Don't Let Your Respect Create Hierarchy

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I've had such an amazing time here at Anarchapulco and will post more when I get home about my experience along with some photos and recaps of my favorite talks. I've been trying to be fully present while here, so I haven't been posting on Steemit. This morning, however, I wanted to share some thoughts I had related to how we tend to celebrate our heroes and turn that gratitude into a form of hierarchy which only holds us back.

For some related thoughts, please see this post from last year: Tribalism: Our Shared Enemy

My your day be filled with peace, love, and voluntary interactions.

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This is a great reminder, Luke! It is a trap ingrained in the human psyche. If we want to achieve equality, then we shouldn't consciously put some other people on a pedestal. That doesn't stop us from admiring what others do, but it avoids groupthink and tribalism. Everyone does have the capacity for greatness. I'm happy you had an amazing time there, man!

Thanks Jed! I don't know if "achieving equality" is possible (or even fully desired completely), but I do think equality of opportunity is something we can strive towards. Our differences create value transfers and specialization. I think our differences can and should be celebrated, just not worshipped or idolized.

Hi Luke! Thanks for sharing a little glimpse of a beautiful setting and what sounds like a valuable experience.

Interesting perspective you hold, and a popular one I'm sure. I disagree on some points which will be a way juicier conversation than just nodding along, so here we are:

To say that hierarchy holds us back is disempowering in and of itself.
Hierarchy exists. It's natural - there is biological diversity, there is a food chain, there is survival of the fittest. Hierarchy exists as much as gravity does.
To fight it, blame it, judge it, resist it is to create the conflict. Without that reaction to nature, there is no conflict.

Some people are better at this or that, some people are worse at this or that. Sure, we all have potential and we all have value and in many ways we're the same, but we're not all equal. IMO, this idea that we should pretend like we are all equal keeps humans limited and weak.

A functional organization puts the right person in the right position to perform responsibilities most efficiently and effectively - it acknowledges, accepts, honors, and celebrates our differences! Some people are better suited to be leaders, and some people are better suited to wash dishes - a functional organization puts each one in the right place for them to shine their brightest. Both people are important and add value to the whole, but let's be real about who carries more responsibility and stop pretending like equality is the ultimate measure of freedom!

Hey Sara! Thanks for stopping by and adding value to the conversation.

I find it interesting how so many valuable insights and suggestion for beneficial paths forward from one perspective also have echoes of the exact opposite approach. For example, when I met with @quinneaker and by extension you and @everlove (though, granted, in the case of Quinn it was mostly under inebriated circumstances), I encountered (from my perspective and frame of reference) a celebration of the ego and "god consciousness" in ways that, frankly, reminded me of narcissistic personality disorder. The very solution being suggested to improve the world (celebrating the power of the self) is condemned by others as a disorder.

Having given that example, back to the topic at hand. When I say "We're all the same!" it's clearly a generalized statement with many valid criticisms. Those who have experience various levels of shamanic experiences (which, funny enough, I have not) claim a new understanding of global connectedness and oneness with living things and a separation from the self and the ego (as to many buddhists and those skilled and meditation). Many argue this is a profound experience of healing that all should experience. It's from that perspective that I was thinking about the dangers of creating a separate class of leaders and idolizing them beyond reason.

I recognize the hierarchy in nature, but your argument, to me, seems like an appeal to nature fallacy.

You argued that because something is 'natural' it is therefore valid, justified, inevitable, good or ideal.
Many 'natural' things are also considered 'good', and this can bias our thinking; but naturalness itself doesn't make something good or bad. For instance murder could be seen as very natural, but that doesn't mean it's good or justifiable.

Given what I know about the lifestyle you've chosen to live, I'd imagine this is the key point we disagree on. This is a point we may not be able to easily reconcile between us and yet I know you to be an awesome, amazing, genuine, loving, decent human being who will hopefully not let a disagreement (even potentially a fundamental one like this) come between our relationship and ability to communicate together.

I also agree that we are all different in terms of our skills, uniqueness, and value potential for the world. Some things can only done by specific individuals and those who find that path are truly doing something amazing, worthy of respect. But, in the same way, the masses who are doing other things (such as washing dishes) are also just as needed in terms of a functional whole and, from that sense, just as valuable. If no one washes the dishes and every gets sick and dies due to pestilence, that dish washing job all of a sudden seems really, really important (though it could be done by almost anyone, not just a special individual).

but let's be real about who carries more responsibility and stop pretending like equality is the ultimate measure of freedom!

This, I think, clarifies where we may disagree. Leaderships (especially within western cultures) carries more visible responsibility and is therefore more highly celebrated. I get that and it makes sense. What concerns me is when it causes classism ("prejudice against or in favor of people belonging to a particular social class") because of the historical precedents we have for how destructive the hierarchies which can come from these perspectives are. Maybe if the things that cause those hierarchies to become destructive (such as the will to violate the NAP) were absent, then a "natural" hierarchy could be a beautiful thing. Maybe that's a level of enlightenment you all at the garden share which most the rest of humanity does not, which means, for the rest of humanity, it may be more helpful to be wary of hierarchies and mindlessly following and responding to "leaders" who impress us instead of thinking for ourselves. I agree with you there is conflict and struggle when we go against our (I would argue primitive) programming to think in terms of hierarchies. I think that conflict is healthy and once we come to peace with our connectedness to others, we can transcend it and find even more freedom.

That's just my current view, and I may be wrong, but it sure feels right and healthy to me to love everyone as human beings, even as I honor and respect those who are extraordinary.


If we fall into the trap of celebrating the personalities more than the ideas and following those personalities wherever they go - we fall into the same trap that leads to authoritarian thinking....let’s not fall into this primitive tribalism concept of worshiping...that can lead to form of hierarchy where people can stop thinking for themselves.

Essential part of the video. That is one strong input:)...I would only disagree with one sentence at the end...we are not the same...the very opposite is the truth I think:D Anyway straight Resteem...

We are the same (atoms, DNA, organs, homosapien, etc) and we are perfectly and amazingly unique in all of history. We, as individuals, can provide unique value. That is what makes us the same.

I guess there only is a difference in terminology. I agree with everything you said but the outcome:D. The fact that we have different DNA and the fact that the atoms are creating different outputs lead me to conclusion that we are all unique (different), but we share some aspects that are connected to our specie.

I think we were basically the same but it's like that we choose to be different from others. And you're absolutely right to be present and enjoy the moments and then you can steem all you want. Thank you @lukestokes @fingersik

continuously impressing me with you amazingness haha

We are not just the same, we are all parts of the one. What we do to others we do to ourselves - be it good or harm...
Your genuine enthusiasm is infectious. I love all the sound of the tropics coming through in the background too!

love your comment @fingersik I often say that we should aim to be students instead of fans...great post @Lukestokes "we are all the same" stood out in your post for me .There is as a matter of fact more factors joining us than there are separating us.

Hello @lukestokes sir,

Of course, it is unfortunate that some folks allow regards people have for them to get to their heads. To me, all humans are equal but naturally do not have the same ability or equal chance to success. On Africa, we respect age, success and power; but instead of these virtues to held the continent overcome her numerous socioeconomic and developmental challenges, they had lead to autocratic scenarios and economic doom because the leaders see themselves as gods. And I have also observed these poisons here among some senior Steemians.

I like that fact that this message is coming from you who is one of the most highly revered Steemians. Perhaps those folks that are guilty of this would learn from your message. Thank you for sharing this...

@eurogee of @euronation community & The Host, Show Us Your Witnesses Weekly Contest

hello dear @eurogee
excellent feedback to our mentor @lukestokes, i respect your thought and article for this event, all the best

Thank you my friend

Thank you for your kind reply and continuing to share with us all insights from your experiences there.

The pleasure is mine... Why not. Salutes


You touch on something that's an important part of human consciousness and how we evolve:

We are all unique and brilliantly talented but in our own ways.

...people stop bringing their best because they look to leaders to do it for them

What we perhaps are really looking to learn here is how to find balance; how it is OK to truly admire someone for spending 25 years to become a brilliant musician in a way we cannot fathom; but reciprocally they cannot fathom our 25 years' experience growing amazing vegetables.

There is that fine line — and that seems to be what you're driving at, here — between "idolizing" and simply recognizing and admiring someone for what they know and have to teach; what we can learn. Someone who has dedicated their life to improving the world and themselves do deserve our respect and admiration; but not to the point where we abdicate our own accountability and contributions... what the spiritual world I mostly work with calls "idol worship."

And yes, we can totally make the world a better place, and it starts with simply being aware.

Bright Blessings to you!


@lukestokes. I think the reason why most of us creates unnecessary hierarchy from heroes we respect is because we have our mindsets so programmed in a way such that we see the heroes as special people with special abilities.we would not able to reach the height they have attain.

But we tend to forget that for heroes to get to where they are respected people,they were once ordinary men.So,nobody becomes a hero by chance or birth.It is by making effort to becoming heroes and the determination to become and do what others fear to do.There is a hero in everyone of us,only if we do not build a wall around our mind that we can not become one.

I love the phrasing of a "wall around our mind." Well said.

That's a big part of the problem of celebrity culture. Others put certain people on pedestals, and then the pedestal people get all this media attention, which makes them even more popular. There are some who are popular for no clear reason at all (Kardashians, anyone?), and others who do a good job at being entertainers, but who aren't doing things other people couldn't do....they just somehow got more attention than the thousands of others doing the same thing.

You can respect their work if you like it, without making them into some god or goddess. Celebrity news takes up so much of the actual news, that we don't get the information on real issues like we should.

It bewilders me to see so many people crying, screaming, and going crazy when a celebrity is nearby. I always thing, "Dude, they're just a human, like you." And, treating people this way only creates huge egos and bad attitudes in the ones being worshiped.

I was married to a guy who worked behind the scenes in the entertainment industry. I've met a decent number of so-called celebrities. I've had them at my house, made coffee for them, talked to them at my kitchen table. Trust me, they are JUST people. If the apocalypse happened, they would be competing for the same resources as you, and unless they have some amazing survival skill that benefits others, their fame will mean nothing.

That doesn't mean I don't have certain entertainers and other public figures like authors and politicians I like and admire. But, I don't go out seeking autographs, I certainly don't cry and act like an idiot when I meet one, and if I get to talk to one, I make sure to ask about something interesting.....and it's definitely not about how awesome they are (I usually ask about their family, favorite childhood memory, hobbies, and other obscure things).

Creating hierarchy makes for an unequal society. I refuse to take part in it. Maybe if other people figure this out, they will stop participating, too, and one day, we can have a truly equitable world.

+1 to all your points.

I did have a first hand experience of being close by someone who is in some ways "put on a pedestal" (some local artist). After taking a step back and observe how others look like fawning at the "famous person" and then knowing him on a personal level. I also thought the same "Dudes, he's a normal guy like you all". And has made me doubly aware of the "fanboy mentality" and tries my best to not have it. People, famous as they are, are still people like me.

It's what we all Steemians stands for anyways. its literally in the word "Decentralization". And it's high time we start treating that as a buzzword and live the essence of its meaning.

Stay Awesome!

Well said.

It's interesting how complicated it can be to tease out what we mean by "unequal" in conversations like this. I fully recognize that striving for equality of outcome is not helpful or practical, but I do think we call benefit when we strive for equality of opportunity while recognizing some have one the genetic lottery and others lost it, due to no fault of their own. We all have capacity for love and acceptance and that's what we are all seeking.

Awesome to see you've had such an incredible time down there...can't wait to get in wednesday for the fork!

A cult of personality is definitely a trap, and I've seen it happen plenty of times. It puts people on an unrealistic pedestal, and it also creates a hierarchical relationship between individuals.

Cheers to you for touching on this topic. You've got my witness vote for sure :)

Thank you for your support. Yeah, the cult of personality is probably how I should have phrased it.

Great message, Luke! We're all earthlings in the end.

Nice ambient for a vlog also, listening to that sound from the jungle gave your talking about humanity, freedom and love a quite emotional and movie-like touch :-)

Safe travels home!

Thanks so much, Marly. I got a great session of body surfing in one morning that was truly amazing. I had such a natural high afterwards.

Awesome! The Ocean's energy is just priceless :-)

Peace man

One of the best videos/posts I've seen out of Anarchapulco. Thank you for keeping it real and for sharing what you're thinking. It's good to stay grounded. As you say in your video, there's almost something hard-wired into the human psyche that makes us respect authority, to search out hierarchy. And we need to fight against that impulse and innate craving for structure. Or we risk repeating the mistakes of the past.

You make a good point. Our society and the mainstream media foster this kind of thinking with the deference that is given to people who have served in government and celebrities. Former government officials are still referred to by their titles even though they've been out of government for decades. It's like they themselves are entitled to respect and deference for who they are rather than the ideas they are currently propounding. Celebrities are often treated like royalty even if their ideas are foolish and logically flawed.

If more people engaged in critical thinking rather than just mindlessly believing what they're told, the world would be a much better place and the people themselves would lead more fulfilling lives.

I've heard great things about the conference and wish I could've attended. I look forward to your upcoming videos that share the highlights of what you learned.

@lukestokes I apologize for using an interpreter. I do not speak the language.

  1. I really liked the presentation of the material. Photographed on 1 frame, without preparation. Made soundly at home. Friendly blog.
  2. It's nice when a person thinks. Thinks independently, but not subject to propaganda.
  3. Unfortunately for idiots in films and games there is no propaganda. They do not see it, they should not see it.
    Thank you for the quality work. Uniquely subscription. Although not sure that it is needed from such a novice with such a low influence, reputation, etc., but I'm only a week on the platform. I will grow.

TL;DR = Don't fanboy..

But you're right, people are still people. And when we try waste what we have in things like trying to put our efforts to get "that guy/gal" to notice us, or waste our free will to have all our decision makings delegated to that famous guy/gal, its unproductive and regressive.

Hope I can catch myself fanboying in the next steemfest and stop myself before gawking too much at people who are technically strangers.

Luke, you have shit discernment at detecting shills ... Let me know when you see Kokesh "improving" the world instead of talking out his ass ...

Still love you tho ...

Good advice. While some are in the limelight now, doesn't mean they'll always be there. Stars rise and fall, so anyone has potential to be a star at any time. Therefore, respect for all.

I love your posts..the point that got me was when you said that we are no different from everyone else that we got gifts and passion to unlock in other to make the world a better place. Thank you for opening my eyes to this, I feel really inspired. Wishing you and your family an amazing time at Anarchapulco.

So true. Thanks again for a great post!

I draw you in my Art.
Keep up the good and valuable posts! Have a nice day.

Best regards,

excellent post, dear
thanks for sharing the post @lukestokes

Ya, kamu luar bisa dengan pemikiran jernih kamu sukses dalam postingan ini, saya salut dengan kamu, dan saya bersedia mengikuti kamu dan postingan postingan baru.

Wherever personalities have been worshipped, the system has derailed from its true path. Religions are prime examples of this worship/respect system turning the central authorities into some kind of elite class distinguishible from normal people. You just used the word worshipping in your video. I had written it already.

Staying human, staying on earth is what separates great people from the average ones. You are a great human being!


Voting people like @lukestokes as Steem witnesses is important. Make sure you choose good witnesses so that we can have a thriving blockchain and platforms based on it.

You are making a sense here, thanks for the sharing the advice.

I believe that people are naturally born good. And by saying that, I mean AMAZING, BRILLIANT, and SPECTACULAR!

And what is more amazing is that you see that on others.


Yeah man! I don't think it would take much for people to start 'fan girling'. When we see people as more that people we get lost in the idea that because someone has online success that they may also be able to lead us in real life.

Great insights and we all need to check ourselves on a daily basis as to what we have to offer the world and review others' offerings as we are all created to have special talents. With everyone working in a positive way we can make the world one that all can thrive in and enjoy!

this is a good post... i appreciate your post... thanks for sharing.... re steemit done

Man of peace ... I find your post interesting.

Thank you very much for advising you

my dear @lukestokes

your views about moral values are encouraging and helped me to dig out my inner self. Keep it up @lukestokes

I love your posts..the point that got me was when you said that we are no different from everyone else that we got gifts and passion to unlock in other to make the world a better place.

very useful sharing

hello dear @lukestokes
thanks for update wonderful and informative blogs to steemian community and also fellow achieve much knowledge about this article,
all the best wishes and appreciation
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Good post

Nice archive! Good post.

Wow,its amazings,,,😊😊😊

The bird calls in the background added this layer of engagement to your video. The view was spectacular too. Then the message hits... Very nice job. Enjoy your last day

Thanks Matthew. It's been an amazing time.

nice follow me @ rizki99


Well I could say you totally make your point by calling Acapulco by that name... They do have issues, but you should not point them out like that; there are shootings in US schools monthly, would you like Mexicans to point it out with an disrespectful pseudonym like that? I don't think so. Your children go to school I suppose...? ...Think about that.

I’m referring to this conference which I’m currently attending:

“Anarchy” is not a disrespectful term. It means “no rulers.” It’s the hope for a peaceful future. See this post for more:

Well it's apologies Monday for me it seems... I was wrong to say the things I said then, I am sorry and I apologize... Thanks for the info, to you and to @awesomianist !!

There's a conference in Acapulco by the name "Anarchapulco". Been around for years he's talking about the conference Anarchapulco set in Acapulco which is the conference he is attending now.. chill brah..

This is spot on, people fall back on worship of others as it seems to be a base evolutionary instinct- it improves their survivability to be on the good side of power.

many wonderful experiences are acquired in each of the sites that are visited. It is pleasant to be able to enjoy them through you. grateful

Verry nice post @lukestokes. Good job

Pori velatu nepu ente. Ille deno suka tenke

good point, very useful information btw.

Sounds like a great time :) Steem on.

It is great, my friend!

"May your day be filled with peace, love, and voluntary interactions."
Me: Amen!

keep it humble ;)

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I would call that concept "proof of brainless";-)

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Good stuff.

I ended up giving this main post a full upvote for the first time in I don't know how long because I disagree with berniesanders giving it a downvote with all of his accounts. It has over a 1,000 views already, and I do believe it is valuable content. I don't agree with him downvoting me because he doesn't like me personally and is unwilling to talk with me like an adult about his issues with me. In situations like this, a self-vote makes a lot of sense.

Best time ever bro! So happy we connected in such an awesome place! Thanks for everything!

It was wonderful hanging out with you, Jan. I'm really glad we go to spend time living life together.

To many future times!

Your pots are amazing, I really like.

I remember you were one of few who responded to comments when I was still a minnow :) Thank you for that Luke!

You're very welcome. :)

Agree 100%. Well said. Part of the challenge for folks who are new to all this individualist stuff and are prone to falling into persona worship may be promo posters like this. Te he he. (Just taking the piss, but seriously).


Thanks Graham! You'll be happy to know I had a really interesting conversation about vaccines from someone who used to work as a nurse and had some very interesting personal experiences and insights on the flu vaccine.

I did not know the word “Hierarchy” so I looked for it on the dictionary, but I couldn't understand what you wanted to say with your title until I saw your video.
I agree... I like this phrase: Be a student, don't be a follower (I think belongs to Jim Rohn)

We can listen to others, take what with think it's good, thank them but not put them on a pedestal.

Great post!! I really like it! Thank you for your wise words

Great to see your smiling face and hear some encouraging words.

pocketsend:[email protected], thanks for the great message, Luke. I’m glad to see that you survived the earthquake and that they started the conference out with that important point about hierarchy!

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I think some need to be kept the way it is... and changing one person to accept changes is the ultimate magical gift...Thanks

Looks like an incredible trip with great Vivid photos! Awesome post

I love this and I totally agree with you @lukestokes. We are all equal, there maybe whales, dolphins and minnows but we live in a symbiotic environment that each and everyone of us has his or her own experties that makes this platform awesome. We just have to be confident in expressing ourselves. Thank you very much @lukestokes, this is an eye opener to those who idolized some and those who feel that they are superior. :) ♥

Buen post! Magnifico vídeo y hermosa vista.

This is so true. I hope everyone will see this. You make a very good point.

interesting look forward to your next posting about your experience this

I could not agree more with your hierarchy proposal. This kind of hierarchical thinking in a celebrity-driven society is so detrimental to our individual brilliance. We are all brilliant, individual, special human beings with our own talents and passions and indelible impacts to make on the world, and holding a select few up to a pedestal and falling in to that primitive level of thinking can severely damage our ability to express our individual brilliance and bring out gifts to the world. Thank you for this inspirational posting. This is the first of your posts that I have seen, but I'll definitely be checking out more!

Best Wishes,

Bryant Young

You are so right! In some way we love the idea of superheroes that guide us. It makes us feel safe and we don't need to carry the responsibility ourselves. But it makes us blind for their mistakes.

I often see people who feel offended just by someone else having a different opinion. In return they treat the "offender" disrespectful. They think they are Superman and don't accept the possibility that they might be wrong. So in this case authority thinking even leads to disrespect.

Treating others with respect is very important. We all want to be treated respectful.

It is also okay appreciating other people and their doings. But not worshipping.

First of all we need to treat our differences with respect, be aware that everybody including ourselves can make mistakes, and feel responsible for what's happening around us.

I would even say, we need this attitude as a basic requirement for learning and developing.

It's so great finally having words for something I always felt. Thanks!

Yeah right . I will follow up your words

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To me, all humans are equal but naturally do not have the same ability or equal chance to success. I like that fact that this message is coming from you who is one of the most highly revered Steemians.we can totally make the world a better place thank u for sharing

Video contains beautiful meanings, the difference between successful and unsuccessful people with personal work. We get success. Thank you for your good and very useful participation

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This is so true. Thank's for sharing.

vale la pena hacer resteem, exelente publicacion

Well said brother, well said. Though you are different. Its ok to be different, doesn't mean you have to be "better" or superior but you are different and thats great, thats why you are you.

Thanks Quinn. I mentioned you and @everlove in a comment to @saramiller on this thread which I'd love to get your perspective on as well. You are beautiful, amazing people stretching the understanding of those around you, and I truly do value that, even if at times I don't understand (or possibly misunderstand) it.

Yes of course, well said yet again. Stating your perspective while being open to that which you do not know is a HIGH level of consciousness of which you continue to prove.
Blessings Bredren~*~

I agree with you Lukestokes that we can admire our role models but not to the extent of worshipping them. We as individuals have the unique behaviours, abilities, and passion that can be unlocked as you said. Upvoted!

So inspiring words you spoke. We surely shouldn't limit ourselves and we all are capable to achieve whatever we want. Skills may be different but we all have will-power to make the things happen. I'll not let my morality down. Never.
Thanks @lukestokes for motivating words. Looking to read about and see images of your amazing Anarchapulco experience. By the way, background was just awesome. I would love to be there. :)

Excelente post, soy nueva de esta gran comunidad espero contar con tu apoyo...

i agree with you

A very impressive and valuable post! Thank you so much for sharing this @lukestokes

hi what is anarchapulco?

Trying using a search engine. They are wonderful things. :)

Hey Luke, the insight you have given is really good. I have always wanted to travel and to have conversations with people of different cultures and backgrounds to see life from their eyes. Continue your good work my brother.


Can’t agree more with you on this! Let’s al just stay human and keep supporting and respecting each other

can you write something on how to win soebody trust .. and yeah this post is really good

Hey Luke, great vlog!

I pride myself in being the person who walks by, owning ideas but not appearing on any pedestals :)

I'm not against people being at the top, sometimes their great ideas just put them there. It's the ones striving for this 'goal' that I worry about the most, as they will likely not have the unique and all inclusive ideas, and are most likely to be using other methods to reach the top.

Great backdrop and sounds coming from anarchapulco today, cheers!

Greetings Luke: I hear what you are saying. Indeed it is an old primal elevate persons to positions of authority over us. And damn, if this hasn't been a curse upon us in most cases. However, there is hope. Steemit offers us an opportunity to become a community of souls who come from the Abundant Heart. We hope to evolve and spiritually mature into a condition of individual wholeness from which love, joy, encouragement , mentoring, giving and receiving all flow. We come to recognize we are rivers through which abundance flows. We cease our incessant grasping allowing all things to flow through us knowing we are but conduits of love, grace and peace. Ultimately out of our wholeness we gain a purer sense of self-sovereignty. From our own wholeness we become part of the greater Whole. Is this not what steemit aspires too? A community of souls whose currency is love in all its forms. For love is not weak, it is not self-debasing rather it includes courage, hope, peace, gratitude, joy, prosperity, the honing and giving of gifts, the happiness of associating with like-minded people. Well, I'm just the new kid here. Unless you are superhuman this post will not be read. BUT that's OK, because you see these simple comments are energy in their finest essence and this energy is added to the collective pool of steemit. Bless you for the fine video. I enjoyed.

Yes, I appreciate your opinion. It's go back to the person who get respect. It's depend on the personality matter, ....hmm actually I want give comment but I my English is not quite good. In traditional culture sometimes, the people who get respect from other is appointed as leader.

Nice to see another witness, especially a top one, showing their face.

The whole point you made here is correct. I think it is aptly summarized as well in this song.

yes this is truth on steemit people can move around celeberty type of personality origenal work or hard work can't see by anybody

Great Video Luke. Really enjoyed hearing what you had to say!

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