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Um knowledge is knowing, wisdom is doing. I agree we all have to work to change minds and bring zombies back to life but the biggest thing that will bring about change, from my perspective, is divestment. People need to start feeding themselves, get off grid, stop buying junk you don't need. In order to defund the people running the world, you will first need to know how to look after yourself without them...maybe this is step 2, but I feel that if you change someone's mind, but they have no alternative way to live, they will not take action to defund the ppl in power...if any of that makes sense


I'm not against any of that, but that's still something that comes secondary to people giving up their statism. If a few people understand freedom, and get off the grid and divest from that stuff, it does nothing to end the empire, and statism in general. If a hundred million do it, that's the end of the ruling class.

Becoming aware of the Matrix can be a first step in becoming self-sufficient; otherwise there is often no incentive or point to self-sufficiency.
IOW, enlightenment leads to divestment, not the other way around.

I think even without an awareness of the slavery they are in, though, there are a lot of people divesting for environmental reasons, saving the planet from pollution, etc.
The point of self sufficiency would be survival of the species, as opposed to reliance on food being trucked to you from thousands of miles away, no knowledge of basic survival skills, dependence on gov for energy, water etc. I'm saying that ppl can see the world is f'd. It's a pretty obvious fact at this point, whatever the reasons, divestment is the answer

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