Anarchaforko Anarchapulco Fork Update: is Updated and Selling Early Bird Tickets!

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Finally, an @anarchaforko update and an important one at that! I'm pleased to announced that the official website for Anarchaforko 2.0 is finally live, selling tickets and ready to be shared with all of you. I still have several plans/changes in the near future in mind and am open to suggestions, but for those interested we're officially selling tickets at a special early bird price for the next month! More on that later...

Screenshot from 2018-10-29 19-47-38.png

We (mostly me, with key technical help from John when I became too frustrated) decided to do the website ourselves for two reasons, to have more control over how it worked (and hopefully make it better) and to learn how to design websites. My learning process made it so it took a lot longer than it reasonably should but I've learned a lot along the way and we now have this to share with you guys, a website I feel is a bit more personal to the project and explanatory than last years website.

Screenshot from 2018-10-29 19-47-57.png

I put a lot of care an attention into things like colors, fonts and images. Most of the images are clickable and I've done my best to make it mostly mobile friendly, although I'm aware it still has quarks.

So, why fork Anarchapulco_ (1).png

We're doing an early bird special this year for those who know they're going to be involved and want to cut costs. This is an excellent opportunity to get in early on our affiliate marketing program which offers a lot more potential for making money than most people realize.

When you sell a ticket, you get half (just under due to network fees) in cryptocurrency paid to you after the event. Last year even with short notice several people made a decent amount of money off of that program alone. Anyone who purchases a ticket will automatically become an affiliate and can generally immediately start sharing their affiliate code to start generating sales.

Here's a few current affiliate links, including my own, for those interested in using a link to help support someone else while purchasing their ticket!

Lily Da Vine's Affiliate Link
@jasonhenza's Affiliate Link

If you have friends already coming to Anarchapulco, consider approaching them with your affiliate link! @kennyskitchen last year made some private deals with people where he paid them what was paid to them for their ticket, essentially giving them a half price ticket.

The website mentions repeatedly that we need good people to make it awesome and that's you! If you're someone who wants to share something, be it by selling goods or services, giving a talk or even sponsoring the conference we want to hear from you! Get involved today by either contacting us or getting a ticket!

Things to come on the website:

Streamlined Calendar system that allows user submissions (anyone who holds a ticket will be able to submit events) as well as ticket system for user submissions which means you'll be able to set personal fees for your talks/events/parties/classes if there is one right through the website.
Resources Page
And More!

We only accept cryptocurrency in an attempt to promote the use of crypto, but we do have a trusted PayPal liason for anyone who wants to purchase a ticket but don't want to use crypto (the markets are terrible!) for whatever reason.

On Steemit his name is @jasonhenza, contact him at

Things to Come for the Fork:

Working on securing official location/dates! Stay tuned!
Promotional videos featuring footage from last year coming soon!


A special thanks to the folks at @smartcashnews for their support!

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Hi there, if you're new to my blog here on Steemit check out this for more information on who we are and how we got here.

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