SteemHunt Airdrops 1:1 Tokens To Steemians—STEEM Power Hodlers Rejoice!

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It's really exciting as a Steemian to hear about airdrops for STEEM Power hodlers. It's not everyday we get airdrops here but I suppose with SMTs in the pipeline this might change!

Steemhunt has been one of the exciting projects on the Steem blockchain in recent times and the wonderful team behind it is giving away a ton of tokens to Steemians.

They will make an airdrop in the ratio of 1:1. If you have 100 SP then you will receive 100 HUNT tokens. However, they will issue ERC-20 tokens on the ethereum blockchain and swap them for SMT tokens when the protocol goes live on the Steem blockchain.

All of this is going to take some time indeed but for now, claim your tokens quickly.

This airdrop is on a first-come-first-serve basis only!

  1. Visit and login via Steemconnect with your Active key.
  2. Access your HUNT token wallet interface (
  3. Click on the “SP Claim” button to claim your HUNT tokens.

If you haven't created a private active key for your wallet then learn from my post by clicking here and safeguard your account now.

There seems to be a bug as I kept seeing the following dialog box even before I was able to claim my tokens. It took me a few page refreshes before I was able to claim mine.

Moving back and forth between other links from the menu seemed to make it work and I was able to claim my airdrop. Worth a try if page refreshing alone won't work.

You can find more information on Steemhunt's blog post. But before you proceed to claim remember this:

This is based on a “first-come-first-get” system until all 100M tokens are claimed. But don’t worry because it is almost enough to cover the entire SP (there are 187M SP in total and 103M SP excluding Steemit Inc’s accounts, so this is almost a 1:1 ratio with the 100M HUNT tokens)

Good luck claiming your tokens and don't forget to resteem this to your friends so they can claim their share of HUNT tokens.

Kudos to the SteemHunt team for doing this wonderful airdrop!

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That worked like a dream. Thanks for the foolproof instructions.


i'm glad it worked. Cheers. :)

i have collected my 50 :)

Thanks for the heads up :)

Claimed mine at the right time.thanks😉

I have been following @steemhunt since the time they announced their Airdrop. I was waiting for this day since ages! But I could've a waited a day or two to increase my SP before claiming the HUNT tokens. So if anyone has some of the rewards coming up, please wait and then claim the tokens. :-D

What an incentive to hold SP @firepower. We need more of such AIRDROPS. haha!


Absolutely right! It's just fantastic that we're getting something for hodling steem from a long time. :)

Brother's great post, good luck always

@firepower here is any referral link in this Airdrop. Because I'm not getting my Referral link.


I don't think so. I didn't see any ref link anywhere after logging in.

When I add my active key it says its not valid .
please advise


Try copying it carefully without any spaces. It should work. If your active key is correct it'll allow you to login via steemconnect. Maybe try a different browser, chrome in incognito mode?

worked, thanks for the heads up!


very welcome. :)

First Avinoc, and now this. Awesome, and cheers.. Owe you a BIG TREAT as usual

So people who had their SP delegated during the airdrop don't get anything?

I like how everything that can be linked to steemconnet can be so quick. It took me just a couple of secs to get their tokens! Ty bro :)

Great post sir, I love it India thanks for sharing this crypto currency

You’re correct, you are crazy.


Why crazy?

I will get accordingly my power....

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@firepower your post is so informative all time thanks. Hey I am new on steemit is there any post that you writen for new steemain, if notplease make one it will helpful for me and new steemain from INDIA.

Fin'lly, I can claim the long awaited SP. Thanks for the heads-up.

Sorry I’m kinda ignorant to this, so how exactly are these tokens used? Like the value or what benefit do we have for claiming them?

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read the original post linked in my post. :)


Ooh my bad for missing that. Thank you!

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Thanks for sharing this exciting news!


@firepower i guess i am bit late to this post, but thank you so much i claimed my 234 tokens :D :D :D

Awesome , thanks ! Resteeming it !

I wonder how much these are going to be worth? I had some liquid steem i powered down, but i powered it back up today when I saw this, might as well its down to 80 cents today, I'm selling any time soon

Thanks for the info. Claimed the tokens. But not sure what is steem hunt and how these will be useful :)


So many dapps on the blockchain now. Getting harder to keep track. :D


Haha.. Yes you are right. Better stick to the ones that suit us :)
Which makes me think, is there like a music streaming platform on Steem (not Dsound)... Something like Musicoin or Choon.?

hey @firepower today i claimed my token to click on sp claim option but there are not showing any hunt in token balance

Last time you told about avinoc airdrop and this time steemhunt , really happy to have them here.


yeah it's good for Steemians. Avinoc distribution is still going. Received mine though. This one is great for SP hodlers. :)

all that I was ever told "never post your keys anywhere".

happy to miss it

thanks for update :) will claim them

Took a few refreshes but finally got it to work. Thanks for sharing this airdrop.

Any hope for member with SP less than 100, such like myself. Can we still get something


Yes. Everyone with any amount of SP can claim. :)