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Why did you came with name Steemit, what were other possible names that you guys had in mind ? I understand this is like steam-it but maybe there is something more to the story


It's funny you mention this -- I stumbled across the naming spreadsheet we were using in January of last year. All I can say for now is it started as "Webclout" -- I'll see if I can find the google doc after this ama!

Another point before I forget!

When I finally found "STEEM" --- we began racking our brains for an alternate name for the first website ---- some of the "Steemit" alternatives were "Steemable" "Steemer" etc. It was my mother who finally convinced me to Steem-it.

Some names are just terrible lol

And a clout coin has a pretentious name to it.

Was Steem derived from esteem? I think you mentioned something about this at SteemFest.

Yes that is what I heard too last year.


Almost like my name. FunkIT.

I like that name, clever it is:

  • fun kit
  • fuck it!
  • funk IT (IT as in Information Technology)

You have chosen the best one !

A rose by any other name would smell just as sweet!

Steemit Rocks!

Webclout sounds like the first online blockchain based STD
I suppose that answers why you went with SBD for Steem Dollars eh?

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