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Are you hiring? My current boss sucks so much!

I would be an excellent enforcer, strategist... actually I am excellent at everything.


Pull request to change your SteemPower into SteemForce.

Sounds promising! Who are your references?

Living ones? Hmmm let me get back to you on that.

See? Excellent at everything just like I said.

Reference RECONFIRMED by Da Hunter :)

Here is the contact information for my last living employer:

Watto the Toydarian
1138 Dilapidated Junk Shop Lane
Mos Espa

How long do you work with an employer before he is deceased?

I have only really had 2 employers. I also had a mentor/teacher. I only killed two of the three. One after working for him for about 20 years. The other was my teacher for approximately 15 years. Then he disappeared for 20 years. Then I killed him the first time I saw him again. To be fair, my boss tried to kill my son and my teacher cut off my legs and left me in a volcano. It sucks that I always have to check "yes" on the "Have you ever killed any former employers?" box on applications... but at least they leave me plenty of room to explain. Thanks for asking.

@Ned / @Lordvader 2020!

We will need to discuss the order of the names... but it is an excellent start.

hah .. you were born for this man! :)

I am The Chosen One.

I am 100% in support of this. I have been a fan of your documentaries for years (since I was a child). Based on what I have learned from them I am confident you will get results.

Thank you for your vote of confidence. I am glad you have seen the transmissions of the documentaries detailing my sheer awesomeness. I hope you know that some of these "documentaries" are actually rebel scum propaganda. If you are not sure which are real and which are fake news, there is a simple test you can perform. If I am being awesome and winning... it is real. If I am not... its is not.

hire @lordvader !

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