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Welcome to Linacre Reservoirs in Derbyshire, UK. I have decided to take you on a journey around the British countryside, starting with Derbyshire, not only because it is fairly close to my location, but also it has some of the most spectacular walks in the UK!

Address: Linacre Reservoirs: Woodnook Lane, Cutthorpe, Chesterfield, Derbyshire, S42 7AU.
Grid Ref: SK336727

There are a couple of car-parks, each being a pay and display, costing between £1.50 - £4.00 depending on how long you wish to stay.

The paths are well edged, however I wouldn't say it is completely wheelchair friendly as it can get quite muddy in some areas next to the waterside after rainfall.

Distance 2miles / Minimum time 1hr 15 minutes / Gradient 295 ft / Difficulty 1 out of 3


Linacre means arable land where flax can be grown. As early as the 13th century, linen was manufactured in the valley but it is now a beautiful backdrop for North East Derbyshire with 3 stunning reservoirs.


It is a dog friendly area, however I would suggest keeping your dogs on a lead as the waters are known to develop Blue/Green Algae which can be poisonous to dogs. Also, dogs must be on a lead around the top reservoir due to it being a conservation area.



The reservoirs were built between 1855 - 1904 to supply the Chesterfield and Derbyshire coal fields with water due to the ease of accessibility in this area. The waters were fed by the moors to the east and the reservoirs supplied water to the coal fields until 1909.


In the early days, the water was also pumped directly from the reservoirs to the local housing. It was used by the poor for soup, the middle class for laundry and the upper class for watering their gardens!



The reservoirs are surrounded by stunning woodland paths where you can peacefully amble at your leisure with your dogs or loved ones.


Two thirds of the trees are broad leaves while the remaining are larch, pine and spruce. The woodland is home to some amazing wildlife - Hens Coots and Mallards are thriving in this area as well as some wildfowl. Cuckoo's can also be regularly heard in the woodland.


There are also some surprises to be found if you look closely!


The woodland around the top reservoir is a designated conservation area due to the array of birds and other wildlife that live in the area. You will regularly see a birdwatcher or two hiding out with their binoculars or photographers with their camera waiting to capture that special moment.


I thoroughly enjoyed my trip to Linacre Reservoirs. I have to say that I wish I had paid for longer in the car park so I could have explored more!


These images are my own, taken with my Nikon D5300 using my contemporary 18 - 300mm lens.

I hope you have enjoyed my post! Thank you for looking :)

Much love, @beautifulbullies xx




a trip to such a beautiful area is indeed memorable @beautifulbullies, from the photos you show showing how beautiful the area is. I like it very much

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Sigh...the English countryside. Thank you for taking us with you and looking forward to more of the same!

I hoped you would like these @donnadavisart! :) I think you will love the next one, you could have so much fun with the pictures ;)

Looks great cracking shots. Thanks for sharing, so nice to see some colour in the sky 💯🐒

Thank you :D Yes, I love the skies from that day, the perfect balance of blue with white fluffy clouds!

I worked with and became friends with a guy that was from Derby and was a mad fan of the football team. I knew more about them than I did my own Cardinals. The point is, I know how to say the name where as most Americans don't.

Beautiful photos of a beautiful area. Thanks for sharing them with us.

Haha xD That made me chuckle! Yes people who aren't from the UK often say Derby wrong :) I am actually from Nottinghamshire and the football team here is Nottingham Forest. Forest and Derby are huge rivals in football (or soccer as you guys say ;) ) and it is always crazy around town when they play each other! Needless to say I stay out of town when that happens xD
Thank you for your reply big T! :)

these are all so beautiful, you are lucky to be close to these reservoirs, I would love to go for walks around there with my girls and our dogs. love the fairy doors xx

I am really lucky living here, I love the fact that I can just leave my house and head in pretty much any direction and find a quiet place in the countryside to relax in. The Fairy doors were an added bonus I didn't expect to find! :D xx

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Loved ambling around the countryside with you @beautifulbullies as much as I did when I have been fortunate enough to go over to the UK.

Sadly travel in the seventies we did not have camera's like we have today, developing photo's was so expensive we were skimp on our photography, such a loss! Thanks for a great walk down memory lane.

I am so glad you enjoyed the journey! :D Yes, we are very lucky with the digital era. There is really no excuse not to take as many photos as possible nowadays! I hope you will join me on my next trip too :)

What a beautiful and peaceful place to go for an afternoon. It looks so ralaxing and inviting. Was there something behind the door? Your dog looks happy to be on the walk. The structures are magnificent.

thank you :) there actually was something behind the door! I don't know if you have this game where you are, but here in England there is a rocks game where kids paint rocks and hide them and when they are found you have to take a picture and post it on the relevant facebook page, then re-hide the rock or paint one yourself and hide it! I found this little beauty...DSC_0364.jpg

My mom plays a similar game. She calls it Geo Cashing. Things are hidden all over the world and when you find a treasure you document it and then rehide it. Some pieces are moved and rehidden. My relatives play as well and they have found things from all over the world. It really keeps them busy.

Thanks for taking us for a lovely walk @beautifulbullies, I really miss them

You are most welcome, I thoroughly enjoyed it! Do you ever come back to visit the UK?

I was back for three weeks in February, first time in two years. Luckily flew out just before the Beast from the East arrived!

oooo yes, that was a pretty savage time! Great for my photos though lol :)

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What beautiful and peaceful area to relax and recharge batteries! I love the tiny door carved into that tree. It looks like a portal to another world. ;)

I love it too! I wanted to see fairies playing around the tree lol

What a beautiful environment to be, I can so much imagine myself walking up my four dogs there. Although they must be on lead, I really would enjoy the reservoirs and trees, and I'm very sure my dogs would enjoy being / walking up there.

And you had a squirrel! I adore that picture! Nice shot ... I didn't knew the quality of that lens ... but have to admit that I had noticed that lens myself. So I'm very curious and follow you up to see more of the photo's you take with that lens. I have a 70-300 but the switch every time is not that good for the camera. There's likely dust going in every switch of lens.

I love the 18 - 300 lens. I can use it for macro as well as landscape and it is pretty powerful. The only thing i don't use it for us close macro work. Thank you! :D

What an expensive parking! ) But the places are of course very beautiful, the magic forest of the fairy tale.
The dog is very cute, it seems, is it a spaniel?

Yes shs is an english cocker spaniel :)

Stunning pictures ! Wow

Thank you so much! :)

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