Alt-News #8: Erik Vorhees new company SALT / A very good overview video of Bitconnect / district0x & Aragon and an overview of previous recommendations

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Erik Vorhees, co-founder of Coinapult, Director of Marketing at BitInstant and creator and CEO of has recently opened a new company called SALT. You can visit the site at, it lets you leverage your blockchain assets to secure cash loans and making it easy to get money without having to sell your favorite investments.

Here is a short descriptive video of this very groundbreaking new platform.

I can see how this will come in handy for many users out there so check it out if you are ever in need of a small loan and don't want to risk missing out on a big uptrend because you had to sell your crypto investment.

I found this very good analysis of Bitconnect, the company and token that has been very controversial lately.

I have personally never invested in it and have warned users to be careful with it as it seemed a lot more like a Ponzi than an actual investment or cryptocurrency start-up. Mostly due to their excessive promise of returns and bonus affiliate earnings combined with an non-opensource "trading bot" that allegedly brings in these big profits on your loans. As always though, you should decide for yourself if you want to trust projects like these. I myself don't see it being up in another 6-12 months anymore, or at least the value will have been dumped massively due to early investors wanting to cash out.

Anyway, this video was really worth the watch by youtuber: "sunny decree".

I noticed at the end of the video that he also has his own Steemit account, if you liked his content make sure to throw him a follow at @foodnature!

I recently stumbled on district0x and while checking their website at it seems to have a lot of potential on future growth for autonomous organizations on its network.

It lets users create marketplaces and communities free of charge with the district0x token and has these functionalities:

It is powered by Aragon who also has a lot of potential and is a currency I have told a few users a long time ago has potential for growth. Aragon recently had its successful crowdsale, if you click the link you can read more about the sale summary, token functionality and there is also a link to download the Aragon dapp and try it out. I've heard a lot of good about it.

If you happened to read my last Alt-News post I was recommending a few currencies due to popular demand that I believed could gain value over short/mid term. Of course we are currently in an uptrend in general so I don't wanna give myself too much credit as many other currencies are going up, but here is a small recap of their performances so far after only 2 days.

Ark is now trading at $1,49 and at the time of me writing it was at $1,20. For a short time it had reached a max of $2,05 that very same day and according to the 7 day chart it may still be a good time to get into it if volume starts to pick up again:

The other currency I mentioned was Asch, which is a bit difficult to obtain since its only trading on a few chinese exchanges but if you are able to it might be a very good mid/long-term investment considering it has a good chance of making it to more exchanges and continued growth.

When I mentioned it, it was trading at $0,82, had a short downtrend after that and then double-topped at $1,00, currently sitting at around $0,92.

For todays recommendations I wanna show you the charts of district0x and Aragon that I was talking about earlier and I believe these could also increase in value over the next couple weeks/months.

distric0x last weeks chart:

Aragon last weeks chart:

The screenshots from these charts were taken from which has currently passed Wall Street Journal in webtraffic. :)

Never invest more than you can afford to lose. Before investing make sure to re-search the currencies yourself and not follow advice blindly.
Having said that, I am not getting paid by these currencies to advertise their names and won't be going too much into detail about them as to not try and sway you into placing in a big amount of value. Also remember that this is usually not a short-term trade and past performances or advice does not mean it will turn out the same way in the future. If I am ever doing a promotion post for these I will make it clear that it is promoted content.

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I had just yesterday a chat with my brother about NEO and all the other cryptocurrencies from China and that we will concentrate us more on them because we think that they will do very well in the future China's economy will overtake the U.S. In 2018 according to Forbes and this will give all the cryptocurrencies from China a big boost. I will for sure have a deeper look at Asch it is very nice that you mentioned this coin in your post I did not know him before I read your post and as I said I will put my focus more on cryptocurrencies from China now.
SALT (Secured Automated Lending Technology) for sure some very interesting stuff!!! The loan creation: a borrower sends collateral to the SALT Oracle Wallet and the funds are transferred to the borrower’s bank account. The SALT Oracle Wallet is a multi signature blockchain wallet, which stores collateral and automatically enforces lending terms e.g. triggering of maintenance calls. The loan repayment: a borrower makes timely, periodic payments to the lender and the loan completion: upon repayment of the loan, the borrowers collateral is returned. This is a very nice and easy working system I will definitely read and learn more about it. Like I always say Blockchain is the best what could happen to all of us there is so much potential in it that it will change the world completely. Great information as usual @acidyo I am glad that I have come across you many nice stuff related to the world of cypto I have learn from you. Keep it up and I can not wait to see what you will show us next.


great comment, thanks


You are welcome!


Thanks for the nice input!

and yeah also looking to invest more in chinese currencies for long-term!


You are very welcome! I am glad I could put a bit input in this post it gave me a lot good ideas thanks for that. Yes the Chinese will do great I think and really funny is that I just talked about it yesterday with my brother. If you know some more Chinese cryptocurrencies I would very much appreciated it if you can tell me which ones and I will dig deeper in it. Btw have you heard about the project from Blockstream who will cover the whole globe with a Bitcoin satellite connection? If not you can read a bit about it in my last post is very good for people who have no internet access.


Only thing I have invested in is Yoyow which will be released in october but I think you can already buy some on open.ledger but not transfer them until the release.

I purchased some through ico365 during the crowdsale.


Okay cool one Yoyow is 0.7399 BITCNY on open.ledger I think I will get me a few :) Thanks for the tip very much appreciated it. I am always open for some more great info from you have a nice day.

All I have been hearing is SALT everywhere but never actually checked into it and I think it's time now before everyone gets in and leaves me out . Distric0x seems to be going at a decent pace and the other two , for that, we should know , even the biggest have their ups and downs . I'm going to look more into these companies . I appreciate the advice !


Thanks! I hope more people don't just blindly follow investment advice but actually do some re-search about them themselves and are aware how quickly these markets swing. :)


i a gre with your statement boss @acidyo


Please don't call me "boss". :p


That's why you write in the bottom , it's advice . If people are blind it's their loss . Cheers 🍻

@acidyo the idea of taking a loan rather then liquidating the crpyptocurrency holding is certainly good suggestion.
Your posts and charts and interpretations are more like prophesies that come true week after week. If possible do some tutorials on how to read charts . Your posts offer good info for noobs and experienced readers alike :)

More stuff to do research on, thanks... will be doing more research again 😬😎💯

Ark seems it is about to make a great move. Really curious about that

it seems this Salt will be boom for all bitcoins users, i hope that this project will live long and we will be able to get money from our bitcoins without selling, only problem as i see there is small chance that will be some scam, but i hope not


Yeah that's why I included some info on its creator as he has a pretty decent background.

Sounds interesting, I have heard a bit about SALT, but did not really pay attention to it. Well, thanks for the more detailed information. I will have a closer look to it and probably will give it a try.

Thanks for the overviews. SALT lending sounds great! Resteemed!

SALT seems exactly what I need! I wonder how will it work out but I will try getting in for sure :)


Yeah its going to be interesting to see how many of those Salt tokens you need to purchase to get membership and be able to take loans while they hold your tokens and you're able to get them back no matter how the value of them has changed.


Amazing Sir
i am big fun of you

Thanks a lot for sharing all this useful information with us! Do you know how to buy Salt tokens? They aren't listed on coinmarketcap and I can't see anything about an ICO so I don't know what's happening with then. As for Bitconnect I invested $1100 a few weeks ago and have already withdrawn about $400 in interest. It's working fine so far but we will see... I agree with you that it's probably a scam because it's too good to be true

FYI Sunny Decree is a mining contract / Bitconnect coin pusher, IMO. Not as bad as Craig-Grant, but biased towards getting you scammed IMO.


He openly admits to using referrals and the site but at least brings up the risks and warns everyone that the potential rewards they promise are illogical.


Thanks for the additional detail. I had not seen him point out that the rewards are illogical, but that seems counter-intuitive to his support for the coin.


He does make it pretty clear at the end of the video. I guess the only thing he supports in the end is making more money. :P

Thanks for the news!

It Doesn't matter if its a Scam or not -
OutSmart it !
its simple -I wrote about it here :


Well, it does if you are recruiting people to it that will eventually lose money thanks to your recommendations.


I mean, it doesn't matter so long as you're an asshole who doesn't really like your friends though :P


obviously you did not read what I wrote - you are just hearing yourself

Thanks for share

Always have to be attentive to new releases, at any time. You can give the opportunity to trip the money

tnx for new great info
upvoted dear

I really like your posts, I will always wait for the next posting, add me, votes and comments my photos, then I am voiced back


great article boss @acidyo
you are my inspiration man.

best regard @saufan

Thanks for telling about the SALT and Distric0x great update :)

Thanks for reporting this. SALT seems like a very compelling concept.

Oh well... I can see opportunities after the overview but just that name Salt.
Can't take it seriously lol.

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I really like these 'little packages' you put together! I wish I had the cash to venture into a tiny amount of alt trading....but not yet.
I had seen that @foodnature video. He has some nice humor to his work. But I am just point blank against BC and Control F...even if you can get in and out with a nice return, it aint honest.....and there will always be 1-2 layers of 'minnows' that get fed to the sharks(owners and early pumpers) when they decide to pack up.
Nuff o that!
Take care!

Salt Lending! Thanks for this fantastic share!

I am not so much in understanding crypto though I am so interested in it. And reading your post it makes my knowledge of learning of crypt upgrade. If I have the potential I will go for it, but before that I must learn more. Crypto is at its peak and having small investment for some upcoming currencies that has a future as you have mention can give us newcomers a potential to gain some. On our small investment in the future. Thanks for the advice and new found knowledge. :)

Nice tip for those who want a loan, re-Bitconnect high roi mostly turns out like you said a "ponzi".

Helpful for me.
Very special type of news.
Worth for thousands upvote
I must prefer to follow you

Thank you for sharing this information about BitConnect! I do not know whether it is a scam or not, but it does seem like it is a MLM scheme with all the affiliates. A few Steemians have spoken out against Bitconnect recently in a strong way. It is imperative to due your due diligence before investing in any coin or giving your hard earned to money to some service that is promising a certain return.

Many users have been talking about Salt the past few days! It seems very promising! I love this idea of putting up your blockchain assets in exchange for a loan! I would much rather use a service like this than go to a bank and try to get a loan!

Sounds like a cool idea but I think k the market for it is very small...

nice to see those charts dear

upvoted dear!

This ICO is unique because the company has been generating revenue, adding users and enhancing its products since 2013. Instead of wondering if you are buying vaporware with the ICO you have a chance to share in the growth and profits of an established company.

Many thanks @acidyo

I've just upvoted.

very good.
I would be happy if you like to follow me and give your opinion about my posts.

Good points in this article. I was about to start a similair discussion. In my opinion blockchain is here to stay. A proper investment for the long term. We really need more insights in the market and previous investment results. Besides there is: Every single coin can be analysed here based on: the team, the product, advisors, community, the business and the business model and much more. Check: To see the: BitConnect Research report.