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Hi, I'm @ned, CEO of Steemit. Ask me anything!

(I will begin answering at 4:30pm EST (in 30mins)!)

** EDIT ** IT IS AMAZING TO SEE SO MANY QUESTIONS! I'm working hard to get to yours! Thanks -- N

** EDIT #2 ** Thanks for your questions! They were awesome. I've got to take abreak now. I'll come back in a few hours to answer questions that have rolled in. Let's do more AMA's soon!


I couldn't be more excited for a feature than I am for sub-communities. Just imagine -- moderating your own sub with the option to run it as a business -- signing up influencers from your niche and earning STEEM from all the great content that comes through your channel. I have a feeling this feature is going to be a key driver for growth - and we are aiming to get it out soon: by the end of q2

To expand on this a bit... how would community leaders or moderators get selected?

everyone could start their own. (I imagine for a fee to prevent spam)

This is a great question, and one I've wanted to know for a while. Each sub will have owners, who would then appoint admins and mods. However, the question is - how does one get ownership over a sub? What if I want to own the "bungeejumping" sub?

I am not sure... that was my question. :) Perhaps Ned agreed with the answer we got?!

Agreed, sub-communities will be a big help for the site including adding direction for a lot of users and posts. End of Q2... It's already near May, get pumped.

Also, an ETA on Hardfork 19 :-) Are there any hiccups for the adoption of the flatten curve?

Our backend team is industry leading in terms of talent -- they're currently crushing the work that needs to be done for this HF -- I hope the community and witnesses adopt it!

Looking forward to it, it is one of the biggest steps to making this step work for the masses.

It was a yes or no question that I'm sure everyone is waiting with baited breath to hear your answer. A direct answer, so don't dodge the question, don't evade and don't resort to such political tactics, PLEASE, you are following me for whatever god forsaken reason lol

Why so hateful?

So pointing out that he evaded a yes and no question is hateful? Why?

yes @ned, I think for us " old timers " of steem we know already this, but its always still great to hear this being restated ! HF 19 proposal seems to be winning consensus on the flatline curve, it will be a major step forward to signing new accounts im sure !

I cant wait for this feature, it will be interesting to see how it compares to gplus communities or facebook groups/pages

Hey Ned! Is Steemfest 2 still coming this year for those of us who missed the last one?

I am hoping it is! I speak to @roelandp often to be fair and I think he is going to organize # 2!

That's great news :) I'm hoping too!

Yes, sorry to missed out this realtime thread. Getting home from Portugal. There will be a 2nd edition as far as I am concerned :) In october most probably! Working on some drafts atm.

Suggestion for the 2nd edition
Lisbon, Portugal hehe

Hold it in Portugal and come to Nazare to see epic waves!!

I was just in Alentejo for 3 weeks. Had a great chill time. Nazere is lovely too ! This is unrelated to SteemFest 2 location btw :)

I'm glad to hear this. Any hints on location?

earth :)

That sounds awesoome!

Portugal would be great for that, and in October is still warm ;)

I cast my vote for Portugal :)

It would be great but it seems we aren't that lucky...(this time!) ;)

Every women Steemian are currently on the edge of their seat.

I'm pretty sure we have more women here than in any other crypto space. :D

Heh I know you were joking had to just get that in there since I believe its true :D

Why did you came with name Steemit, what were other possible names that you guys had in mind ? I understand this is like steam-it but maybe there is something more to the story

It's funny you mention this -- I stumbled across the naming spreadsheet we were using in January of last year. All I can say for now is it started as "Webclout" -- I'll see if I can find the google doc after this ama!

Another point before I forget!

When I finally found "STEEM" --- we began racking our brains for an alternate name for the first website ---- some of the "Steemit" alternatives were "Steemable" "Steemer" etc. It was my mother who finally convinced me to Steem-it.

Some names are just terrible lol

And a clout coin has a pretentious name to it.

Was Steem derived from esteem? I think you mentioned something about this at SteemFest.

Yes that is what I heard too last year.


Almost like my name. FunkIT.

I like that name, clever it is:

  • fun kit
  • fuck it!
  • funk IT (IT as in Information Technology)

You have chosen the best one !

A rose by any other name would smell just as sweet!

Steemit Rocks!

Webclout sounds like the first online blockchain based STD
I suppose that answers why you went with SBD for Steem Dollars eh?

Are you hiring? My current boss sucks so much!

I would be an excellent enforcer, strategist... actually I am excellent at everything.

Pull request to change your SteemPower into SteemForce.

Sounds promising! Who are your references?

Living ones? Hmmm let me get back to you on that.

See? Excellent at everything just like I said.

Reference RECONFIRMED by Da Hunter :)

Here is the contact information for my last living employer:

Watto the Toydarian
1138 Dilapidated Junk Shop Lane
Mos Espa

How long do you work with an employer before he is deceased?

I have only really had 2 employers. I also had a mentor/teacher. I only killed two of the three. One after working for him for about 20 years. The other was my teacher for approximately 15 years. Then he disappeared for 20 years. Then I killed him the first time I saw him again. To be fair, my boss tried to kill my son and my teacher cut off my legs and left me in a volcano. It sucks that I always have to check "yes" on the "Have you ever killed any former employers?" box on applications... but at least they leave me plenty of room to explain. Thanks for asking.

@Ned / @Lordvader 2020!

We will need to discuss the order of the names... but it is an excellent start.

I am 100% in support of this. I have been a fan of your documentaries for years (since I was a child). Based on what I have learned from them I am confident you will get results.

Thank you for your vote of confidence. I am glad you have seen the transmissions of the documentaries detailing my sheer awesomeness. I hope you know that some of these "documentaries" are actually rebel scum propaganda. If you are not sure which are real and which are fake news, there is a simple test you can perform. If I am being awesome and winning... it is real. If I am not... its is not.

hire @lordvader !

I see Steemit being one of many, many webistes on Steem. Steemit itself will be thriving -- with all sorts of great tools for sharing and empowering people in their daily lives! Steem on.

I like this one.

Hi Ned! (This is a really nice idea btw)... I have a question regarding Steemit Meetups. It seems like IRL gatherings of Steemit community members can be a huge asset... in terms of public visibility / morale / also as a catalyst for collaborations. Does Steemit Inc. have plans to formalize more regular global meetups? Could this be something that the Community feature might play a part in both digitally and physically?

Meetups are great! The more community organized meetups become the better for organizing purposes -- and with Sub-Communities (an upcoming feature) moderators should find incentives to host their own meetups which would make it self-sustaining!

Thanks so much for the reply! Looking forward to the Sub-Communities feature!

Wow this is very informative as me and my fellow Filipino steemians are working out on organizing meetups in the Philippines ;-)) Thank you for the good news and opportunity @ned ;-))

It's wonderful ! With @steemquebec, we want to be a local chapter for the Steem blockchain (and the Steemit community of course !). We already organize Steem and blockchain information session (a course of 1 hour and half on the blockchain ecosystem with a focus on steem) and "pioneer's breakfast" (networking breakfast for newcomers in Steemit) at Montreal, Quebec.

Some other crypto projects that have been received well in the community include Iconomi and Gnosis.

Iconomi take the fees for using their service of providing an index of crypto (like the Dow) that autobalances, along with other sources of revenue. With those fees accrued they then buy back the token, ICN and burn them, reducing the supply and increasing the value of the remaining tokens.

Gnosis is planning a similar 'vesting' mechanism to Steemit. They are releasing a further token called WIZ based on the fees that their service (prediction markets) generate.

Does Steemit Inc have any plans to provide something similar whereby the token will appreciate due to revenue. Some kind of fee for third-party apps or advertising?

Where the increase in users will not only benefit market cap, but also revenue generation. Rather than be an increasing liability in the amount of investment required to sustain the reward pool?

Thanks :)

I believe I commented on this somewhere here:

Take all the operations of the Steem blockchain: account creation; transfers, etc. Suppose a fee were added to the operation -- that would create revenue. Creating revenue at the application layer (ie. advertisements) for the blockchain layer is a more challenging matter.

what if... add fee to each transfer of STEEM, but leave SBD transfers without fees?

What about a smart contract splitting revenue. Something similar to what busy wants to implement using steem connect?

Like an eBay for Steemit where the app developer takes a % and another amount is sent to the null account?

Entirely possible with the blockchain, no?

Woah I made more money on this comment than almost all of my posts hahaha Thank you!

Yes I do. I read everything on here!

Coming up we have:
Sign up overhaul for higher conversion and easier access
SteemConnect(2.0) to make development of new apps easy and fun!
Sub-communities to empower entrepreneurs to grow content niches into massive, but focused little hives of steemers
Mobile to improve accesibility, UX and security across Steemit and other Steem apps

Wade,--- this is an AMA -- ASK ME ANY 20 Questions lol


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