Promo-Steem community guidelines. Important read for all promoters

Introducing the guidelines for the @steem-ambassador guild.

promo-steem community guidelines.png

Since the launch of the @steem-ambassador account, the website and the incredible growth of the #promo-steem tag, we have mostly left it alone as far as guidelines are concerned, mainly just to see how it started to evolve.

Now we are in the next phase, with a thriving community, with Steem Ambassadors coming online, and a guild system supporting promotional work, it’s time we set out the community guidelines to ensure fairness, transparency and quality.

Promo-steem’s core objectives:

• To provide a mechanism for rewarding high quality promotion of Steemit and the STEEM blockchain.
• To create a community within the community, being the worlds first decentralised promotional network made up entirely of voluntaryists
• To support and motivate promoters to not only onboard new users and investors, but to encourage them to stay on the platform.
• To work in a way that grows the price of STEEM

Where we are at right now

We already have a huge network of followers, from all around the world, who regularly post to the #promo-steem tag. In the last week alone, over 1100 posts have been created in the #promo-steem category, and we are amazed at how quickly we have grown in just a few short months.

We are currently the 92nd biggest category on the platform by SBD payout, and the 54th biggest in terms of number of posts! These are incredible numbers, and are a testament to how popular the #promo-steem tag really is.
We are seeing promotional work becoming huge in developing nations, as people realise the power of the network effect. The rewards are changing peoples lives, and sometimes transforming communities in these parts of the world.

The positive effect on humankind that we are seeing is truly beautiful. We are humbled that so many people have picked up on this concept, and are making their own ways to grow the platform.
We are starting to be seen as a real force on the platform, and are being noticed by whales, witnesses and some pretty big hitters. This top trending post from @jerrybanfield the other day is one such example.

We have been working behind the scenes to provide support mechanisms to support promoters, and are pleased to be able to tell you that we are very close.

We have been beta testing our guild upvoting mechanism, we will be revamping the beta website into a new funky all bells and whistles system, undergoing a complete marketing and rebranding exercise, and at the same time we’ve been working on how we encourage sizable delegations of STEEM POWER to support the promoters.

Clarity on terminology

We’ve had the same conversation with people a number of times about the terminology we use. For clarity, and to aid understanding of where everything fits in, here are the main points:

#promo-steem is a tag which is there to differentiate posts which are related to any form of promotional activity which brings new people, investors, business cases etc into the community. is a website which is not affiliated to Steemit Inc. It’s purpose is to provide resources for promoters.

@steem-ambassador is the central account we use to communicate with the promo-steem Community. It is maintained by @starkerz and @anarcotech.

Steem Ambassadors are individual users who are approved by the community (through a transparent process) as being trusted individuals who will be the eyes and ears of the promo-steem world. Their main job is to curate and filter out high quality promotional work for upvoting by @steem-ambassador and our curation trail. Find out more about the application process and guidelines for Steem Ambassadors

@promo-steem is an account we have recently taken possession of, which will be used to resteem all posts which have been upvoted by the @steem-ambassador account. If you want to see high quality promotion, curated by the Steem Ambassadors, this is the account to follow.

At the time of writing this post, not one single person has been approved as a Steem Ambassador. It is only over the next few days and weeks that they will come online, and as they do, their names will be added to the code which runs the upvoting guild. A full list of approved Steem Ambassadors will be available on the website.

Next Steps

Over the next few days the vast numbers of Steem Ambassador applications will be released to the community for approval. Once this is done, the guild system will be launched, and now it’s absolutely imperative that we make it clear what the guidelines are for the #promo-steem tag.

These guidelines are there to provide clarity for both authors and curators (including Steem Ambassadors) about what will be upvoted by the @steem-ambassador guild.

These guidelines are there to reduce the amount of Spammy content which we are finding on the #promo-steem tag. It is not our wish, nor that of the dedicated promoters who we support, for #promo-steem to be a tag that rewards any old rubbish. We want to reward great quality promoters who effectively are growing the platforms attractiveness, adding value to the blockchain and raising the price of STEEM, and doing it in a positively focussed way.

By maintaining exceptionally high standards, and holding ourselves accountable, we are much more likely to attract delegated STEEM which will always be used to reward top notch promoters.

How the guild works

The guild system is fairly simple, and works on the principle of having multiple trusted curators ensuring that posts we support are ones which are adding value to the blockchain through promotional related activities.

Community appointed Steem Ambassadors will curate on #promo-steem posts. If a threshold of them upvotes a post (at the moment, that number is 3, but it may change in the future), then @steem-ambassador will automatically give an upvote to that post too, usually about 24 hours later. This gives us time to work out the proportion of voting power the @steem-ambassador account will use every day.

By having a delay, it also gives an opportunity to flag any abuse or attempt to game the system.

Once @steem-ambassador has upvoted, the community upvoting trail will also upvote that post too. You can join the community trail by choosing @steem-ambassador as a trail to follow on SteemAuto, and we encourage everyone who supports #promo-steem to join.

Promo-Steem posting guidelines

If you are producing a blog which is about promoting STEEM or Steemit, you are free to use the #promo-steem tag.
Only high quality posts which are related to promotional activities will be upvoted by Steem Ambassadors, who will use their judgment and discretion to ensure that any post they upvote is of a sufficiently high quality. Low quality posts are unlikely to be upvoted.

Examples of High quality posts to the tag which are likely to be accepted:

• A post which contains information about a promotional event, including pictures or video as evidence.
• A post which contains useful information or resources that may help or assist another promoter.
• A post which is advertising an upcoming event or activity, or calling for supporters to come and join in.
• A post which contains information which is of direct benefit to the #promo-steem community. This could (for example) be statistical, technical info, related to promoter mentoring, a promoter business opportunity, bounty for promotional work, proposal for funding for a promotional initiative, a meetup, workshop or community project (etc).
• Introducing new Steemians who you have brought into the platform.
• Telling a story, or giving advice or information that inspires and motivates promoters.
• Recommendations or suggestions to the whole #promo-steem community

Examples of Low quality posts to the tag which will not be accepted:

• Holding up a steem banner, or a mobile phone showing E-Steem app, with no context or information about a specific promotional activity being carried out.
• A post saying why Steemit is great, without evidence of some form of promotional activity.
• A post which is clearly plagiarised from another users post and passed off as the authors own work.
• Upvote begging or attempting to game the system
• A post which has absolutely no relation to any form of promoting STEEM or the Steemit platform
• Severe violations of intellectual property belonging to Steemit Inc or any other STEEM related company.

Handling of abuse of the system

In order to maintain the integrity of the system, the following guidelines are now in place:

  • Authors who attempt to abuse the #promo-steem tag will be warned and educated on proper use. If they persist in abusing the tag, they run the risk of being blacklisted from being able to receive rewards from @steem-ambassador in the future.
    This includes plagiarism, spam or any use of the promo-steem tag for non-promotional related activities.

  • Steem Ambassadors must maintain a high degree of integrity in their curating. They must not be members of automatic curation trails other than the @steem-ambassador curation trail on SteemAuto.
    Steem Ambassadors should not be upvoting content which has the #promo-steem tag unless they believe it fits with the community guidelines.
    A mechanism for reporting and removing Steem Ambassadors who misuse their position will be made available. See here for more information about Steem Ambassador Responsibilities

About these Community Guidelines

Ultimately, Steem Ambassador are responsible for curating on content. They will be held to account for their actions to the rest of the community, and are responsible for ensuring that only high quality promotional content is rewarded. We have attempted to make the system as incorruptible as possible, without making it too complicated.

Steem Ambassadors will be the ones who maintain the integrity of the @steem-ambassador account and the #promo-steem tag. They will be the ones who flag up spammy/plagiarising authors, and who ultimately decide if someone needs to be blacklisted from receiving a @steem-ambassador upvote.
In having this power, the Steem Ambassadors themselves have put their reputations up as a high benchmark, and will be under scrutiny to ensure that their behaviour is in line with the general guidelines of the Promo-Steem community (who can elect to remove them if they so choose).

What the success of promo-steem means

If we can prove to the wider community that we have developed a system that has a benefit to the STEEM blockchain, they are going to support us, with delegated STEEM POWER.
We will be in a position to ask for it ONLY if we can prove that we have a built in, decentralised solution that filters out the spam, and has a level of integrity built into it that is in line with the general ethos of the majority of the community, and that adds real value to them…because what we are doing is growing the price of STEEM, and that in itself is worth supporting!

It’s absolutely vital that everyone who posts to the #promo-steem tag understands these guidelines, and realises that the it is not there for a guaranteed upvote, nor is it a quick way to make a buck!

Promotional work takes time and energy. We want to reward that. We don’t want to be rewarding people who are trying to get something out without putting something in first, as this is not what voluntaryism is all about.

Thank you for reading. Your comments are welcome, and we appreciate very much all the amazing promotional work that is being carried out around the world.

Please help reach everyone by Resteeming this post. Any rewards earned from it will be going to support the entire promo-steem community


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It's great to see a detailed post telling the community about everything prom0-steem is all about. I believe everyone need to see this.
Resteem and shared on other channels.


Many thanks Sami!

Is there a time limit to the time individuals spend as Steem ambassadors?
If yes, how long would the Steem Ambassadors work beforethey "leave" office?


This is a great question! The steem ambassadors should simply be the volunteers who the community decides have done the best work for promoting steem. In my mind this means that there is no term, as long as the ambassador continuously demonstrates great quality promo work or ambassadorship to steem. In theory there is no limit to how many ambassadors we can take on. We will start initiatives to un seat ambassadors should they been caught abusing the system or for some reason stop supporting promo-steem. The question for unseating will still be put to the community to decide however. We do not want central planning.


For as long as Ambassadors are doing a great job, they can retain their position. But if the community wants rid of someone because they are misusing their position, then the community will be able to do that.

This is a worthy cause that should be supported because it sure will bring sanity into the use of #promo-steem tag and ensure only deserving contents are supported.

We appreciate this. God bless you.

@eurogee of @euronation community

really happy to hear about this type of thing because I didn't know about it. Over the last 2 months I have worked to bring in over $30,000 USD of investment into steem and onboarded dozens of members. I wonder if there is a place for me?


That's a fantastic result. We'd love to find out about your activity. There is definitely a place for you! Read above about the Steem Ambassadors, what they do and how it works.


awesome. Will do. I threw a meetup in Los Angeles and have done a lot of grass roots outreach. I'll read up on the ambassadors. Looking forward to it.


Definitely is! Check out the website for info about resources and whale bounties


cool. I will

The #promo-steem has a clear outline of the goals, objectives, and timelines, every decision that project teams make in regards to a project can be made in the context of what the established measurements of success have been established.

Planning in this context will enable you to much more successfully focus on #promo-steem.


Thanks for your comment, and you are absolutely right in what you say. We will be monitoring the performance of the Steem Ambassadors and the tag in general to make sure it is working, and will report back to the community regularly.

I believe so much in Steem to change the world especially in developing countries .
Thank you guys


You're welcome @richforever. We know how much of a supporter you are of what we are doing, and are very grateful to you, and everyone who is involved with promoting STEEM.


Thank you sir.
My motto:

financial liberation for everyone

This is what I'm waiting for to remind the steemit community that is increasingly using #promo-steem tags but it is out of place ... just a photo of a cup of coffee or another hanging around the same theme they say promo-steem. This is a guide for the promoters to read this rule. Thank you @steem-ambassador has issued this rule.


Yes, it's been an important development. Unfortunately, up until now, without the system online, there wasn't a lot we could do about it. Now we hope that it will start to clear up some of the spam. Effectively we want to make it pointless for people to post spammy content using the #promo-steem tag, and make it attractive now for whales to support with delegated SP, which helps the entire STEEM ecosystem grow.

Very many post that play using #promo-steem tag,now with this post all can realize about promo-steem tag every post have quality or not. surely after seeing this post I will fix everything.
Thanks for sharing sir..

the arrangement and set down principles are straightforward and will be extremely compelling in advancing advancements, this will really convey prizes to the individuals who genuinely merit it, such a large number of spammers, I trust the steem-represetatives will complete an awesome activity.


Yes, we know it's been getting a lot of Spam. We wanted to see what happened, and get the Steem Ambassadors on board before releasing guidelines. The community approvals process for Steem Ambassadors will be happening in the next few days.

This is fantastic! prolific and liberal. I would like to ask, will there be a forum where all the steem-ambassadors meet in one place, say discord for example. Or even an offline meeting place for those in the same geo location? I'm really looking forward to the final phase of those selfless initiative.


Thanks @bait002. Us too. There's lots going on behind the scenes right now. It's taking a lot of time, but we are getting there, slowly but surely.


Good to hear @anarcotech. I gave a response to you on discord about the earlier discussion.we would like to be of help


This type of idea may be good to get people going out to campaign for delegated steem to the @steem-ambassador account. But we plan to hit this with a coordinated effort in teh near future. Its is a great idea to create a forum for the steem ambassadors. I am sure we can set this up in the next month or so. certainly will support initiatives that campaign for more delegated steem to steem ambassador if you want to start the discussion on this @bait002 you would be more than welcome!


That's amazing, I would recommend that we keep it as official as possible. So some persons will not go pursue their personal goals in the name of steem-ambassador or promo-steem

@promo-steem helped me a lot to grow and be able to help others learn and be guided with the platform of steemit. This post deserves to be #resteemed. ♡


Pleased to hear it. We are here to do what we can to support promoters in growing the STEEM blockchain.

I really appreciate your understanding and support regarding the changes we're making to the project plan of promoting steemit worldwide

I feel that these changes are going to streamline the current project of promoting steemit, and facilitate of those in the future.
I’m looking forward to introducing new people on steemit.
Thank you for your confidence in all people who promote steemit. I'm sure you're going to be pleased with the results.

really brilliyant......

Yes!!! This is comprehensive and full of qualities.. Now I have learnt more to add to my little effort in #promo-steem campaign .. Please I will be very grateful if you add me @mbj to the list if ambassadors ... I volunteer to serve and pledge to be original as well maintaining the standard of the community....

Creating steemit account for a friend on campus!!! #evidence

Bravo the #steem-ambassadors ... Keep up your good work and keep helping the steemit community to grow..



good job friend


Visit to see a detailed writing on his to apply for the post of a steem-ambassadors. It has to be official


Please see the ambassadors application guidelines. There is a process to follow, and everyone has done it (including myself) Full details here


Ok boss!!

Great to see some guidelines, I was going through some posts last night and was thinking they had been # wrong. knowing that something will be done about it is a great thing.
All the guidelines are reasonable I think and plays a fair part in promo work.
With a community like this were we get paid to blog you can see why people do use the wrong #
When i first joined I used to write the wrong # all the time, it was only when someone said to me that cheater could jump on me for doing so I really looked at what I was doing.

Great post @steem-ambassador



Cheers dude. It really was time to get the guidelines out. I'm very keen to filter out the spammy posts, and get the #promo-steem tag used properly to support the whole community. This way, we are much more likely to get the whales to delegate SP in if we can show that it has a positive purpose that helps the entire platform to grow.


would it help if I write on spammy posts in #promo-steem -please change your # this content is not for #promo-steem?. I have stopped myself from doing this as I haven't done any promo work for a while and I didn't want people thinking that I was jumping in without putting in the work first.
I spend maybe 3 to 5 hours reading through posts on steemit, I have always looked at the promo-steem tag as i find it interesting to see what people are up to. It wouldn't take me a minute to comment if that helps out everybody. just let me know what you think.

it would be nice to see some whales helping the #promo-steem and I am sure more will come in time. the more promo we do the better.

Steem-on brother :)

Some clarity now on the the use of promo-steem tag, this is awesome.
Good work. 👍


Thanks. We really wanted to get clear. By having lots of spam, we run the risk of becoming pointless, and we wanted to make sure that we can prove we are only supporting high quality posts.

can we find it on discord channels also?


yes, promo steem discord is run by our friend @futurethinker. Invite link is here:

This project can promote Steemit to another level, and delegate steem power can be a useful tool to reach a broader audience.

Very happy to hear about this sort of thing because before I did not know it. I've been trying to get my best into #promo-steem with dozens of other members and I wonder if there's a place for me here


of course there is!!. there is a place here for every steemian!


thank you for all that you have given us new steemians and I will continue to strive to promote the promo-steem and introduce ambassadors to the wider community.
best regards to @starkerz @stephenkendal and @anarcotech

Saya ingin gabung komunitas, indonesia

I like to do #promo-steem @steem-ambassador, I hope to support me .. please

Great to see such success in an endeavor to help Grow Steemit, and nurture its future success. Upvote, Resteem, and follow !!


Many thanks @gregcar48. We appreciate the support

I've read everything and hope they really read it. so as not to create spam again in the promo-steem tag


That's definitely the plan. We know we haven't really provided much guidance on how to use it, and it started getting spammy. Now we are trying to solve that, and implement the Steem Ambassador system and make it work well.

This is really great, the plan and laid down rules are simple and will be really effective in promoting promotions, this will actually bring rewards to those who truly deserve it, so many spammers, I believe the steem-ambassadors will do a great job. We in Nigeria and @credo will continue to do our job in promotion, it's our duty call. Thanks for your support.


Thanks to you, and all the @credo community. We are so thrilled that you all get it, and support what we are trying to do, which ultimately is about helping the whole community to thrive.


Thanks for referencing @credo - I had not come across this and will now follow your work. I like the idea you have a mission of supporting newbies. Which is hugely important work.

lets get a huge start, wish you all the best @steem-ambassado god bless


Thank you for your support!

Good information

Waoo nice post.God bless you wit this post you post

Great guideline to use of promo-steem tag. thanks for the details

This is complete information about promo-steem. Currently I am very aggressively doing it. Our future target is we will promote steem on student campus in my area. Why we take campus to promote steem .. this is to reduce plagiarism content and images to be posted in steemit. With this information, we will understand better. How to promote steam to students and creative community. And we have also formed a hunter meetup steemit team. Sorry if there is an error in writing this comment ..
Goodluck for @steem-ambassador.
thank you


Great to hear that you will be looking to onbaord student and creatives to Steemit @my451r I'm sure your promotional activity will be received positively by the community.

A brilliant post. It's like a line in the sand and it will be great that we can link people to the promo-steem posting guidelines to support people in improving tagging and delivering high quality posts. Just a big thank you to @starkerz and @anarcotech : writing a super clean superbly written post like this takes hours. The formatting is great and it will have been through versions of editing and refinement. Thanks for leading by example to both of you. You are wonderful voluntaryists! Upvote & resteemed.

I come to this post because it's thumbnail.
It is a great posting about promo steem.
thank for @steem-ambassador because you share community guildelines because the community guildelines is the rule for us.

up-vote from @steem-bd community

up-vote from @steem-bd community

up-vote from @steem-bd community

up-vote from @steem-bd community

up-vote from @steem-bd community

up-vote from @steem-bd community

up-vote from @steem-bd community

up-vote from @steem-bd community

Happy to see everything is shaping up , well done guys. Noted on the updates. Cheers

up-vote from @steem-bd community

That's so nice to know that we have a steemit board that governs and regulates every activity.
We can now have more confidence in steemit.

Am looking for the way to apply for steem-ambassodor because I can do that very well as already progressing here in my university in the last 30 days.

up-vote from @steem-bd community

Good day sir @steem-ambassador, having taking my time to read thorough this post I found out this something I would really love to be a participant of. I'm @k-banti from Nigeria who joined steemit not quite long. I have discovered I have the interest in promoting the steemit blockchain in my community. But having read through the post I could observe the criteria for applying as a steem-ambassador seems to be the record of steemit promotion one has which I currently just have two records of that. I do create time to put minnow like me whom have introduced to the platform through the pathway they need to follow. Although I don't have any standing evidence to testify to this because I don't blog about them due to the lack of a standard smart phone which I could have used to take pictures and video coverage. I promise to resolve that soon.
So sir, I would love to know how long the the application for being a steem-ambassador will still be on. I would also love to know what other criteria qualifies one to apply as a steem-ambassador.
It will be my great pleasure if I can get a response on this. Thanks!

WOW The steem ambasadors has a lot of work to do

Oh wow #promo-steem sounds amazing! I just learned about this now. Definitely will use the tag again in future posts. 👍