Alt-News: Recommendation Recap & future plans of ICO posts

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Hey everyone!

Some of you might remember that I used to do some news posts for alternative cryptocurrencies in the past. I haven't been doing them lately as there are a lot of people on Steemit currently covering news stories about altcoins, some of them that do it really well are @crypt0, @boxmining, @cryptoinvestor (vloggers) and another user who writes in great detail news about altcoins and diverse news in the cryptocurrency industry: @danyelk.

Some of the readers have asked me recently why I haven't been continuing to discuss and recommend certain coins as they have seen great profits over the months with my recommendations in the past. Although I won't be covering them in the same way as I have in the past, I might start to discuss new ICO's that I find interesting and I believe have potential to profit in the future.

I wanted to do a quick recap though of the currencies I have discussed in the past, the prices at the time of mentioning and what they are sitting on right now. If you want to check them out each 1 by 1, here are the links to most of them from the immutable Steem blockchain:

Alt-News #1
Alt-News #2
Alt-News #3
Alt-News #4
Alt-News #5
Alt-News #6
Alt-News #7
Alt-News #8
Alt-News #9
Alt-News #10

So here is a rundown of the majority of currencies I recommended during the Alt-News posts and what the price is at right now.

Coin recommendedDatePrice thenPrice now
StorJ21st July$0,52$2,38
IOTA21st July$0,26$4,03
NEO24th July$8,50$102,43
TenX24th July$0,90$3,90
Sia24th June$0,019$0,086
Asch14th August$0,80$1,42
Ark14th August$1,20$7,91
Steem14th August$1,176,25
district0x16th August$0,13$0,33
Aragon16th August$2,45$7,53
Ethereum20th August$291$1220,20
Monero20th August$52$393,82

Some pretty big jumps on many of them, others not as much. I wish I had the time to be able to dive deep back into altcoins again and their movements but I think focusing on ICO's and getting as early as possible on some new ones with huge potential will be more important for the hodlers in our community. I am happy to hear though that many of you out there have been able to make some profit from my recommendations but you have to remember that this isn't financial advice and how volatile the crypto markets are. Never trade with more than you can afford to lose as the risk of something abrupt happening is big in the space.

If I were to guess which of these listed above are to grow a lot still this year, I would go with StorJ, TenX, Ark, and Steem. These would at least be the ones I would be the most confident with.

What do you think of me starting to discuss and recommend more ICO's in the future, would you be interested in that?

Have any of my longtime readers been able to profit on any of my recommendations? :)

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I would gladly receive any recommandation of ICOs from you! What doesn't me feel confident about ICOs is that I have never invested in any by now (I am still young at this chapter) and I don't know for sure how to get started, but I would definitely try.

Woops, accidentally threw you 10x higher vote, oh well, enjoy. :D

Thanks for this post! I'd love your recommendations for ICO's, also do you have any fav picks for coins listed on Binance? Thanks a million bro!

Binance? Hmm let's see, pretty much all of them. :P

I'm holding ENJ, CND and QSP since they launched there, pretty nice returns so far.

Sweetness! Do you have any advice for college students looking to get into the crypto game? I know you should avoid FOMO, don't trade if you're broke, & use a hardware wallet. Can you think of anythign else? Thanks

I demand 10x votes for all of us! Ruin your voting power for a meme, damn it.

Omg, I love you now :))

As per your question, the Vice Industry Token ICO looks like it will be a winner, as the first SMT on the Steem block chain.

I'm very interested in Arise Bank, as well. I've particpated in this ICO already.

The other one I am looking forward to is Nucleus Vision, which is a way of getting offline shops online, by tapping into customer purchase analytics, AI, with a bit of VEN's supply chain stuff as well.

I'm sure there's a million others out there that I haven't even heard about yet!

Any info about Vice? If that one succeeds, it will be pretty high I guess. has all the info - probably NSFW :) (At least the chain, when it goes live will be... if they live up to their slogan.) Its a very lucrative one.

I have read their site, when i found the news I guess a month ago, but is seems petty poor documented, at least this is how I felt then, I may be wrong...

There's been a few really good write ups on Steemit about the token, and there was a typo in their whitepaper about the blockchain snapshot, too. Their telegram channel is pretty active, and it will be exciting to see how it develops. I feel like it would be 'getting into Steem' at $0.40, the ICO feels like a fantastic deal, with all the revenue other sites of that nature make via advertising and so on.

Unfortunately i wasn't around that time, i would have invested in some of your recommendations.

If I were to guess which of these listed above are to grow a lot still this year, I would go with StorJ, TenX, Ark, and Steem.

I will have to consider these this year as well just like you said.
For what you have asked, i think you should go on recommending some ICOs,
We always add in our own research and predictions which makes a pretty calculated investment.
Will be waiting around for your new coins this year.
Keep up.

Although I didn’t start crypto earlier but I did grab a few sia while they were at 0.003!!! Can’t believe it’s like 8c now

And full confidence with steem this year!

Most definitely. Everybody always wants to find the golden eggs and the more opinions about an ICO can be found, the more material is available to use.

Experienced players definitely provide advice which is very valuable because they have an own set of points they analyse and decide on those why they value a startup/token/ICO.

You must definitely start giving your recommendation on coins and ICO, as your previous performance was exceptionally good... Good luck!

It's Steem :) I am sure it will be growing a lot this year.

Some very good picks there, maybe you should review some ICOs that you like? I personally would be very interested in that

I screenshot the list for future referrence if I already have a capital. This is a big help for lazy people like me to do research for the great coins. I think I will go for siacoin because it is one of the cheapest haha.. thanks

I holding steem.

because it is one of the cheapest

always look at marketcap instead of coin value cause the amount of supply fluctuates by a lot, in my opinion considering how similar StorJ and Sia are I'd say the former is cheaper.

I'll keep that in mind.. Thanks. is it the lowest market cap is the best?

There are a lot of factors involved. :)

haha ok... thanks.

Yeah definitely interested to see your recommendations!!

Great predictions

YES, with your sight tell us the pros and cons of all ICOs you can put your hands on. A more educated steemian will definitely make a better choice.
Keep on steemit

Thanks for your insides mate! I am maybe not one of your longtime readers but getting an interest (even if it is small compared to you and most here) in altcoins and cryptovalutas is a lot thanks to you! In other words, also the small profits I've done by entering this world is much thanks to you! Waiting for more of your hints! ;)

:D cryptovalutas for the win! :P

Now that bitcoin is finally in a period of consolidation altcoins have been booming. Be careful though because when bitcoin wakes up again YIKES Alts cry. If you can time it right and sell your Alts in to bitcoin you will be rewarded.

I hate when bitcoin wakes up lol

Throw me on the list of those who would like to get ICO info from a high-profile Steemian like you!

just because there are others whom posts on the same topics, you shouldn't stop. some of us don't follow others and wouldn't stumble upon those opportunities.

Great article! Respect for those returns. What's your opinion on $LEND (EthLend)?

sir about ripple in coming six months

I don't touch that. :)

Great effort ..I have an opinion: the biggest problem with 99% of cryptocurrencies is they are centralized, started and run by a company of unknowns, who even refuse to give out their names or CVs, addresses, or any info on themselves, and I fear are merely pump and dump cons. More often than not they want your Bitcoin in exchange for their worthless crypto. Best to stick with a proven crypto, as in Bitcoin.

generaly agreed, but with bitcoins developments lately and the lack of innovation... it will die, simply because of it's fees. it's not realy welcoming to newcomers who put in a 100$ and pay 50$ to transfer it to their wallet. lightning network would help, but who knows when they will deploy it. it's realy bad right now. i love bitcoin too, but ... there are so many buts... and there are zero-fee coins out there, who are faster, more secure and bring a lot of improvements overall. that's why i always advice to diversify your portfolio

I see we agree on ARK, but I can't say I wasn't told of its prospects. As for thoughts on solid coins, many times I pick an application alongside a good service, like STEEM, for example, but BAT, SBD, and other tokens that double as rewards as well. The incentive there is hard to ignore. Also, coins tied to reputable wallets are cool too, I'm thinking of NAV specifically.

i would definitely want to get some reccomendation in ICO I don't see it covered so much here. It's quite hard at the ICO stage to predict the outcome but someone with your experience level certainly has a much better chance to get it right than most of us newbies here. If you get a bullseye on just one ICO it can make a huge difference .

got a good one right there: SwissBorg
acid, you agree? i hope so, pumped some money in already ;) cheers
...and YES! cover ICOs! it's more needed than the alts, i think


it's atrap! ;) your stealing my referral! go away!

Yes, please resume:

What do you think of me starting to discuss and recommend more ICO's in the future, would you be interested in that?

Great job @acidyo.

Steem On!

@danyel, Followed you. You're new to me. Hope to see some valuable posts from you soon.

Steem On!

Great! I would love to get some advices from you regarding this. I am not currently into ICOs but would love to make my hand dirty, if I get proper directions, as I am a complete beginner.

hi @acidyo. I have also invested in some of alt coins like ripple,siacoin and IOTA..and I am in profit right now.I have chosen those coin which are under $1 and I am new in trading.But your recommended alt coins are also very good and focusing on ICO's would be a great thinking,one day it will gives us profit.Thanks for your great hard work for us and inspiring us to invest in ICO'S.I am resteeming your post so that every steemians will learn something.Upvoted and resteemed.

ICO that have been review by someone who we trust can save a lot of time. I know everybody should do their own research but this world is becoming huge and there are limited hours in a day.
Hope to see some reviews in the future. Have a great week man!

I agree with this sentiment exactly. I missed your recommendations @acidyo but I did invest in several of the ones you mentioned. I have been looking for a good source on upcoming ico's that would be worth looking into further.

Followed! Looking forward to your updates in the future.

ICO recommendations would be lovely. I have been late to the crypto scene and started noticing them only after the recent huge rallies in almost every altcoin.

ICO would be a good way to get invested and catch the upside early enough.

hello Friends Good News

Enjoy the vote and reward...

sir about ripple in coming six months


proposals direct my life, have a full leader spirit acidyo 👍

WOW!! I'd better start getting me some COINS!!! Great post!

Like your post but it's real

we are happy to receive your recommendations
Please show your current portfolia to us.

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this blog is very informative for all steemit users thanks to share such a beautiful blog

Good post ...

Informative keep sharing

I would certainly be interested in that, @acidyo! There are so many exciting applications for the blockchain technology, and it's so intereating to learn about new projects that use these, so I'm all for learning more about ICOs. I'm not goint to be personally investing in the in order to make profits, but it's still very nice to learn more about them (and maybe invest on the platform if I like the technology behind it).

I think that you definitely need to start giving more advices about ICO. You can start with APEX or THEKEY. I would love to hear your opinion :)

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I follow back

yes, please.
i'm all ears about ICOs
i guess we've all profited from steem.

Jesus, those are all some huge gains. Is it really worth it in your opinion to invest in any of these if we don't have a lot to invest with? Say I had like $100 to invest with. If you had to guess would I be able to net decent profits with Storj, Ark or Tenx if I catch them when they're down? Or, would I be better off keeping my eye out for new coins that will be releasing over the next couple of months?

I often feel kinda discouraged with investing into cryptos when I only ever have a small amount available to invest, and most of the time I've already missed the huge boon where it doesn't seem like there's much left to gain.

Buy on the dips. You might not have got in at the bottom but if it's a solid coin, the trend is up.

Mmmmmmmm, more altcoins for me to add to my ever expanding portfolio. muahahahaha.

You think SC will grow more? I am thinking about dumping. Just not sure how much more it will go. But I have quiet a few and the bump has been nice.

Absolutely Very awesome to see your coin recommended ICO's @acidyo. It gives very helpful to others.

download (1).jpg

excellent post ..loving to your blog.thanks for sharing..

I have no really been a fans of bitcoin in the past. Can you pls put me through on how to invest

I'm looking for the next great ICO this year. Thanks for awesome post @acidyo

Your good at it, is just there is a lot of volatility in the market,but life is full of risk. Keep it up.

Yes please keep doing those posts!

It would come handy if you could also help predicting the corrections.

To be honest , i am always interested in someone's opinion, who know more than me. Therefore, yes i would read your recommendations with pleasure. )

I followed your recommendation on Ark and Enjin. So far so good! Especially Enjin when i bought at 0.05 using my Stratis gains.

Would definitely love to be early in knowing potential ICOs..

In a bull market is hard to make a bad call

If you where to recommend a specific coin to invest on which would it be?
I'm new to crypto and advice like yours will go a very long way in helping me out.
And thanks for the great write-up

I used to learn a lot as a newbie from those posts you used to make.
Let me now follow this awesome guys you have recommended.

What do you say about the upcoming @appics ico?

Am still on the learning process of cryptocurrency, hoping to be a guru soonest.

I really missed your updates on alternative cryotocurrencies...i do follow your recommendations. I would really love you to countinue.

Bitcoin is very fluctuating, so I prefer Ethereum.

Awesome ! I would like to take your recommandation of ICOs from you .

Thanks for your advice, I will learn how to get started

You should.. there are people here who continuously post about random coins being going up based on some charts :p

But your approach is different.. your analysis is mostly based on facts and on potential of certain coin rather than charts..
would be nice to have your insight on the topic .. go @acidyo

I've helped my brother with your suggestions, and he has grown pretty nice.

And I think you REALLY should start it again. Hey what do you think about MarkSpace? Good concept, right? Please let us know more which you think we can invest confidently.

I'm taking your advice and passing it on, regarding StorJ, TenX, Ark, and Steem.

Great idea ! We will be happy for your ICO recommendation !!

Thanks share information.

Nice post discussing thing about crypto- news @acidyo

I didn't see XRP your coin recommendation. What about your opinion about XRP?

this is important information, I do not know about this because I am new, but I will learn by visiting your post often.thank you @acidyo

It would be very convenient if you start making ICO posts. Because I believe you have a great understanding in this sphere and I'm starting look for new ICO's to invest.

Hmmm nice look like neo is also good, i have some xrp and i dont know if i would sell it in exchange for ethereum? What do you think guys?

helpful news about crypto markets

Collecting good information on criptomonedas thank you for the contribution!

Hey @acidyo, how are you doing friend. Please make posts about ICO's because I'm new in crypto space and want to learn. It will help a lot.

What about Tron and Verge? What's your thought on these coins? I bought some of them last week.

i just followed and upvoted you. please kindly follow and upvote too


We got to be extremely wise with where we make investment, as it is the sort of thing that makes huge difference. I have invested Duecoin, it’s up on getting into the exchange and got serious potential. So, it is kind of option that can be epic. Once they enter the exchange, it will be absolutely awesome.

I really love Ark and took profits early. I've been watching it to see a good time to jump back into Ark. Not a lot of people talking about Ark lends me to believe I should see a time soon.

Storj doesn't have much adoption last I heard. While if this were to change, it could be big I'm not holding my breath. If you are interested in Storj. Siacoin is also a competitor to check out if you like Storj.

TenX has been going down like crazy since I've bought in. I'm debating getting more to lower my cost average, but haven't pulled that trigger yet.

You should check out WaBi. Seems like this is an altcoin that is looking to fight knock off/scam products by using the RFID technology to verify in a matter of seconds if it's genuine. From what I was reading this is a huge problem in China which has caused babies to go to the hospital due to people tampering with milk.

wow .... a great explanation, I am very grateful for the writing, with your writing adding new knowledge to me.

Hi @acidyo, personally, I invest part of my portfolio in ICOs. I love reading whitepapers and checking out the project's community to determine their potential. When you do your research and the investment paid off, it is really satisfying.

The most recent ICO which I took part was Simple Token ICO. I think their project makes a lot of sense and is able to fulfill a much needed niche. I joined their Telegram before their presales and watched most of their YouTube videos and concluded that they have a passionate team behind it. Fortunate for me, the investment paid off and it is more than 6 times from pre-sales price now.

Anyway, I look forward to your posts on ICOs. Cheers!

This is the time I wish I can have a remind-me function like Reddit here on Steemit to tell myself how stupid I am to not deep dive more into the list you recommended.

Steem is the one I am most confident with not only because it is one of the few already-use applications with active users, but also the strong community and the upcoming Smart Media Tokens.

The other one would be Lisk. Simply because I think JS is the most adopted programming language on the web. And a Dapps platform integrated with JS seems to be the one to be succeeded as it seems to be easily adopted by the people.

If I had met you back then and had money to invest in your recommendations, today would be a millionaire Hehehehehehe :(

I would be interested to see your publications about ICO

I definitely would be interested in your recommendations for long term investment. I am slow to invest but when I commit to a theme I generally stay invested for the very long term.

we definitely want your your recommendations . You are right ... ICOs gives more benefit...early birds gets the worm..

great information and talking in crypto-news. I like this///
thanks for sharing.

If only I found steem earlier! I would've definitely invested in one of your recommendations 😭

As for any current ICO, I have my eye on the Flip token, I feel it will definitely be a must for gamers.