7-Day Music Challenge: Your Top Albums #4 - Dream High OST by Various Artists

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We are keeping with the fun music challenge theme. We are on Day 4 of this 7-Day Music Challenge that I was challenged to by @nolasco.


Dream High (OST) by Various Artists

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Let's check out some of the songs that I love from this album. Here is a picture to show I have the album in my playlist.


Dream High by Various Artists

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This is the major song of this album. If you can’t tell by the title of this album, it is an OST (Original Soundtrack) for a Kdrama TV series called Dream High. This is obviously named the same as the show as was even the song in the beginning of every episode. I loved this song so much that I actually learned how to play it on the piano a few years back when I was learning to play. It’s such a nice song. Since this is an OST, no actual music videos were really made, so here is the song so you can hear it anyways.

Someday by IU

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I absolutely adore this song. IU, who is the singer has such an amazing voice and if just sounds so sweet and heartfelt. This is easily one of my favorites on the album and of the show itself. Since no music video was made specifically for this as it was for the show, I have at least included a link so you can hear the song.

Dreaming by Kim Soohyun

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I love this song. His voice is phenomenal. It has such a nice tone to it and you can totally feel his emotions that his character portrayed. Again this is another song without a specific music video due to the nature of this album. I will say though, this show was about teens striving to be in the music business at a music school, and all of the main cast were actually K-Pop idols in real life, whereas this Actor was not. He went and got proper training and voice lessons to do this role and what came out was just amazing.

Maybe by SunYe

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This one is sweet. The singers voice is wonderful and I really enjoyed the emotion and slight romance behind this song. The link will let you hear it so you can hear what I do. It really is great.

This was definitely a different type of album than i have been covering over the past few days, but OST albums are albums too, and sometimes exceptional ones at that.

I hope you enjoyed exploring this album with me. It really is one of my all-time favorite albums.


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That means I should also be nominating someone, but I really just like leaving it open. So, if you are reading this and you haven't yet done this challenge, you are now officially nominated.



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It's really fun to read and listen to your choices of groups 😉 the first group BTS I know is your favorite and they are Awsome. Second group I had heard of. The girl group was Awsome but new to me and now this one.
Never heard of them eather....lol kpop 😉👍
What I love most about those groups are not only the music, but the incredibly cool dance moves. And it's really happy feeling music.. Lol
Thank you for sharing 😊 miss you my sinister sister ❤️and hope the move is going well. 🤗

Thanks for checking it out, this certainly is a great album

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Glad you liked it! 😀

I did 😍!

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Good stuff , Jenny! Thank you for sharing :)

Thanks for taking the time to check it out.