"So What's Your Plan?"

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Whenever I point out the immorality, illegitimacy, or just practical pointlessness, of some new political attempt to do away with the ruling class—whether by campaigning, petitioning, protesting, voting, boycotting, or even violent revolution—some people will invariably complain at me, and say, “Well what’s your plan?!?” Or they will declare that I am “offering no solutions.”

When people say such things, it’s almost always the result of residual “statist think” still rattling around inside their brains. They are so accustomed to hearing politicians spouting their centralized master plans, that they think a solution has to look like that. But in the case of ending authoritarianism, it will look like the exact opposite of that. When statism falls, it will not be the result of any organized endeavor by any organization or “movement,” and it will not be the result of any election or any revolution. It will, in the end, be the result of a lot of people simply disobeying the state, probably in a completely unorganized and unplanned way.

It may be quiet and peaceful in places, or loud and violent in places (as those who now hold power get nasty towards those who don’t want to be ruled), but in the end, statism will fall when—and only when—enough people stop feeling an obligation to obey the dictates of any political “authority.” That is why my only “plan”—and in the long run, the only “plan” that will actually work—is to get more and more people to escape their statist/authoritarian indoctrination.

In other words, changing people’s minds is the only thing that really matters. When some people—usually frustrated, angry, impatient people—declare that they want to do more than “just talk,” it’s because they don’t really understand the situation. Ending statism depends entirely upon changing the minds of enough people that authoritarianism becomes unenforceable, and changing minds happens mostly—in fact, almost exclusively—by talking.

I can totally sympathize with the people who are righteously outraged at ongoing authoritarian injustice, and want to charge into battle to make it disappear. But unless your goal is to be a martyr while accomplishing nothing else, you need to be aware of the numbers game. When enough people no longer believe in the Divine Right of Politicians, no longer view extortion and thuggery as “law” just because the aggressors call themselves “government,” and no longer feel any moral obligation to obey or pay tribute to the ruling class, that’s the end. And that’s the only way it will end. As long as almost everyone imagines political “authority” to be real, nothing will make them free. And right now, when most of the people in the world world are still firmly statist in their thinking, having a handful of people righteously “charging into battle”—whether literally (with violence), or politically (by voting)—will accomplish nothing.

“Government” is not an actual thing that needs to be overthrown or destroyed. It is the belief in “government” that is the entire problem; the people currently pretending to be “government” are not the problem, and doing battle with them does nothing to fix the problem. The problem resides between several billion pairs of ears, and nowhere else. When some freedom advocates want some plan of action, some thing that a bunch of us can run off and do to make tyranny collapse, it just shows that they don’t understand what is happening, or how to stop it.

You being righteously outraged and impatient for justice doesn’t change reality. There is no shortcut to a free society. (There are various ways for individuals to live their lives with more freedom for themselves, but here I’m speaking of ending statism entirely, for everyone.) If you were one lone freedom-loving slave on a plantation, among hundreds of slaves who saw slavery as legitimate and proper, you attacking the slave-master, even if you managed to kill him, wouldn’t result in freedom, for you or anyone else.

A huge percentage of my time and energy over the past two decades has been focused on changing people’s minds, via articles, videos, public talks, my books (especially “The Most Dangerous Superstition”), and other things. And now Amanda and I are doing “Candles in the Dark” events, teaching voluntaryists how to be much more effective at helping the statists they know to escape their authoritarian indoctrination. And I’m still working on the huge project called “The Mirror,” which I believe will be the most effective tool ever at deprogramming people from the cult of statism.

As someone who has been an anarchist for over twenty years, and spent many years being almost alone in that belief, “preaching to the wind,” let me end with this: I understand the impatience people have; I sympathize with the frustration; yes, I too want the evils of oppression via “authority” to end right now. But I know that they are not going to. But letting fear, anger, and other emotions make you overly eager and desperate is only going to stress you out, make you exhausted and/or depressed, and will probably make you do totally counter-productive things.

It may be hard to see it at times, but we are winning. The principles of self-ownership and non-aggression continue to spread like wild-fire. The fact that voluntaryists are still a tiny minority of the population matters far less than the rate of growth of the ideas. Having had a front row seat in this “movement” since there was much of a “movement” at all (meaning purely voluntaryist), I can tell you that there has been huge progress—far greater than any political party or political solution has ever, or will ever, achieve. This is not the time to get scared, anxious and stupid, by falling back into the trap of the ridiculous circus know as “politics,” nor is it the time to try to forcibly remove the state from society. This is the time to focus on the principles and ideas, to find out and become adept at using the most effective tools and methods of spreading the concepts of self-ownership and non-aggression to others.

In other words, the battlefield of ideas is still what matters most right now, so don’t let the state bait you into stepping onto the battlefield of overt violence, or the battlefield of “politics.” If you want an example of how pointless and counter-productive that is, look at the supposedly pro-freedom people who were duped into cheering for Trump. What did it accomplish? How has that worked out? They helped to empower a new tyrant, and now are either making excuses for enabling more authoritarianism, or are staying quiet, hoping people will forget what they did. Don’t be those people.

In the long run, the only “plan” that can fix this—in fact, the only “plan” that has ever moved humanity forward—is changing people’s minds.


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Um knowledge is knowing, wisdom is doing. I agree we all have to work to change minds and bring zombies back to life but the biggest thing that will bring about change, from my perspective, is divestment. People need to start feeding themselves, get off grid, stop buying junk you don't need. In order to defund the people running the world, you will first need to know how to look after yourself without them...maybe this is step 2, but I feel that if you change someone's mind, but they have no alternative way to live, they will not take action to defund the ppl in power...if any of that makes sense

I'm not against any of that, but that's still something that comes secondary to people giving up their statism. If a few people understand freedom, and get off the grid and divest from that stuff, it does nothing to end the empire, and statism in general. If a hundred million do it, that's the end of the ruling class.

Becoming aware of the Matrix can be a first step in becoming self-sufficient; otherwise there is often no incentive or point to self-sufficiency.
IOW, enlightenment leads to divestment, not the other way around.

I think even without an awareness of the slavery they are in, though, there are a lot of people divesting for environmental reasons, saving the planet from pollution, etc.
The point of self sufficiency would be survival of the species, as opposed to reliance on food being trucked to you from thousands of miles away, no knowledge of basic survival skills, dependence on gov for energy, water etc. I'm saying that ppl can see the world is f'd. It's a pretty obvious fact at this point, whatever the reasons, divestment is the answer

Politics (like religion, sports, financial markets, etc) is a major topic of human communication (as well as a tool for human domination, but most don't view it that way). Changing minds requires communicating with people at their current level of understanding. Jumping right to anarchy for all and taxation is theft is useless for most people at this point. They need to be brought gently into reality with tools like the Mirror, Freedom, Rothbard, The philosophy of liberty, The Most Dangerous Superstition, etc. Dr. Paul demonstrated how using the political stage can actually help people along their journey to freedom because it gets them communicating and thinking. It's not a full conversion tool, just an introduction to possibility.

I financially supported the Mirror because I think it will be one of the best tools out there. Until then, I'm fine with supporting any other tools which don't violate the NAP. Since I believe no action can validate rulership, I have no fear or some people participating in the ritual of voting for voluntaryists instead of statists as part of their journey to eventually never vote for rulers. I don't see why anarchists would vote, but if statists are going to vote anyway, why not get them thinking about voting for a candidate which will help them, over time, realize the pointlessness of voting for a ruler?

I agree with you here, Larken, and I think you should remain principled by calling out what you disagree with.

I also think some people should ignore you and try changing minds in every arena possible, not out of impatience, but out of the recognition that people are caged and dying daily. If something can be done without violating the NAP, I believe it should be done. I love how conversations like this are happening because it's a further refinement of ideas and even a demonstration of disagreement without any need for force. People can disagree and still work together to increase freedom in the world. If they are smart enough, they can even disagree while increasing respect for each other.

If the end result of all political action is more people believing voting is legitimate, then yes, that's clearly the wrong direction. If a version of it can be used to free more minds (as I believe Ron Paul did), then I'll support that action, though I may not even directly participate in it myself.

Jumping right to anarchy for all and taxation is theft is useless for most people at this point.

Jumping right to “slavery is wrong” is useless for most people at this point. Let’s start with advocating not beating the slaves and pragmatically work from there.

Well, said Luke. I will not ignore Larken however. And I will not ignore Adam either. I am trying to ignore Trump but its very hard for some reason, lol.

It's easy to ignore Trump now. He is not Making America Great Again; he is not Draining the Swamp. In fact, one can make the case there is NO reason any longer to pay attention to Trump. And now, paying attention to this guy Andy's Steemit blog becomes even more valuable (as Adam picks up steam) Can you even fathom 200,000 "Freedom!" books being distributed in New Orleans on the same day? .... in each residential mailbox!

Perhaps Larkin will stop whining and start winning by creating one of these "zones" for Anarchos. He will have a far better chance of reaching the American adult with a prototype, than his endless "niagra falls" supply of words cascading down into the abyss of the mindless masses.

I love that I get to read these kind of posts :) It does make it seem that we are winning!

Love your work on here hope you have self sustainable income from it! Stick it to the man :) Resteemed and upvoted of course! Ive been living the plan since some years , soon its time for the next phase -to get a big ferry to live on!

Right on. It's probably easier to convince the voters to stay at home than convince the non-voters to vote their way to freedom.

It is indeed the only thing that ever really brings evolution, the changing of people's minds.

Before the wright brothers, the typical affront to dreams was, "If God meant for man to fly, he would have given him wings."

And now that most people on the planet have seen and experienced an airplane, all people can fly if they so desire.

So will it be with the changing of govern-cement to a protectorate, to a group of people. There will soon be a f-c-book like forum for communities to explore, express and vote on directions of their community. Further, it will not be this 51% bullshit, which leaves 49%, half the population as sore losers. And even more, it will be everyone having their two cents. Engaging through many polls, and a space where new, outside the box ideas can be suggested.

When this comes, it will evolutionize voting. It won't even be voting any more. It will be coming to a consensus for a large group of people.

I reject the label of Statists.
Just like I try to reject political parties. Ideas/thoughts are being used as weapons by those in power to keep us divided!
The herd will stick together for protection,until it is stampeded. We are being stampeded!
Man has always grouped together for mutual protection.
And the games and tricks have gotten bigger and eviler over time,by those who have consolidated there power...


I fail to see how doing nothing will accomplish anything,but further the evil...

History shows that men of action and planning have made the world what it is today!!!

I for one choose to be vocal and try to resist!

Easier said than done, no? The other way does not sound easy either. I'd like to help Kokesh, but I can't see myself being a delegate for example. I don't want to be in that circus again (Ron Paul 2012), it was humiliating. At the same time, I don't want to take any energy away from those that are doing the fight.

Who do you want to empower? Yourself and your loved ones, family, friends, and community, or a politician?

..."by the POWER INVESTED IN ME BY THE AMERICAN PEOPLE THROUGH THE AMERICAN ELECTORAL PROCESS...as per the WILL OF THE AMERICAN PEOPLE declare myself to be custodian of the federal government.

~ Adam Kokesh, at the 26:34 mark of THIS VIDEO.

Dude is not a Voluntaryist, or is severely confused.

That is very well put.
Also, American people? As if they are different than say Canadian people or African people or Middle Eastern people or Japanese people. ???

Oftentimes people use the phrase "the American people" as if it were a single monolithic group of clones of some type called American, whereas, in fact, each individual person is different from every other person, not just in America, but everywhere. I treat the phrase as a red flag for group-think, i.e., collectivist/statist thinking.
On the rare occasions I talk about American people as a distinct group, I say just "American people" to emphasize the plurality, without the article, which can collectivize the phrase.
FYI, American people ARE different from Canadians, Africans, or Middle Easterns, or Japanese, as each of those groups is different from the others, and each member of those groups is different from all the others, but not in any significant way. Different local history, geography, and traditions and customs, but not e.g. different species.

A huge percentage of my time and energy over the past two decades has been focused on changing people’s minds, via articles, videos, public talks, my books

Would people here oppose thousands of people going to public meetings on spending proposals (like spending millions of tax dollars on a stadium) and speaking to the people (not addressing the politicians) about legitimacy. Isn't that just another way to reach out to people who do not get the message from other sources? What if they make a short statement about legitimacy and refer to a source, such as Larken Rose?

I think one-on-one conversations are needed, but I would not oppose people speaking in a public forum, even if it is government run. What if 30% of public comments are about illegitimacy?

Yeah, I would never limit WHERE people should condemn aggression and promote voluntaryism. There may not be a very receptive crowd at the local control-freak get-together, but it's still worth saying.

In this, you have to look at the reality of the situation.

There is not a public meeting about the "new stadium", there is a propaganda campaign designed to ease people into the idea THAT THERE WILL BE A NEW STADIUM, and they want to give a place where those "angry people" can express their anger and frustration, where it will not actually get to the public. Further, it appeases the masses when the politicians say, "you had your chance to vote, voice your opinion, etc."

The new stadium has already been planned and financial backing has already been acquired and the project is moving forward before anyone in the public knows about it.

So, going to the meetings is just an exercise in frustration. And all the people there and angry are looking for a way to win their argument. You cannot change their minds. They are frustrated and angry and focussed upon what they think is the problem. They are not receptive to radical shifts of perspective.

So, going to the meetings is just an exercise in frustration

They are frustrated and angry and focussed upon what they think is the problem. They are not receptive to radical shifts of perspective.

I have not had any success in the small number of meetings that I attended. In a different setting long ago, I attended meetings for a year before the one Libertarian lady started making sense to me. She is one reason that I eventually found my way to voluntaryism.

There might be some kind of simple message that appeals to some people who already oppose "spending." I'm trying to find simple statements or appeals that start people thinking in a different way. Maybe that effect does not happen until a year later.... yes it is frustrating, and I wouldn't expect immediate results.

What a refreshing read! Thank you for sharing this. I followed you and added your book to my To-Read list.

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