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Easier said than done, no? The other way does not sound easy either. I'd like to help Kokesh, but I can't see myself being a delegate for example. I don't want to be in that circus again (Ron Paul 2012), it was humiliating. At the same time, I don't want to take any energy away from those that are doing the fight.


Who do you want to empower? Yourself and your loved ones, family, friends, and community, or a politician?

..."by the POWER INVESTED IN ME BY THE AMERICAN PEOPLE THROUGH THE AMERICAN ELECTORAL per the WILL OF THE AMERICAN PEOPLE declare myself to be custodian of the federal government.

~ Adam Kokesh, at the 26:34 mark of THIS VIDEO.

Dude is not a Voluntaryist, or is severely confused.

That is very well put.
Also, American people? As if they are different than say Canadian people or African people or Middle Eastern people or Japanese people. ???

Oftentimes people use the phrase "the American people" as if it were a single monolithic group of clones of some type called American, whereas, in fact, each individual person is different from every other person, not just in America, but everywhere. I treat the phrase as a red flag for group-think, i.e., collectivist/statist thinking.
On the rare occasions I talk about American people as a distinct group, I say just "American people" to emphasize the plurality, without the article, which can collectivize the phrase.
FYI, American people ARE different from Canadians, Africans, or Middle Easterns, or Japanese, as each of those groups is different from the others, and each member of those groups is different from all the others, but not in any significant way. Different local history, geography, and traditions and customs, but not e.g. different species.

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