kafkanarchy84's hacker, come out

in #anarchy4 years ago

I hear that you have an account on steemit. I'd really like to talk with you and ask some questions.

You and I are close enough in time zones that we don't need to wait to talk.

So let's talk.

What did you mean when you said this to ben about kafka?

first question.png


I know that you are hiding. I know that you are afraid to come into the light. You should be. According to that list of stuff @kafkanarchy84 put out, you are a (non exaggerating) cyber terrorist.

so come on out and talk. and not on my phone, you silly nut :p

You’re being presumptive again. It’s 7:05 p.m in Moscow. Yes, Graham is brazen enough to post video of his child. I have explained to him that I operate under different security risks and I wouldn’t recommend doing it but Graham feels very competent that he is able to protect his child and he certainly has the freedom to decide what information he wants to share. You have also left your social media public, I would highly recommend changing your settings to private, and NO, I’m not threatening you but you like to pretend you have been doxxed when you really haven’t been. If this keeps you from harassing Graham, then I guess enjoy your day of trolling me. I don’t care about my reputation in your pathetic circle.

yeah, well... it's 10:21 where you are. don't worry though, i have no desire to doxx you.

false. you told this to ben long before you met graham.

you then followed your statement up with "my russian troll farm doesn't discriminate against children". tell us all what you meant by that? why would you tell ben that you want to help ben, but then say that kafka made the mistake of publicizing his kid and that the people that work for you don't discriminate against kids?

and remember so you don't trip up on your lies... you were talking to ben. not kafka

You’re lying. It’s not 10:21 where I am. Please stop pretending you know who I am. Did you get bad intel ? Ultimately, I feel that the Kokesh campaign is trash, but then again, that's who we have to compete with ( trolling), and it's good to know your competition's tactics... but seriously, trash, stuck in a trash can, convinced the whole world is trash.

Not quite as loopy as those who insist there is no trash, but almost.

so you just admitted that you believe you are competing with the kokesh campaign on a trolling campaign. is @kafkanarchy84 aware that this is part of your mission?

the biggest and grandest question i have for you is this:

have you turned kafkanarchy84 into an asset for your work with BNLDR?

is that your purpose?

What is BNLDR ? I have attempted to google it, I’m not associated with anything in China.

lol, oh ok. you have something strongly in common with this person. i know who you are. i know your purpose. i know who you're doing all this for. but again, i'm not going to doxx you. that isn't my purpose.


furthermore, what is your real intentions on using kafka? the caring and concerned white hat hacker thing... don't insult my intelligence. i know that it is politically aimed.

you're either someone that does all the horrible things that kafka says you do... or you're not. the caring maternal bullshit is just lame.

is it just me, or did it just really get quiet in here?

@kafkanarchy, will you please ask your friend to come back?

No RCs. They need to let them recharge.


lemme make sure that i've got this straight...

you (kafka) have a friend that you conceal and protect who is also a russian cyber terrorist. she does (according to you) all of these things:


but now... after i specifically said that i know who this cyber terrorist is AND assured her i wouldn't doxx her...

THEN... was told that i was absolutely wrong about who she is...

NOW she feels threatened? that. is. retarded.

but just to clarify: I have no intention to do any violation of the NAP towards her in any way. I have no intentions to doxx her OR do any of the things that she listed above that she does to others. Tell her not to be afraid of me. I will do her no harm. that's who she is... it's not who i am.

I WILL of course get to the truth and have justice. I WILL unwind all the bullshit lies that you two are weaving. k?

I’m not sure how you know who I am. I don’t know the person in the picture you posted and certainly do NOT know you. If you're claiming to know me, it would be through Ben, which makes his whole campaign complicit in attempting to recruit me to bully and doxx a blogger. I’m not going to argue semantics over the evidence I provided. If you think I’m a “Russian Cyber Terrorist” then have your campaign seek legal recourse. I’m not going to play your passive aggressive games in which you “claim” to know me and then say you won’t doxx me. That statement is a contradiction. If you know me, then you wouldn’t need to doxx me. The fact that you’re using that term loosely is suggestive of an underlying threat. I would like you to also stop harassing Graham, as he was only provided evidence and has no affiliation to my employer. I have no political affiliation to the United States so there is no agenda. If you feel threatened by the opinions or the legitimate claims that someone is posting online, then repudiate them or point out the lack of evidence. Exposing someone’s identity who has chosen to be pseudonymous is wrong. Exposing them just because you feel your worldview is threatened by their speech is especially wrong. I am no longer going to play this exposure game that you’re attempting to play. Doxxing is a grave sin and it is disturbing to see so many people tolerate it here. Pseudonymity is important for the Internet and has long been important for people even predating the Internet. Many folks on social media are pseudonymous, for good reason. Arguing on steemit with random people is just futile masochism. Doxxing them is equally futile, and it’s unethical and harmful. Steemit arguments are a great way to trick yourself into thinking you’re doing something when really you’re doing nothing. If you’re in the mood to fight someone, you might as well play Xbox instead. It’s a lot more fun.

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