Twitter is actively suppressing my account!

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First, let me say a few things. If this article angers you, or you just want to help, tweet the following quote on your personal account.

@Twitter @TwitterSupport @Jack


It's already a cowardly thing to do, to suppress information, but not telling those you suppress that you're doing it? Even worse. This is why you aren't getting as many new people on your site now. You're killing your community.

I already did, and if you just want to RT that message, you can do so here.

It was brought to my attention about five days ago that Twitter wasn't letting people see my tweets in the hashtags I used. More people messaged me about it, and I decided to use xho's shadowban checker to see if that was the problem - or more appropriately, if they were keeping people from seeing what I post without decisively removing my account. Wouldn't ya know it? I was. Their metrics are simple.

Apparently @insanityisfree is shadowbanned.

First make sure the user exists and is not suspended, the account is not protected and the user has written at least one tweet! Then you may also visit this link to a search on Twitter. If you can't see any tweet made by @insanityisfree, this user is most likely shadowbanned.

So there you have it. Twitter is suppressing my content, and has been observably doing that for little under a week. These cowards used to claim they didn't even do it, and then when media pressure mounted they switched the story to "well, it's an anti abuse measure, but we don't do it a lot", then to "yeah, it's our platform, and we'll do what we want". I'm not even exaggerating that much, as this article from Wired Magazine can attest.

Those whose tweets are deemed to be "disruptive," but that don't violate Twitter's policies outright, will be secluded at the bottom of a conversation thread or search result, to make room for more productive and respectful conversations. Some of the new signals Twitter will consider include whether you've confirmed your email address, whether you've created multiple accounts from the same IP address, and whether you're frequently blocked by accounts you interact with. Tweets that get filtered this way—as long as they don't violate Twitter's policies—won't be removed, but you will have to click "Show more replies," or elect to "show everything" in your search settings in order to view them.

For now, it's unclear whether users will even know if they've been flagged under the new system. A Twitter spokesperson says the company is working on developing ways to give users the ability to appeal or flag mistakes. These new changes will likely affect a very small fraction of users; Twitter says that less than one percent of total accounts make up the majority of those reported for abuse. Twitter also notes that in early tests, the new signals resulted in fewer abuse reports being filed to begin with. The social network saw a 4 percent drop in reports from search, and an 8 percent drop in reports from conversations, according to the company.

Notice that - THEY ADMIT that the people they do this to aren't breaking rules! They just do what they want because someone is "being disruptive". If you have a Twitter account, how does it feel to know they think of you as classroom kids who must avoid making noise to avoid punishment?

Well then, you're going to love what I was informed of this morning. My account, which has existed for almost a decade, published 62.8 thousand tweets, and gained 15.9 thousand followers without cucking to goddamn anyone, ever, is now being called spam! Twitter user @DirrtyMcGirrty has informed me that this tweet, containing a link from @tftproject, has been flaged as spam!

From their article, "In a series of videos that have gone viral, a law student was apparently arrested for the crime of making a police officer mad, and the student’s refusal to immediately follow the officer’s demands led to a nasty fight."

It details the abuse ifa woman for agerin a police officer, shows that police officer unlawfully arresting her, yanking her by one arm out of her car, slamming her head into the door on the way out of her car, and ripping at her hair when the woman resisted. In any other case, this would be considered assault and battery, but since it was committed by an agent of the state, she'll likely go away for a long time for the crime of trying not to be a slave.

Twitter clearly doesn't want you to know this though. For maybe two years, I've been using IFTTT (If This Then That) to automatically tweet out links to @tftproject, Truthstream Media, @CorbettReport,, and @activistpost, so that my followers, and any interested newcomers, could remain informed, even when I was away. I know, appreciate, and trust (to some degree) those sites, so I added them to my list, in an attempt to keep the internet informed.

The guy who told me the article was being suppressed sent me a screenshot, and it detailed that Twitter is trying to scare people away from clicking on my links, as they "may be unsafe".

So even though I'm breaking NO rules, I've been shadowbanned, and now Twitter is actively trying to scare my followers into thinking I'm "unsafe". WELL I AM UNSAFE, MOTHERFUCKERS!

I'm unsafe to your paradigm - the one which pushes fake news and celebrity gossip as fact. I'm unsafe to your asinine, bullshit "editorial staff", which creates public opinion under the guise of "curating moments". I'm dangerous to the unholy alliance you want to foster and maintain between San Francisco and Saudi Arabia. I'm dangerous to your targeted, handcrafted, petty, well-invested narratives!

Because I don't think like you want me to. I don't think like Alwaleed Bin Talal wants me to think. I'm not going to apologize for anything, much less eating a sandwich. Yeah, I saw that too, Jack. I listen to all sides. I talk to anyone who will talk to me. I'm a member of over 30 blocklists, and I'm going to fuck up your idea of what your platform should be until you spineless, craven cunts ACTUALLY BAN ME. And then I'll keep coming back, every time, to make your days worse with yet more accounts that tell the truth, without your filters.

You can think you win by doing stuff like this, but ideas are goddamn bulletproof, and in the end, it isn't people like me who need people like you , it's people like you who need people like me. Until you cut your hubris, I will cut you down.

Believe it.

Both Facebook and Twitter are actively suppressing me - it's going to be extremely hard to reach people. If you want to support my content, let some people with some upvote power know about my articles and videos, and help me get some funding. I don't need Zuckerberg's approval, nor do I need the approval of Ev WIlliams or Biz Stone. All I need is yours, and you spreading my posts as far and as wide as you can. I can't keep any sort of momentum up if people can't even see what I post. There are also ways to support me in a post I posted here. If you want to assist, click this banner to find out how.





Twitter is the worst of the worst, bro. I was banned a while back and there was really no "appeal." Even the "polite" message telling me what I needed to do to reinstate the account was pretty ominous sounding.

Upped and resteemed.

EDIT: Are you shadow banned here, too!? Heh. Won't let me upvote this!

EDIT 2: Just got it. Had to do it via mobile for some reason...

I'm having problems voting too. :(

Weird - every platform working against me seems unlikely. Possible tho.

Thanks tho, man! I'm gonna hit some shit hard tonight.

There's an initiative on twitter now to try and get rid of pedo accounts. Twitter is actively promoting that but shutting you down. I'm not surprised!

There toy, there play box. They make the rules. They are breaking no laws that I am aware of. Free speech does not come into play here as they are not a government organization. There are other programs similar to twitter and facebook. Their sandbox, they can kick all the sand they want as long as they are not actively conspiring to commit crimes against the United States, or they are not actively violating the anti-discrimination laws, then it is their business, and they may run it as they like. Even though it took several years, and even though the Justices did not like their own ruling they have decided that a business does have rights to operated as they see fit if they are not violating any laws...Granted it was to late for the bakery owners that said no, but the right decision was made by the Supreme Court in my opinion.

Find other platforms, then inform your 15.9 thousand followers where you will be and why. If they were real followers, they will follow you.

I try to get them to migrate, but that isn't the point. Whether or not they're breaking rules or laws is irrelevant to my statements that they are suppressing both myself and my content to fit their bias. I know "they can do what they want". I don't care. Gonna expose em anyway.

I agree entities like twitter and facebook can do what they want. They are private companies after all. However, I think it's important to point out this kind of behavior so that more people are aware of it.

Yes it is important to point it out. People used to show support with their money and word of mouth. Example, I will never buy another electronic device from SONY, due to a failure on the part of their customer support. I will recommend to people looking for an inexpensive good quality TV/Monitor VIZIO, mine is now 7 years old.

Do I rant and rave example:

I'm unsafe to your asinine, bullshit "editorial staff"
unholy alliance you want to foster and maintain between San Francisco and Saudi Arabia.
I'm going to fuck up your idea of what your platform should be until you spineless, craven cunts ACTUALLY BAN ME.

Do those statements really serve to resolve the problem, to get the word out, to show that there is a problem? (Which there is), or does it show the mindset of an individual that is hurt and angered at being ignored?

Less colorful language could have been used and the message may have been better received.

Sorry to hear they are getting to ya on twitter!

Gab/Minds are starting to grow at least! There are alternatives that will become more popular :)

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I’m 100% with you, but think of these sites as private property - they can do whatever the fuck they want. So let them. Now you know where they stand. Let it all go. Give up the need for whatever you believe they’re offering. You don’t need them to speak the truth. You’ll be doing more good by walking away.

It would be like fighting against the mainstream media’s co-opted bias - what’s the point? Leave them to the blind dogs and turn your back. If they don’t want you, it’s a matter of self-respect to not want them.

Did I stop them? I didn't know I was powerful enough to "let" them do anything. Must've blacked out.

Why so literal? I’m talking about letting it be; letting it go.

Won't do it - people need to know what they're involved in - if people with good information just "let it go", the world will be ruled by bad information. I won't be complicit.

I was talking about emotionally. You can still tell people. I'm also talking about ceasing to use their site. Nothing could be more complicit than continuing to use it when you know it to be corrupt.

I have your back bud, my twitter is free to use if it can be helpful to you. If you' re looking for guests on the show this week let me know, I'll be around for sure.

I appreciate your support, thank you.

yep I know how shitty it feels to be shadow banned lol. Think my twitter is borked too. Last night got 3 day ban on Reddit by mod. image

Rip lol. Got so frustrated I made my own subreddit straight after r/RedPills

fight the establishment! haha

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