Motorcycle Travel Series by @velimir 'Why Riding?' (Part #198)

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Riding a motorcycle creates a very different feeling than driving a car. Some people say that the motorcycle is the modern-day horse, and I tend to agree. It is not just the wind, the sound, the curves and keeping the two-wheel balance. It is more than this. It is the sense of freedom from everything else there is. This difference is why riders sometimes refer to cars as "cages".

Open road with no cars is a blessing. Then the true feeling of relaxation and satisfaction kicks in. One enjoys the ride as much as the surroundings. It is the closest many people have come to feel truly free. It's quite hard to explain it to someone who doesn't ride but here I am trying, anyway. :-)

Being only responsible for oneself one can find pleasure in facing various weather conditions. I've ridden in heavy fogs, dark nights, heavy showers, burning hot sun, even frozen roads. Not that I was looking for such experiences but rather ended up in situations without a choice. You might say that I could've parked and waited and you'd be correct. However, on most of these occasions, it wasn't a real choice, because the waits could've been days long.

Today is one of the perfect riding days. Riding in the sun is what I like the most. Who doesn't? :D Seeing the sun's rays makes one feel warm already. Since its winter, the long shadows are an inevitable ornament to the overall beauty. Love to photograph these.

If you've ever planned to buy a bike and ride, the right time is always - now. None of us has several lives, so this one you should enjoy. Sometimes I say to myself: 'Do you remember moments when a decision was to be made and you hesitated? Well, if you just went for it, the outcomes would've been awesome.' There are no dreams one cannot dream and no actions one should stop oneself from taking. Time is always only - now.

This reminds me of 1961. literature Nobel prize winner, Ivo Andrić, a great Croatian author who, in deep regret for writing books throughout all of his days and nights instead of riding that nice beauty in his garage, wrote in tender tears: 'There were so many things we should have done but we didn't... Because we feared. We shouldn't have feared. We should have lived.'

85b copy.jpg

What a smart guy! Too bad it was too late, eh?

Enjoy your day! :-)

(Some images were deliberately blurred to illustrate the text, as means of artistic impression.)

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Hey @velimir Thanks for sharing some classic pictures and text. I love your energy to enjoy the life in your own way. Really I got some amazing ideas to live with joy. You're 100% right that life is only for one time so keep enjoying as much as you can. I really thanks to you for sharing these line too:

literature Nobel prize winner, Ivo Andrić, a great Croatian author who, in deep regret for writing books throughout all of his days and nights instead of riding that nice beauty in his garage, wrote in tender tears: 'There were so many things we should have done but we didn't... Because we feared. We shouldn't have feared. We should have lived.'
I really appreciate your efforts which you deliver through your words. I must say for me:
Your Message Conveyed
Keep it up your good work and Stay Awesome!

You realize the guy never said this because of a was a joke :) However, he did say that in regards to his life. ;)

Great writeup and beautiful message at the end as always.
There’s no better place to be on a hot day than cruising around beautiful lanes on your bike. Riding in the heat may be far more appealing than venturing out on a grim winter’s day, but it comes with its own set of challenges to overcome as your body deals with high temperature.
I understand the regular feeling of freedom you get while riding. I love cycling most of all because it gives me freedom. It's about being outside, the wind in your hair (that's right, you don't always have to wear a helmet :) and the sights and sounds of life in the city or countryside.
The breeze you create by riding along has its own cooling effect, and it’s sometimes only when you stop riding do you appreciate exactly how hot it is.
Why would anyone want to have an cycle exercise machine or go to a spinning class? Just get on a bike and go somewhere.
Night riding can also be fun with a decent set of lights – you’ll see familiar roads literally in a new light.
About hesitation, a great lesson was learnt. During History Class we studied a lot and there is this story always comes to mind.
Neil Armstrong like we all know is the 1st person to set his foot in moon.
But, do you know who was supposed to be the 1st person? Many don’t know…
His name was Edwin Aldrin…
He was the pilot for the Apollo mission. He was working for the American Airforce. Moreover he had experience of space walking, hence selected as the pilot.
Neil Armstrong worked for the American Navy. He was selected for his courage as co-pilot.
When the Apollo mission landed on moon, they received a command from NASA, “pilot first”.

But Aldarin was hesitant, “what will happen”, “will I get sucked in or will I burn out”, etc. The hesitation was not for hours, but few seconds.

In the meantime, NASA sent the next command, “co-pilot next”.

Within next second, Neil Armstrong put his foot on the moon & became part of world history.

World history was changed in 1 second… Though Aldarin had the qualification and talent, because of hesitation, he is not recognised by many people.

The world remembers only person or people who comes first…
This is a good example of how people lose out because of hesitation & fear just like you said about hesitation. Whenever i see the moon, i remember this, a moments hesitation can stop me from my greatest victory.
Thank you for sharing. I learnt a lot and i am inspired. Have a safe riding @velimir

Hehe...I am one of those guys who believes that the whole moon landing was shot in a studio and that it was a great All-American show to down the Russians who were 10 years ahead in the space program at the time. There are too many pieces missing from the puzzle of that great lie, my friend.

Haha. I totally agree with you. The United States government lies to us all the time. If they haven't lied to you today, maybe they just haven't had coffee yet. It's now been nearly four decades since Neil Armstrong took his "giant leap for mankind" — if, that is, he ever set foot off this planet. I agree with you that the U.S. government, desperate to beat the Russians in the space race, faked the lunar landings, with Armstrong and Aldrin acting out their mission on a secret film set, located either high in the Hollywood Hills or deep within Area 51. With the photos and videos of the Apollo missions only available through NASA, there's no independent verification that the lunar landings were anything but a hoax

I didn't believe the story.
I I just try to pick the positivity in the story i.e. the hesitation part of their story and what hesitation could do to someone. But i never believed them. Have a great day.

Thanks for an interesting post velimir :)
I have always found motorcycles interesting and alluring, what with all the grandpas looking cool with leather coats and bandannas reviving their youth. I might have considered it but my family and now my wife are fierce opposition to that idea and it enhances my fear of it - in Israel there are many accidents with motorcycles involved and it's pretty scary.
I guess I find my feeling of freedom in activities of lesser magnitude, but it is enough for me :)
I like the second photo a great deal! I can feel the happiness and freedom that you feel emitting from the motorcycle and the sun reflection hints how much the riding is an important aspect of your life, like the sun is to earth.

I like to ride on heavy bike @velimir, excellent post

You are so right. If you are going to do something you should just go for it!!

And I also think of a bike asa modern day horse. That's the artist in you :0)

thx, my awesome buddy!

No bother bike dude! :0D

I almost wanted to go out and buy a bike. Sadly I'm a family man and I need to get our car serviced and possibly exchange it for a more economic family car. But I can always drop by and read your motorcycle stories, right? :)

Hi there Jaro, thank you for stopping by. How's Finland? :) If I lived there I'm not sure I'd be brave enough to ride in that cold. But, you guys got some awesome rally roads and some of the best rally drivers in the world. Yep, I know about that. Been there, seen it! ;)

It's fine, we should be getting some below zero temps soon so I can take my boys out to ski and skate. It may not be a motorcycle season yet, but the Spring will come soon enough.

Heh I wouldn't know about rally driving, but I've driven a cab. It's about the same right? ;)

ahahahaha... you are probably right in case of two meters of snow - same thing :DDD

What is the best road you have ever tried?

A curved one! :)

i love how you put your thoughts and experience into is the magic in your post.for example
"Since its winter, the long shadows are an inevitable ornament to the overall beauty."
we have never thought of telling this idea this have add a beauty to just a set of words by placing them in the correct order..keep it up..we love your work :)

Now or Never...

Hi Velimir awesome photos!! :) appreciate your work. How did you get so popular? You might like the Mountains our AI generated.

Actually, this looks seriously interesting. It was done by AI? Amazing. Soon the world will not need artists anymore... or anyone else for that matter...

motorcycle is love. I'm not just talking about girls, the motorcycle adventure is filled with love of life. It is only possible with this tool to know the place where the sun will set, to travel the land that you live on, to share the road with people of all ages and professions, and to wander like a scream on your machine.. @velimir

Right on, a truly effective and efficient way to travel long distances.

awesome work velimir bro always enjoy your post

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Yeah, you already told me in Discord. I don't like to be studied and examined for "behavioural patterns". So, no. Examine some poor lab rats, instead.

cars are often called an "aquarium", but I dare to agree that riding a motorcycle is freedom, it's an incomparable feeling when you are being blown away by the wind, you feel the power of the motor under you and ultimately you and your motorcycle on the road are one .
You have a great experience of driving, you are constantly in juggling, you are a real fan of motorcycles and pre-car photos. Every day I do not cease to be surprised by your sunny weather, which warms the soul :)
Thank you

Nice post velimir.. After reading your article i wish to ride once in my life.. But only wish because being a wonan i m afraid to ride any vehicle..😃

Women with a lower center of gravity should have a better balance on the motorcycle.

Can I get a tricycle with tractor treads for Finland... you said it, the right time is now!

Dude, congrats on writing 5+ comments and they all make sense. :D

That is what the community guide asked for so that is what the community is getting from me. It might be obnoxious to write so often but as long as it is a sincere contribution to a meaningful conversation on steemit.... I am hard pressed not to continue on this road. Strategicially, taking the time to reply to commentary on a successful post might be the most efficient use of my time. I cannot just vote on things I like or appreciate on steemit... I will not have any votes left. If I like a content piece and so do other people, why not engage with everyone who is intrigued by the same piece?

Oh, I agree with you. Commentators are just as needed as bloggers. Please, stick around.

I need a Harley and a straight empty road.

Naaa you don't. You need anything and any road is awesome ;) hahaha

A Harley could make a lot of difference...I could compromise on the road...but never on a Harley :)

I agree, it's a different feel when riding, you can feel all the elements, and the feeling when you're in the open road, the exhilaration and excitement you feel when you're going corner after corner on mountain passes!

Only downside is when it rains lol.

A debt of gratitude is in order for sharing some great pictures and content. I adore your vitality to appreciate the life in your own particular manner. Truly I made them astound thoughts to live with bliss. You're 100% right that life is just for one time so continue appreciating as much as you can. I truly because of you for sharing these line as well:

writing Nobel prize victor, Ivo Andrić, an extraordinary Croatian writer who, in profound lament for composing books all through the greater part of his days and evenings as opposed to riding that pleasant magnificence in his carport, wrote in delicate tears: 'There were such a large number of things we ought to have done yet we didn't... Since we dreaded. We shouldn't have dreaded. We ought to have lived.'

I truly value your endeavors which you convey through your words. I should state for me:

Your Message Conveyed

Keep it up your great work and Stay Awesome!

dude how the heck did you change my words for the bottom part?

I too like to travel and see the beauty.But my parents are not allowing me to ride on a bike.They think it the most dangerous thing in the world.But when my friends go on trips for days on their bikes i feel sorry for myself.After reading this post I badly want to ride on a bike.Someday I will get the permission and ride on a bike around country

You should not ride a motorbike before riding a car for some years, anyway ;)

On my first trip on motorcycle i remember the days before I left. So much hesitation. I remember thinking, will have the courage to leave alone on my motorcycle? And my advice is: JUST DO IT! Don't think much about it after you decide to do it, chose a date and do it!!!

Traveling on a motorcycle is very attractive. You can drive everywhere, even if there is no road. When I was younger, I also liked motorcycles very much. The very first my motorcycle brand Zundapp DB 200. He stayed after the war with my relatives. They gave it to me. He was in good condition. I spent a long time exploiting it. It's a pity, it was so long ago. Now this is a rarity. It is a pity that he did not survive.

Wow ...amazing bikes.

motor bikes have a way making you feel on top of the world and the freedom that comes with it is only describable by the rider, and you can maneuver where cars cant, its a great to move around and see the country

I follow you
Because of your real life story with travel
It is just amazing to be a part of ones story
Great ride by the way
I would also want one like that

The journey of a thousand miles begins with a motorcycle, or a bicycle, or putting your shoes on your feet to defend against blisters on the 1000 mile journey which will happen anyway but with shoes on it will be less bad.

Good words I really like them

That's how Che Guevara started out as he discovered how the poor indigenous peoples on South America lived.

Travel is the most beautiful thing in the world. enjoy beautiful scenery and see new places for the first time and accompany new friends this beautiful

Yes, the beauty of man creating and riding on traveling machines is unparalled through out all of time... until time machines are released to the general public, then the greatest achievement will to have existed at all since some hooligan could really mess up the known schedule of events, which might lead to us never existing at all... unless the lack of time machines proves we live and will only live in one direction on the marching flow of time.... Spinoza!!!

Many people do not like motorcycles very much because of the safety issue, they say four lines are safer. I drive cars like motorcycles, but there's nothing better than going on the road and feeling the breeze on our faces, it's like a feeling of freedom. Excellent post friend

I've always wanted to buy a bike. I think its about time! I hope i won't regret

some beautiful bikes i like that ones

Hello @velimir..... Just see your Post ...... It has a Quality Content .... Just follow You for the new Post.... Amazing Pictures... Thanks

His photos and narratives that go along with the posts are always amazing...

wow...amazing photography dear @velimir
i like your post...thank for sharing with us..
& very good work...

very nice photography, and place is awesome
thnx for sahring this post with us....

Exactly right I also like bike ride. @velimir

I want to ride my bicycle, I want to ride my bike... I want to ride my bicycle I want to ride it where I like!

You too would have amazing photography if you just picked up your phone and practiced.... What kind of steemian are you just to talk about other people's photography?? ; )

I cannot disagree... looking forward to reading your posts as well.

I have followed you just because of this kind of amazing posts.

No doubt.... and be kind by not doing these kind of posts otherwise Steemit will no longer have any unique content to read and share.

Really an excellent picture that is stuck in my mind and reading your post
It made me think a lot. Driving in the American way really your topic is nice and

I think i seriously agree with the one you talked about motorcycle, you made me learn something new today

You are very right. it's a great opportunity to understand the fantasies I've deferred! I can trust that I likewise like the impact of composing photographs. much obliged for your proposals driving us..
Upvoted and resteemed

maybe you could ride a horse for your next adventure, and check if the similarity is correct :) Ride safe!

riding a motorbike is freedom, It is the life of the crystal, the architect of the flake, the fire of the frost, the soul of the sunbeam. This crisp winter air is full of it.

Safe trip always @velimir

That ride is beast,looking foward to your travel guide as i followed you.

I want to ride and maintain motorcycles

I can only relate with your experience only with riding a bicycle. But with bicycle, coasting downhill is the best as you wont bother pedaling it.

I agree that the experience on the motorcycle and in the car can not be compared, and certainly something that everyone has to experience. Pictures are cool! Follow me if you want to read my posts :)

very nice post

I rented a bike with a friend when we were in south of France, and I could totally relate to your thoughts about having that sense of freedom.

We were in Nice, drove to Monaco, back to Nice, onto Cannes and back to Nice again all in one day. And having an attitude of simply saying YES to crazy ideas we came up with that day. Makes me feel like I should get an article going about that now, haha!

Thanks for sharing your amazing story @velimir I could remember my bicycle journey since 2015! Miss the moment so far.

I would love try this

I love the feeling and freshness of the air while riding Motorcycles, especially Power Bikes. Lovely Experience 😘

You are quite right. it's time to realize the dreams I've delayed! I can hope that I also like the effect of writing photos. thanks for your suggestions leading us

I love riding bikes in the sunny days... Infact riding is my passion since my childhood.

Nice article. I agree with your points in this post. For me the open road on the weekend with no cars is like meditation.

Great article @velimir as always!

Hii buddy ...i like motorcycle your post arise my passion again..amazing stuff

great work @velimir keep driving !

I've actually had the opportunity to ride just once. And the experience was awesome. The feeling was raw!! When i finally get a motorcycles. I think am gonna ride till death. Lol . interesting images @velimir

Glad you are enjoy traveling around on that hog and sharing your pictures. Thank you!

i love travel.. nice photography

To be fair, some of the photos here couldn't really be worse, look at the last two, especially the totally blurry speedo. It seems to me that you're padding these posts out daily/twice daily and you earn a fortune from it. There is a lot of talk about poor content always at the top of trending. I don't mean to be offensive, I don't really expect you to care much one way or the other, and I understand you've been here a long time, have a lot of clout and a big following trying to please in the hopes of a sizable upvote in return for gushing comments about how great the photos are, but come on man, you can do a lot better than this, a little more effort wouldn't go amiss.

You could also do good and spread some love and good will with a tiny fraction of your earnings in the way of supporting some of the projects going on such as @minnowbooster @openmic, etc by delegating steem, or just a simple contribution.

I do hope you'll consider what I've said here and make steemt a better place for all, including yourself.

Best regards, Martin


I'm glad it raised some cheer for you, but it's really not the first blog of yours I've read @velimir. I've personally been involved in photography since the 1970's, I've studied photography in the early eighties, I wouldn't have to have done that, or continued to work in photography to make a diagnoses of poor photography here. If you have any real knowledge of this field, I'm certain you'd have to agree with me. Your work for rewards payout is poor, and you could do an awful lot better.

However, I apologise sincerely regarding minnow booster and your help in that direction, I do feel badly about this, it was wrong of me to assume that you would not be doing so because you post what I see as relatively poor content per earnings ratio.

You must be aware of that fact that poor quality trending posts are a major issue and frusrtration to many, and not just the minnows.

I was fully aware of the risk, knowing you have the power and the influence to bully me out of here if that's what you want to do, or generally make sure I don't get anywhere, but I took the risk on the hope your conscience would be pricked and inspire you to reach a bit deeper with your content, thus inspiring others to do the same. There is no incentive for you guys to produce any better content, no competition, so I doubt I can expect any different.

However the reason I wrote my comment here was not from the point of view of an uninformed angry fool, other than the wrong assumptions I've mentioned, but was based on the fact I'm a touring biker and a 'good' photographer, yet your posts are leading the way in trending posts. We both know your post content is not what is reaping the rewards here, and I do have respect for time served members and their benefits, but that in itself should give a sense of duty to produce the best content within your means.

However I've seen some early stuff of yours, so we both also know you can do better. I'm pretty sure if you were prepared to be straight with me here, you'd agree. You can always DM me if you'd rather not talk on a post.

I guess I'll see you round .................. or not.

While i dont think this is a terrible post. And infact i kind of liked it. I don't think its worth 500 dollars though and i think he was really fair and clear. Its your right to use your flag when you want but why not just discuss rather than also flag ? He may be new but he has targeted a huge problem. I work tirelessly to get many authors their do as a curie curator and the founder of #teamgirlpowa but so many of them spend hours researching and making sure their photos are perfect only to get 15 cents to maybe 5 dollars. Posts of this length are not concisered excellent to curies standards and yet, their largest payouts are a couple hundred if that. Just some things to ponder. Its up to you to decide what to do with your power and earnings that you feel you deserve. :D happy steeming!

Thanks @limabeing. When you think how much those dollars are worth in sbd's or steem it ends up being thousands a day. Now where on this earth can you earn that kind of money for that kind of blog put out to to a relatively small number of people. Removed all his comments too, doh.

I just wish you lot at the top would raise the bar and stop herding sheep, as it does make an absolute mockery of steemit, especially in the eyes of newcomers, which is what you need to attract.

Is it really a good life continually doing this, don't you want to do and post about genuine things that exite the life out of you.......... or is it only currency, and lots of it that gives you that buzz. I think @limabeing is absolutely right, you should be open to discuss these matters, and not feel so defensive downvoting with an air that you're above it all, or us all.

When we die, we die mate, we're no different.

So I'd like to ask you to please not downvote me, I can't afford it, and I'd like to invite you to discuss these matters, in private discourse, if necessary.

I'd even beprepared to help you make better posts.......... for no personal reward.

I have no feelings of reaping justice on you, and I am discussing a valid point, it's not good for your look to the, what's going to be soon a million, members.

I see steemit as a fascinatijng social experiment, but we're not going well in some areas, but it could be improved and look the dogs nuts, do you really not care about helping that be s reality, or is it rake it til it burns out?

Please, lets talk, no?