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An ETA on Community feature? (BTW, an AMA is an amazing idea)


I couldn't be more excited for a feature than I am for sub-communities. Just imagine -- moderating your own sub with the option to run it as a business -- signing up influencers from your niche and earning STEEM from all the great content that comes through your channel. I have a feeling this feature is going to be a key driver for growth - and we are aiming to get it out soon: by the end of q2

To expand on this a bit... how would community leaders or moderators get selected?

everyone could start their own. (I imagine for a fee to prevent spam)

This is a great question, and one I've wanted to know for a while. Each sub will have owners, who would then appoint admins and mods. However, the question is - how does one get ownership over a sub? What if I want to own the "bungeejumping" sub?

I am not sure... that was my question. :) Perhaps Ned agreed with the answer we got?!

Agreed, sub-communities will be a big help for the site including adding direction for a lot of users and posts. End of Q2... It's already near May, get pumped.

Also, an ETA on Hardfork 19 :-) Are there any hiccups for the adoption of the flatten curve?

Our backend team is industry leading in terms of talent -- they're currently crushing the work that needs to be done for this HF -- I hope the community and witnesses adopt it!

Looking forward to it, it is one of the biggest steps to making this step work for the masses.

It was a yes or no question that I'm sure everyone is waiting with baited breath to hear your answer. A direct answer, so don't dodge the question, don't evade and don't resort to such political tactics, PLEASE, you are following me for whatever god forsaken reason lol

Why so hateful?

So pointing out that he evaded a yes and no question is hateful? Why?

yes @ned, I think for us " old timers " of steem we know already this, but its always still great to hear this being restated ! HF 19 proposal seems to be winning consensus on the flatline curve, it will be a major step forward to signing new accounts im sure !

I cant wait for this feature, it will be interesting to see how it compares to gplus communities or facebook groups/pages

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