My Steem-Ambassador Application | A Review of my Community Building Works in Steemit

Hi Steemit!

It's been more than two months now since the launch of @steem-ambassador as an initiative under the #promo-steem team yet I still didn't apply. Why? I wanted to do more Steemit Promotion and Community Building and I am still assessing my self if it's the right time for me to apply - I think I am ready.

My Official Application : Steem-Ambassador


I started Steeming way back June 2017 and to be honest, it was really a tough journey. I felt I am worthless to the platform because a lot of my posts were having almost zero values. I know and understand the feeling why a lot of promising bloggers/individuals left the platform - they lack the support. My journey did not end, I still pushed things around and explored more about the platform. I engage in a lot of community talks, joined contests, entered a lot of community based Steemit chatgroups for me to understand more about Steemit. Up until I earned some bucks in my posts, I expanded my network, joined and win some contests prizes. With that, I vowed to commit helping people when I am given the privilege to help.

I have three Visions about Steemit as a Tool to help the Community :

  • Steemit as a Social Media Platform for Students (It was written on my profile)

Students are one of the most promising members in this platform. They need a platform that helps them grow and at the same time get some bucks to help them in their needs. The healthy community Steemit has provided is an important part of their growth as an individual. I am a Steemit scholar too, my Steemit earnings paid all of my expenses in school!

  • Community Building

Sub-communities play an important role in helping Steemit users in the platform of Steemit. I am fully committed towards community building because that's what I dreamed and vowed when I started Steeming. I wanted to help the members of Cebu community and the Philippines grow and I truly believe in the potential of a healthy community to succeed together.

I believe @starkerz and @stephenkendal have seen my efforts in promoting Steemit in our university and to university personnel (employees, instructors, professors and our dean!). I believe they can testify on how passionate I am in promoting Steemit to everyone. I promote Steemit because when I share the platform - I am giving opportunities and at the same time sharing the blessings I received in the platform.

I am Jassenn and I would like to apply as a Steem-Ambassador

2nd university campaign.jfif

Steemit has been an incredible journey for me since I started in June. It helped me a lot in my school, personal, and even family needs. I have been actively promoting the platform to our community. The biggest hit that I got was from university campaign. Through physical meet-ups and orientations, I am promoting Steemit simply because I see the platform will be a big help to them. With that, I see a vision of Steemit as a new social-media platform for students. Though we're not competing with other social-media sites, the way the platform behaves will be a big benefit to them and part of that is their future earnings.

My other Reasons

Ideally based on experience, promoters of Steemit tend to stop promoting because they didn't received the recognition and rewards they supposed to receive. Luring people to get hooked by this amazing platform is an exceptional deed, and I believe rewarding them boosts their motivation in promoting more. When I become a Steemit ambassador (in our country), I believe this will help solve the promotional discrepancies of our people here. I have a lot of friends and Filipino Steemians who were very passionate about promoting the platform because they've seen the potential of Steemit. However, they eventually leave because they didn't get recognized while the others were.

Why am I endorsing Myself?

I believe, none other individual Steemian than me in our country does more work more than what I did in the past months in Steemit. With more than 5 meet-ups/orientations set-up, of course with the help of other diligent Steemians, we were able to hook people in our community to join the platform and they've been really active now. I appreciate the positive results of the promotion and that its the reason of OUR continuous hardwork in promoting the platform. I believe I am a viable candidate to be in a position in our country, I just felt it. It will also be a big boost to mark Philippines as the fastest growing community in the Steemit Platform, and will be a big help for me in my future promotions.

What are my future plans

  • Basketball meetup League

Lately I have been so passionate enough in building a Basketball Community in Steemit. As you know, Philippines is a basketball crazy country. It is treated like a religion here and I want to take advantage of that. Initiating basketball meetups and at the same time promoting Steemit to them. I believe it has been an effective strategy. We enjoy a lot too!

  • Steemit-Engineering shirt

Steemit in our university started in the Engineering department and together with Engr. @thinkingmind, this is soon to happen and was just finalizing everything. I did not released the shirts and was planning to make it at December to make it more memorable. November was also a very busy schedule for us students

  • Online Orientations

I want to promote Steemit by conducting online orientations (via discord) and starting conducting shows about Steemit. I believe this will solve the issue of people who find it difficult to attend physical meet-ups and orientations. I will be setting it.

My face when I have no sleep LOL!

Thank you for taking time to Read my Application! :)

Would you be so kind enough to support my application as a @steem-ambassador? Really love to see your comments intending to support my application and a resteem will do. Vamos Steemians!

Special thanks to the following people who crossed my path and is significant to my Steemit career : @donkeypong, @sircork, @starkerz, @stephenkendal, @hanshotfirst, @jrcornel, @deveerei, @immarojas, @themanualbot, @erangvee, @dreamiely, @bearone

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About time Jass, about time and I fully support your application and endorse you as a Steem Ambassador.

You have achieved so much in your time here from your constant onboarding and recruitment efforts, to your contributions to the Steemit community, and most of all your contributions to the SteemPh Family.

You are already an ambassador in so many ways representing and working so hard for the communities you believe in and we are all lucky to have you.

I am so proud of you Jass and I see this as a step to you being able to achieve your dreams and helping more people, touching more lives along the way.

Go get em son! You have my full backing.

❤ Momi


<3 Thanks @bearone! I'm really honored. Thank you for the compliments.


Soon, I can be you :) I am a new member in this platform and I know that I can be you, it inspired me kabayan 💖

This is to express my support for you Jassen as a Steemit ambassador. I believe you've done so much promotion for STEEM and really prominent in this platform. You never fail to surprise me with your gigs. Hope we will be able to duplicate what you do in Cebu here in Manila.

Hope you got accepted master! Thanks also for supporting pur community in Laguna


Thank you so much master @julstamban. Appreciated your support.

Hello, Thanks for such a great application and all the fantastic work you have been doing to increase awareness about the steem blockchain and its potential applications!

We at #promo-steem and @steem-ambassador have reviewed your application to become a Steem Ambassador and we are pleased to say that we would like to propose your candidacy to the community per the Application Approval Process HERE!!! :)

In order to proceed we would like to know that you are happy to follow the Steem Ambassador Responsibilities and Guidelines outlined HERE & HERE.

Please respond below with your positive response and we will proceed to propose you to the Steemit community as a Steem Ambassador!!



Thank you and I am honored that this application has been approved. I want to continue the next process.

Stay awesome kuya and good luck in your application :)

I can attest to @jassennessaj's contribution to the Steemit community. In very little time he has managed to help grow the SteemPH community and spread the word about Steemit across the Philippines (especially Cebu and various universities). His accomplishments are an amazing achievement and he rightfully deserves the Steem Ambassador title. He has mine, and I'm sure many people in the Steemit Communities full support!

You are an epitome of a great leader @jassennessaj. Those selfless and dynamic efforts that you have been pouring all this time sprung promising content creators in this platform. And it will continue to rise even more for you have recreated yourself through countless individuals already. The ripple effect seems unstoppable, thanks to you :D

Since day one til now, you never failed to lift everyone up. I can attest to that, and if it weren't because of you and those amazing people who made my Steemit journey worthwile, I would've jumped out long ago.

You have done so much from the micro community that we have here in @steemph.cebu to that macro family of the Philippines in @steemph, and I am confident that you can inspire more people and the rest of world being a Steem Ambassor. Wishing all the best for taking this huge leap, lodi. I will always be rooting for you. :*

Wow, great and Excellent application. Great work . Happy weekend.


You deserve it @jassennessaj! you're such a good and dedicated man. Good luck and wish you all the best!


hank you @pejugold & kimp0gi. I'm overwhelmed.

with your vision of the Steemit community and your passion and dedication, plus strong leadership, i know you will make it through. support for you @jassennessaj 😊


Thanks a lot @johnpd. I'm overwhelmed.

This deserves an upvote and resteem..all the way support sir jassen..


Supporting @jassennessaj , a lot of contribution he had done for the cebu community!

All the best man!


Thanks a lot man @superoo7. Honored.


@jassennessaj go get'em man. You Deserve so much and more. This is outstanding man.
I have already foreseen your goodies for steem
Cheers ma friend.

Im so happy that we met over steem and i am really looking forward to our "balikbayan" project that we will launch together soon! Steem truly can change lives and I would like to thank you for all your efforts you are doing in the philippines! You are a great contact not only to build up our charityproject but also in general for anybody that has questions regarding the steemplattform! I just booked my flight to the philippines in June 2018. I hope we will be able to meet up :)


I also testify how @jassennessaj truly spend all his time and effort building his community and adding new members in steemit platform, though theres a lot of people that doing the same meet-ups and presentation, jassen spend and delegate all his time to steemit, promoting the platform and sharing the opportunity to other people and teach them, guide them and lead them in steemit.


I'm honored. Thank you for the compliment @ruah.

By what you have done to the community and your fellow students,you gain my support @jassennessaj.. Thumbs up to all your work..

@jassennessaj you are worthy to become a steem ambassador, for i see your heart loving steemit community.
You have been helping hundreds' steemians to be part of this amazing community.


your friend

Being an ambassador is an understatement. You have been one of the greatest assets of @steemph.cebu and I couldn't be any less hesitant to support your application (though a little late). The success of the community is your success! I hope you make it @jassennessaj! You will make a great ambassador (not that you have been any less than one lately)

you did a great work dear and i know fully well that this application is just a starting point of your success as you continue to touch lives and promote steemit.

GOD bless you.

Go Jass! I'm really positive that you'll be a great steem ambassador. You have done a lot of great things not only in Cebu but in Steemit as a whole. You have my full support. I just know that all the effort and hard work that you have poured in this community will all be paid off. Good luck as you continue this journey. We got your back, brad! Go lang ng go! ^^

Nice move @jassennessaj it definitely is.
Guess you already know what i can help. Hahahaha. Kidding man.

Godbless po :)

I support @jassennessaj through his vision and leadership.

Way to go @jassennessaj! You've done so well not just in promoting steemit but in supporting the community in general. There's no question you're a true steemit ambassador from the beginning.

All the best! 😉

Great job sir God bless on your future plans

I remember you sir @jassenessaj. You were one of those people who welcomed me here in Steemit. And actively welcoming newbies. Congratulations already for your application. You deserve to be an ambassador

We will support you Master Jassen, Ill be following your path but in my own way and in my own content! Best wishes!

That is a great motivation, sir. I started a month ago and it is not giving me enough rewards but I will definitely continue to post and be a part of


Thank you @mmasim. Indeed. It will always be a tough journey.

I am 100% sure @jassennessaj will make a great ambassador for steem in the Philippines.

Very promising.
Great effort on promoting SteemIt to your place. Hoping that through your efforts more people will follow suit.
Good luck and more power.

Congrats and thanks for sharing... you deserve it @jassennessaj.... God bless

We support you all the way bossing! @jassennessaj!


I also testify how @jassennessaj support his community you deserve become as ambassador..

Nice one @jassennessaj , i will support you all the way. You had committed yourself building up the community here in Cebu.

BIG CONGRATS kabayan @jassennessaj

My support is all yours @jassennessaj ! You just put your heart in this platform, you are the right person to become the @steem-ambassador.. May the lord give you more strengths to face the challenges and also to your journey in applying as a ambassador, God Bless !

I second this application.
@Jassennessaj is like a bro from another mother. Looking at how he selflessly takes Steemit to his community with various innovative ventures is something that makes for an education. This dude is already an ambassador for the Philippines community and I look forward to working with him for the good of community.

You deserve all the support from the community, @jassennessaj! You have done so much for the community. I back the application! In behalf of the @steemsummit team, I support you in this endeavor.

I support this guy @starkerz @stephenkendall
Go go go kuya @jassennessaj!

Go @jassennessaj:)
You have all our support:)

Bring Steemit to the Moon:)

Hello bossing! You have all the qualities to become a Steem Ambassador. May God bless you all the way bossing!

You deserve it @jassennessaj!! You really are a huge help and an amazing community leader!! You got our support for sure!


Thank you @davids-tales! Such an amazing compliment.

good friends good work

My full support goes to you master @jassennessaj

As a friend and a fellow steemian, I have seen the tantamount effort that @jassennessaj has contributed in the promotion of Steemit and the guidance of the new members.
Aside from the things he has mentioned in his application, I would also like to add his efforts in creating a curation trail to support the Cebu Steemians which currently has approximately 400 followers.
Thus, I believe he is appropriate for the position he is applying.


Thanks @japh! I'm honored for the words. God bless you always bro!

Intelligence with a heart are the things that you have. Sharing tha platform is one of your gifts to the personnel in our university. I have seen your efforts and your dedication to share this platform to many more.

Personally, I can say that you are really qualified to become a steemit ambassador. Salute to you @jassennessaj. Keep inspiring!

I support you with this journey!

Would you be so kind enough to support my application as a @steem-ambassador?

I don't need a question @jassennessaj. Of course, I do. I was even thinking last month when I encountered this @steem-ambassador something if you have already applied. You were the one then I have in mind. You fit to be the one @jassennessaj. I know this will be approved. I support all the way. @steem-ambassador, could I say "I second the motion now?!"

You are great young man @jassennessaj! See you around!

Thanks for the mention, you've always been one of my favorite people on the platform.

I hope you get this steemit ambassador thing if you really want it, but in my opinion, you've been a steemit ambassador for nearly a year already. You've done more to bring Filipinos onboard here than pretty much anyone, working tirelessly to improve yourself, and the lives of others.

So yes I hope you get this, but personally I think you already are an awesome asset for the platform and community with or without this additional label.

Good luck!


@jassennessaj, you are a brilliant man! I think you’ve got all the qualities to becoming a Steem Ambassador. The way you have lead and organized the @steemph.cebu and together with your team is something extraordinary. I know in the long run many people would be glad to know you because you are a such sincere person. God Bless you in your endeavour and passion to help and nurture communities.

You deserve to be a Steemit Ambassador. You are doing a great job here.

A billion %%%% support @jassennessaj ! Has been a great advocate to promote steem ! Perfect candidate

I hope you get to be an ambassador! You have promoted to so many students!

Excellent @jassennessaj -really pleased to see the application - and expect it will be rubber stamped by the community in the future. Also - I am really pleased that this will help the geographic spread of Steem-Ambassadors - which I have blogged about today. You will be either the first or one of the first in the Philippines.

Kudos to this endeavor , @jassennnessaj ! You have done so much for the Cebu Community.


Thanks a lot @juecoree! I'm honored to be called.

I can't think of anyone who could do a better job at being a Steem Ambassador, Jas! You've done so much for your community in Cebu with all your incredible efforts and initiatives. I'm sure you'll make us all proud as you take on this new venture. Go dong! ❤

This is an awesome application and I fully support you! It is not easy to do the amount of outreach that you have done, especially when you do it again and again. Good luck @jassennessaj

Good luck to you bro! from friend of @sorenkierkegard with my kryptonia ID @reatimtim

Good post I like it and upvote you. @jamescrusader44

Wow great and amazing application@christiano199

You have my full support kuya @jassennessaj. You've inspired a lot of people in this platform and taught us that giving up is never an option. Despite your busy schedule you still extend your help to those steemians whose journey is yet to start. We thank you for all the help you've done to us. May the Lord above grant your wish to become a steemit ambassador. You deserve it well.

good community! I hope you will develop sustainably.
from friend of @sorenkierkegard , my iD @ziggy

Yes na yes para ambassador! Nasan si Ninyea bakit di ko makita sa mga pics dyan?

You really tried here, nice work, my kryptonia id is @grace234

Great! I'm glad groups like this exist and my Kryptonia account is @ianstevenson

Sir @jassennessaj, you have my & our support. You deserve to have that. Heard your stories when you started here on steemit and it is indeed an inspiration to people and to steemians who just started here. Not only that, you have goals for this community, better goals in order for us to really appreciate what steemit is. We are lucky that you are always there in times when we need assistance about steemit. You’ve been also professed in many works in the community and steemians saw it how you helped. Until now you continue doing it and thinking about others in this community. One of the great core leaders and you’ve done things creditably in the community. You deserve to be a @steem-ambassador!🙂

your post is very good

nice. good luck sir :)

nice one keep it up @chetachi26

May your application as a @steem-abassador will be granted @jassennessaj for you have made a big impact and an inspiration especially to the @steemph.cebu community. You will surely worth the title because you've made so much contribution to the community and helping us from cebu. God bless !

kryptonia @steemizm

I know you are qualified to this application.. you helped the community in progression and that is an awesome thing. Not all members here have that mentality of yours to promote and bring awareness to people that there such platform will bring them to success and served as stepping stone. We as part of this family we are here to support you guys. Good Luck and GOD BLESS!!

I really like friends stories, about steemit.

You deserve it bossing @jassennessaj. God Bless and more power!

Much Love,

Woah! Goodluck Sir @jassennessaj . God Bless You! Full support here. Go for the Gold! =)

I deserve you to be a steem ambassador. We are waiting for you in our team.

The things you have done for the PH community is very inspiring. I even remember when I asked you how to get curied and you replied very passionately and supplied some great posts about it. No doubt its one of the reason why I got curied a few weeks right after our conversation. I admire your drive for Steemit sir @jassennessaj! You've got my support and goodluck! :)

Go for gold! 💪🏼

This man deserves to steem ambassador, The man who encourages to use steemit and guides us in this platform. All our support is with you, God Bless @jassennessaj !

you deserved it bro... hope and pray you will be chosen.

Plz vote me

Plz vote me

Full support on all your future plans for the steemit community in the PH @jassennessaj I know you deserve it.

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I support @jassennessaj and I do think he will be a great addition to this team, he is a great leader