women's rights: What rights are counted in under the umbrella of "women's rights"?(part-III)

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Women's Rights under ICESCR

The ICESCR accepted in 1966 and come into force in 1976. ICESCR is a fundamental prop of human rights law. The Treaty ensure that men and women have the same right to the delight of wholly the rights it gangs out.
These rights contain:

  1. The right to work, as well as the chance to gain a living by work which is generously chosen (Article 6);
  2. The right to fair and satisfactory circumstances of work, as well as just and equivalent payment (Article 7);
  3. The right to create and join trade unions (Article 8);
  4. The right to social safety (Article 9);
  5. The right to an satisfactory standard of living, as well as adequate food, dress and shelter (Article 11);
  6. The right to the maximum possible standard of carnal and mental health (Article 12);
  7. The right to education and the right to join in cultural life (Article 13).
  8. Marriage must be entered into with the free approval of meaning spouses” (Article 10 (1))

This Treaty, similar the ICCPR, is measured to execute three kinds of different responsibilities on states that are party to it, i.e. the obligations to respect, the obligations to protect and the obligations to fulfil the rights counted in it.
The obligations on States Parties are ensure in article 2 (1) of the ICESCR, i.e.:

“Each State party to the present Covenant undertakes to take steps, individually and through international assistance and co-operation, especially economic and technical, to the maximum of available resources, with a view to achieving progressively the fall realisation of the rights recognised in the present Covenant.”

On the other hand, there is no International Court that can footing states answerable for desecrations of economic, social and cultural rights. The single worldwide application mechanism is through the method of reporting to the Committee. Those countries that have ratified the Treaty are predictable to give in to a report to the Committee in the interior two years of ratification the Treaty, and then deliver a follow up report each five years. Countries are expected to deliver comprehensive data on the step to which rights are applied and parts where problems have happened.

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  2. Claiming Women’s Economic, Social and Cultural Rights -- ESCR

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