

The Bear is right !
The Elite does not wants to show real news for regular Joe !
They have to push bull shit on the zomby TV. They are growing mentally ell population. Nobody wants that Joe become smart.
If Joe becomes smart, he going to ask some questions !

Better to make fals flags with terrorists, and scare whole planet, to orange alert, then take peoples arms, money, rights.
Inslavemts going on with a fast paste.

Any way, who needs ring for a 4 000 000 $ ?
What the purpose of it ?

To rule them all ?!?

Our world going complietely insane !

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