Alt-News #6: Visa, IBM, Microsoft and USAA looking for ETH devs / HP joins Ethereum Enterprise Alliance / Venezuelan Bolivar worth half as much as WoW gold

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I've already brought up that Visa was looking for Ethereum developers in Alt-News #1 and now it seems that IBM (which has for some time now already been exploring with blockchain tech and has their own youtube channel about it), Microsoft and USAA are also looking for developers for the Ethereum Blockchain.

It seems we are slowly stepping a foot onto the Mainstream with these giant companies looking to evolve their businesses with blockchain technology. In their job description they all also talk highly about the tech and its innovative and revolutionary advantages.

Here are some links to them to those interested.

Link to IBM's Job Posting

Link to Microsoft's Job Posting

Quoting the first paragraph of the Microsoft one:

Distributed ledger and blockchain technologies are revolutionary innovations that enable popular cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum, and have captured the attention of consumers and enterprises alike. But they’ re more than just a way to create digital currencies; they offer a way for Microsoft’s customers to create disruptive business models, and truly transform their businesses.

Link to USAA's Job Posting

Link to VISA's Job Posting

Only a few weeks after HP made an entrance into the blockchain industry, customers are already said to be testing the company's distributed ledger software. The ledger closed a funding round of $107 million in May 2017 and is working in a partnership with HP's own NonStop infrastructure. The proof-of-concept is being tested by customers using a "mission critical" platform for financial services but its believed that there is something even bigger going on behind the scenes. If successful this could be a big push for HP to catch up to IBM and other competitors that have been exploring blockchain technology for some time now.

HPE's financial services and insurance business lead told CoinDesk:

"We will be using R3 and Corda through our partnership to address use cases in payments, identity management and possibly other use cases that banks are currently looking at."

Venezuela's currency - the bolivar - is now worth less than the virtual in-game gold in the popular MMORPG World of Warcraft. According to Dolar Today which tracks the black market rates, values the bolivar to 12,197 per USD. Comparing this to the WoW gold it has a value of 6,482 gold pieces per dollar - the gold can be bought and only sold for game time subscription within the game (not counting black market deals).

Its sad to see headlines like these were an in-game economy is worth more than a real currency but with its past performance its not surprising. Last November the Bolivar lost over 60% value vs the dollar in only one month. Venezuela is not the only country getting hit by this inflation and I hope the balance that the blockchain tech brings will be of help to its citizens as soon as possible. We have already seen how our own platform has time after time again been a great help to the users located there.

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Excellent post. I from Venezuela and is hard the situation that we are living. The control of the dollar exchange has originated in a inflation up 700% per year .
In 2012 the dollar was in 20 bsf now in 2017 is in 13000 bsf. A total chaos.


Ouch :\ tough times man, i sincerely hope some change comes soon. Stay strong.


You can have acces to crypto with
I just had the opportunity of having a video conference with the founders. I don´t know them personally but they seemed commited, still a good way to change BSF to Crypto, since they use Draglet.
I am not familiar with the service as a user myself, but definitely worth checking them out, specially if you are in Venezuela


i heard about it. Now i m using uphold and airtm to change crypto and bsf. Thanks for your recomendation.


I am about to use uphold, how is it?
Waiting for the verification


Excellent it is to easy to handle.

Looks like all the big companies jumping on the blockchain train and after that I think many smaller companies will do as well. I have a friend he is working on a blockchain for HRS Hotel Reservation Service. It is very cool to see what blockchain technology is doing for the world and how quick it grows.
THE WORLD IS GOING BLOCKCHAIN thanks for sharing this info have a nice day and Steem on :)


Oh wow, that sounds great!

And yeah, it was only a matter of time until this started happening and the world started seeing the real innovation! Can't wait for bigger investors to start moving funds over onto block-chain currencies!


Yes some big investors will come soon they can see what blockchain is capable of doing. What I like is the transparency. It will not give some corrupt people the chance to steal so easy more in some projects they can not fill there pockets that easy more with blockchain. And it helps in good projects like IOTA Foundation is doing with REFUNITE to help finding the lost family members through wars and conflicts. It is the best innovation after the internet. If you like check out my blog I do every day a post called "Your daily Crypto News" where I write 3-4 articles about what is new and going on in the crypto world.


Cool! Sure will definitely check it out and throw you a follow if I like the content!


Thank you very much for the upvote you gave me on my crypto news post. It was the first big upvote I have gotten since I am on Steemit. Please tell what I can do better with my posts to maybe get you as a follower I am very dedicated towards improving my posts. Best regards danyelk


Ah was going to follow, forgot actually. Following you now :)

Keep up the good content and keep improving over time and you should be fine!


Thank you very much! You are giving me so much motivation that I can't wait to do my next post. I will try my best to improve my posts and content. I wish you a nice day and good greetings from Mauritius. Heippa, nähdään myöhemmin.


Cool thank you now I just hope you like my content.


Really Awesome post thanks !!....(My new post ...[Akshardham Temple])

With all of the activity going around ETH, I'm surprised it's having difficulty staying above $300 recently. But hey, this just means that it's building up and getting ready to shoot up! Especially with the August 17th on Bitstamp! Let's go, ETH!!!


The Blockchain technology has to be the backbone of every major company in the world in near future.

Thanks for the great info mate.
Haven't heard about that so it was very knowledgeable and interesting to read that.
Keep on posting and hope to see more .

It's interesting to read even though I do not understand everything. Thank you for sharing



  ·  2 years ago (edited)

It's means we are heading in a good future in steemit. I hope other international companies will jump in too.


Might only be they are only looking into the blockchain technology, not the crypto coins. If they were looking into cryptos, would have been enough to simplty integrate a wallet... I believe they are looking into creating new kind of applications to the blockchain.

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Are you sure that blockchain can help those people with inflation? Hmm...
Crypto is super good and etc but... I mean it will only worsen the situation in this region (have an ominous feeling). Because they need stability.
The Blockchain is not ready yet. Maybe in few next years, I hope it will improve gradually. After adoption in the leading countries. Come on we can do this.


Volatility in crypto is nothing vs a currency that is only sinking in value.

@acidyo wow it's going for me good I'm still holding ethereum!! Thanks for sharing with us these news:)

Thanks for the article @acidyo, it's really crazy to think of "real" currency being worth less than WoW gold.

It's an understatement to say that South America is not succeeding with fiat. I remember the brazillian cruzeros(?) tumbling and Argentina had to link to the US dollar.

South Americans should be all too eager to get involved with crypto.

It's good for cryptocurrency that big companies entering in block chain technology. after all block chain is the future of technology.

Gonna be funny when EOS comes out and ETH is old tech . . .


We will wait for EOS surprise


I know right :D I binge read @dan's latest posts and was just amazed. There will be a lot of exchange volume in the markets when that time comes I think. ^^

Eth is dominating news lately though.

An interesting and very informative write up, indeed. I had never knew about this earlier. Excellent share, Sir.

We are quickly approaching a world much like Blade Runner. Corporations attempting to corner the market by throwing a ton of money into proprietary developmental platforms, which is fun until the system runs amuck.

Venezuela's currency - the bolivar - is now worth less than the virtual in-game gold in the popular MMORPG World of Warcraft

Holy hell - that is insane, especially for a country that was riding an oil high less than five years ago.

Major companies looking for crypto related employees is pretty wild too - good wild mostly. They really will follow profit, wherever it leads. My only concern would be that the more widespread the adoption of various cryptocurrencies becomes, the harder hit people/society will be during the next (inevitable?) downturn.

I would bet mass adoption fuels an even more epic bubble, at least at first.

Thanks for the update!

there is a great time comming for the blockchaintechnology. It will take some years tho but what are a couple years after all.

this will explode - we all know it just like internet did

Amazing news, Big Trusted Brands getting involved in BlockChain tech brings positive press to the cryptocurrency world. They make it seem more adoptable and less volatile to the other mere mortals.
Positive Press = More Investors

The more these tech giants invest in Crypto currencies and blockchain technology the better. Thanks for sharing this wonderful article.

Thanks you for sharing

Ethereum to the moon say welcome to the new world currency

Well, I'm from Venezuela too, and as @covals wrote, the situation we are living here is something difficult to believe, not only because the economical chaos, but the absurd of the political crisis.

Hello @acidyo, how are you today? You looks happiest one when I read your post. All the best for you.
Regard frim Indonesia.

Very good news.

Blockchain is definitely going to rule the world.. the fire has started..

Are they planning to have their own coins?


Venezuela? :P they definitely should!

I'm guessing you meant the other companies, I'm not sure I believe they want to integrate block-chain into their already existing services.


Yeah I meant the big companies. :P

Thanks - useful info 🌞

thanx for this information

ok i always vote you .you see my blog @farhannaqvi7

Wow, it's amazing that great technology companies like Microsoft, IBM or Visa are interested in implementing Ethereum technology. It's great sign for all cryptocurrency market. I hope ETH will be still great after change to proof of stake :) NEO can be a strong opponent. We will see :) Upvoted!

Great news. Let's see what will happen next

Really Awesome post thanks !!....My new post ...[Akshardham Temple]

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This is great news!

Wow, I really support your step and your thinking is amazing that great technology companies like Microsoft, IBM or Visa are interested in implementing Ethereal technology. Upvoted!

That is good news ,please tell can i invest at ETH now or wait some more days

LMAO gold worth more than their currency. RIP communism is a lie!

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

It's very interesting to see how big companies are starting to position themselves into the blockchain arena. Some are already coming late but better late than never. What I do not believe is in a company controlled blockchain. As long as they do not participate in the open transparent chains, it will just be the same story.
It's just like the times when information started to be bidirectional with the internet. Some companies still wanted to control the new rules and they ended up losing their reputation. We will see what happens now, but I am sure many of them are just jumping in and not considereing the HUGE change this tecnology is bringing.

This is a great news

Woah, I think this is the first time I've ever seen you double post in a day, haha. It's in a way nice, yet also kind of bizarre seeing all these big wig companies getting into the blockchain technology.

Also, that's hilarious, yet also depressing that their currency has fallen to the point that it has. Was Venezuela the same country who basically was just handing out their currency for free around last december? I remember hearing about a countries currency basically getting to the point where a weaved basket was worth more than thousands of their dollars.

Very exciting times for crypto.
Hope these big companies are enough to stop the governments and the feds from really beating in on the cryptocurrency world.

Nice post, i followed your account, please follow me at @mrrandy



heard a lot about recent activities in ETH but no positive signs showing still

My country also suffers from terrible inflation, in fact in last few years dollar price... How do i say it... Well, it had been 5 national currency units for 1 dollar, and now it's 28. I'm sorry for my English, I hope I made my point. And the prices on goods are connected with dollar, cause most are import, but people salaries are almost not indexed. So there are terrible times here.
P.S.By the way talking about WoW not gold price there, but in general)- today I created a new artwork dedicated to it, I remember that you like the game too, I would be happy if you'll check out and tell your opinion, yet never did characters in such technique:)


All these Companies are jumping to the blockchain . OMFG The Blockchain is growing really fast. Blockchain technology is soon gonna change the world

Very informational . Thank you for posting all this .

Thank for sharing

IBM, remember me about my first laptop, i am using in 2005....

thanks for sharing,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Venezuela was to be a rich country because they have a lot of oil, but for their government to be a ditator, 16 years in power the same party ... Here in Brazil can happen the same thing

Really the revolution is happening, Blockchain technology will dominate the world, and the countries themselves are in a chaos, because the values of money in the country is super devalued.

Useful article, thanks!!!

Great news

Thanks for this very informative post!

The crypto programmers will make a lot of money in the future.

I bet so many smaller companies are gonna start seeing this new wave and get on board finally! :) @acidyo


I would love for my USAA car insurance to be on a smart contract. Hell, I would love for purchasing a home to be via smart contract. We still don't have the tech for title abstraction to be cut out, but the lawyers :) -- give them the blockchain boot.

Value of a single unit has no meaning, other than a way of tracking it's evolution. There are some governments that decided to cut many zeros of their curency. Is the value increased overnight by tens of times? No! It's the sum that matter.

I might get my payday in cryptos soon since HPE, now DXC, blockchain venture.

@acidyo great!!

@acidyo we need moreeee :D

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Nice! More great crypto news. Love it.

HP should be burned to the ground.
These scumbags have a contract for controlling government accounts.
They are the corporate owners of BC Medical, Social Services ect. and other departments controlling us all .

Learn some new from your post.Keep sharing with uS @acidyo