Mountains AI Deep Dream Art 2018-1-4

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AI Deep Dream Art

Hi guys,

These are images an AI generated. It transferred it's style onto a new images. The images are created using a Neural Network, specifically a Convolutional Neural Network.

The Art

From this image:

the AI generated:

Explaining the AI

This Neural Network falls into the category of a generative model and demonstrates how AI can be creative.

The steps the Artificial Intelligence takes to produce these images put simply are:

  1. The Neural Network which is best at handling images, the Convolutional Neural Network, is trained on a dataset with millions of images. After training the Neural Network is at a point where it can detect objects, animals, people ect.

  2. The Neural Network is then fed forward a new image.

  3. Since the Neural Network was pretrained it is able to pecieve where in the image an object is most likely to appear. This perception the Neural Network makes is then merged with the original image on a pixel level.

  4. The merged image is then fed to the Neural Network.

  5. Steps 2-4 are then repeated.

For more information you can check Google's research blog post.

Happy AI blogging!!
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From neurallearner :)


Those are fantastic! I really like the 6th one created and the 11th one created (it looks like a picasso to me). Nice work. How would you feel if I highlighted one of these in the next week or so?

That would be amazing!!! If interested you can take a look at our previous posts and check the other images the AI created as well hope to reach thosands of photos.

Sounds good. I love your stuff. I'll get to work on a post to highlight some of my favorites.

Awesome!!! Please make sure send a link to our blog really hoping to expand to additional AI related projects we have in mind. We are a very creative team and hope to be posting more AI generated content in the future.

So interesting and so beautiful! Thank you for sharing!

have you seen the deep dream generator?
you can create these images there also. there are some limits regarding the # of requests that can be submitted per unit of time because this requires a lot of compute resources

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