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What Constitutes Abuse and What Type of Content is Suitable for High-Value Upvotes? (Buildteam's Minnowbooster Project)

Image Source: BuildTeam

  • Maintaining standards on the quality of content suitable for being upvoted is important when it comes to ensuring a long and bright future for the Steem ecosystem.

  • Not everybody knows about proper academic standards for writing and ADSactly and BuildTeam would like to come together and help people understand what constitutes quality content while highlighting the importance of proper sourcing.

The Steem ecosystem is growing by leaps and bounds and provides outstanding opportunities to gain rewards through content creation and participation on sites like and

But, as the price of Steem grows alongside the Steemit social network, so do the number of spammers and abusers and con-artists wanting to farm the network in one way or another for easy money. This presents a real challenge and represents a direct threat to the survival of the entire project.

The Robots (Bots for short...)

The invention of voting and bidding bots has created a new dynamic on the platform. Before you needed to network and gain favor with Steem Power holders in order to grow your account. Now with services offering the ability to lease Steem Power or buy votes it seems everybody has access to visibility and patronage, they just have to pay for it.

Now, there are many that argue that bots shouldn't be allowed. This is a valid point but in rebuttal I need to make the point that the chain was made in a way that facilitates bots and a very open development environment in which to build upon. The idea of bots being banned from the ecosystem is most likely not possible, so lets move on and look at other options.

How can bots change their systems in order to prevent spamming, farming and general abuse of the blockchain? Many ideas have been proposed but most revolve around some sort of whitelist / approved account list being allowed to access the services provided by bots. But is this unfair to people not accepted? Doesn't this just perpetuate the problem of the few having a voice while the masses are left out? I would argue that a whitelist could be harmful if not implemented in the right way.

Image Source: Pexels

A blacklist seems to be a better way to control abuse. The problem is that a blacklist can be very subjective as well. Who is in charge of the blacklist and what criteria is being used to blacklist an abuser from using bots?

In this article I'd like to discuss a few do's and don'ts of content creation as it pertains to posting on the Steem blockchain. Again, please note that although some of these guidelines may be subjective, it is my belief that if a content producer tries to follow them, their content will be of much better value to the Steem community.

Meaningful and Original Content is the Way Forward!

I'll start by saying that I believe everyone has something of real and genuine value to contribute through their writing. Everybody is entitled to their opinion and the blockchain was made for all of us to share our ideas and opinions with the world. So I would say that your biggest ally in this process is simply using common sense.

Lets be honest... Does a copy-paste tech spec of a mobile phone really deserve to be in the HOT section? C'mon guys, if members of the Steem community found a post like this getting a huge upvote they should report it through the Steemcleaners or MinnowBooster discord servers. As a writer who often spends time in the @ADSactly server I can also say that this would be a great place to report abuse as well. The community will listen to your points and support its members. All you have to do is join to become a member. Yep, its really that easy!

What about a simple “selfie of me & my friends?” Does this really contribute to the platform and community that much, should people be able to boost it to hundreds of dollars in post rewards? Nope, I don't think so...

Now this can be messy business deciding which post is spam and which represents a sincere effort and an example of 'quality content.'

Obviously, post length is subjective as it should be. If you break your back as a photographer to get that special shot, its more than likely that people will be able to tell.

But if abusers boost their internet-downloaded pics to hundreds of dollars in post rewards it's a red flag. The community is bound to notice and are completely within common sense to report this behavior.

Image Source: Pexels

A Few More Guidelines as to What Constitutes Abuse.

One of the largest bots in the ecosystem @MinnowBooster recently needed to update its Terms of Service (TOS) in order to combat the rampant abuse taking place using its voting service. I'll just go over a few of the main points although for the complete picture, the post can be read here:

The following are the new updated guidelines of use of the service (I have received permission to publish this content from @MinnowBooster):

What constitutes abuse of @minnowbooster?

Using multiple accounts to post duplicate content and 
purchasing MB upvotes for all of them

Same goes for using multiple accounts to post low 
quality content just to farm Minnowbooster for profits

Upvoting posts with MB that are written in a copy / paste style

Using a MB vote for very short or repetitive content. 

Length is subjective, but 150 words is a good safe guideline.

Posting duplicate content is just asking to get blacklisted. Steemians want to read original content made by you! We want this to be a living breathing platform, not a boring repository of copy paste internet materials compiled as simply a means to milk the reward pool.

Short content is fine but again its a very subjective thing to decide if a one line poem deserves 100 dollars in posting rewards... Perhaps you could write something below your poem? Tell your readers what inspired you to write it? Maybe add a few pictures if there was any visual inspiration involved?

Photography Post Rules:

Single photo posts are not allowed.

Photography posts must contain supporting text 
and show significant effort in terms of 
production value (location, setup, lighting and subject) 
to be considered boostable.

Again this seems reasonable. If you are a photographer, why not place a few pictures in a post rather than just a single image? If you really want to show off a single image because you're incredibly proud of it, that's fine too, I'm sure if you are that passionate about it you could write a few paragraphs about the experience of getting that magical shot right?

Public Domain Content:

Sources and Authors used in posts must be 
correctly cited and linked to original content

This is a very important point. As a writer on Steemit you should try your absolute best to follow academic standards. You can write about whatever you want, you can use the work of others and stand on their shoulders but you must do it the correct way.

Lets say that I wanted to quote a snippet from an article I enjoyed. Instead of copying and pasting it into my post, I would format it as a quote and tell readers where I got the information from in the source list below. Don't know what I'm talking about? Let me show you a few screenshots of an article I recently wrote on @techblogger.

Here is the article:

This was written about a robotic pet that can help remind you to be more social... I know right?! What's going on with the world these days eh?

Anyways, let me show you where I needed to quote some information from the article in which I learned about this new and strange pet.

Notice the middle paragraph is a different shade and indented? This was copied and pasted from the original article in which I sourced. If you would like to do this but don't know how, the Steem markup language requires a (>) in front of the text which it will convert to the formatting which I have shown above. Finally it is important for my readers to know where I got this quote from. I provide a list of my sources at the end of my article. This can be seen in the image below:

So there you have it. If you want to write about a topic and you are using research materials to create it follow the method in which I taught above and you'll be on par with the world's greatest academics. Lets keep things civil and high brow on the Steem blockchain shall we?

Image Source: Pexels

I know my fellow @ADSactly society members know how important it is to protect Steem and maintain it as the top crypto platform for social interaction. We don't want farmers, plagiarists or spammers clogging up the feeds. We want real posts made by real people. I hope some of these ideas have helped clarify what I feel constitutes abuse and in knowing we can all be aware of these guidelines as we continue to write and publish to our heart's content.

Once I found Steem I was amazed that someone hadn't thought of it earlier! If you have already moved from Facebook to Steem, I commend you.

We can make Steem what we want it to be. It's a community effort after all.

What do you think about the abuse taking place on the blockchain? How can we promote a healthier environment for original content producers? How can we help them get more visibility for their outstanding content?

Here's a chance for the @ADSactly community to leave their thoughts and opinions on this topic!

Thanks for reading.

Authored by: @techblogger

In-text citations sources:

"MinnowBooster - Updated Terms of Service (ToS)" - MinnowBooster

Image Sources:

MinnowBooster, Pexels

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Abuse here is the place to be. Over time, the platform is growing, which means that the number of messages is growing. In any place there will always be very nasty people who want to get "easy" money. They are not used to creating - they just copy information from other sources and give it away for their own. Besides them, there are many spammers and they are a threat.

But there is another problem that many good bloggers are facing. It is lack of support. Everyone understands that without support here - the probability of getting a good reward for their work is low. I see a lot of messages from users who work their time and labor in creating a quality message. But they do not get support and lose motivation and optimism. At other times, spammers abuse the system and get a good income.

On the other hand, I see many "strong" users who support newcomers. This is very good in my opinion and is a counterweight to spam messages. I know some users who do this.
I have an idea to create support for talented and promising bloggers. I want to organize the support of good messages and the maintenance of newcomers who bring value. Thus, we can affect the overall trend of messages. That is to help in the development of promising bloggers and weed out spammers and those who abuse. If I find support for my idea, I can achieve a result in this work.

Thank you, good article

Abusers are everywhere in this world. I am thinking to myself if we limit the bid to the bots for each users. I.e 50 SBD per week or per month. In this way many steemit users can use the bots equally. And people will only send bid to the post they only believe that needed an attention. It will also stops many bot their service because of the limit and only reputable one will remain.


Will no nothing, multi-accounting would rule the day still, as it does even now. Every limit imposed on all users will just lesson the value to those who want to invest big sums and won't hassle true abusers much.

Sure thing! All the bots should have double mission - to support only the value, good content and to discriminate spammers or any other shit content makers. I hope it is technically possible to generate bots which start to clean the steemit from such shitty content posts... I see growing number of accounts which don't generate anything useful for community - informative, artistic, creative... just searching for extra money for nothing. In such community, built up on a real currency, all the spam makers should not be tolerated. I hope I am not the only one who think like this.

Hi adsactly...
nice to hear about minnow booster new policy against spammers and low quality work or copy paste articles.Others boost should follow these steps to encourage good work and quality.
many people start using steemit but cannot handle it and quit.How to write a good article and not to be spam. in my opinion people with some skills or knowledge can make their place here easily .
when any body starts a business ,work hard on it according to its requirements for why not on steemit. For your original quality work use your good skills here like art ,photography or others.If you don't select tags you want to work on them and improve your knowledge by reading good books and articles about it.

You have touched upon a really painful subject for many. I have not been watching the trend messages section for a long time, because most of the time it is filled with meaningless silly posts that have gained their payout with the help of bots. It really makes me upset and depressed. I deliberately refused to use bots in my posts. Even if the post is less than a dollar and my vanity is dead, I hold on and I don't go to the bot. I chose an honest way. I urge everyone to take this path. Stop, stop milking the system! So we will not be able to become a platform 1 on the Internet.
Imagine a situation. A major investor learned about the Steemit and decided to take a look at what it is. It opens the page of the trend. And what does he see? He sees real shit that doesn't make any sense. Of course, the investor will leave.
I fully support the idea of flagging those ridiculous messages raised by bots. We must all fight for an honest and fair Steemit. Every dollar given to a bot to a worthless post is a dollar taken away from those who really work, and deserves awards.

Not sure what to say. I have been tearing my nails off try to comprehend the disparity of the people that claim they are writers, poets, painters, builders, philosophers. Very depressing, I spend hours upon hours learning to stay in touch with technology. Everytime I think that I have a leg up, I get trumped. As you can see I am new to the community. I am floored by the members on here that have no content whats o ever, yet have a wallet that sends shivers down my spine.
It has always been a uphill battle for me it seems. I never ever like the way the people of the world embrace certain ideals. The "mob" has always scared me. Me personally have seldom been on the same highway, and have always taken the back road to salvation.
My experience with other multimedia platforms as left me with a bitter taste in my mouth. I learned the hard way, you see, I was raped by a IP huger. My music and written word were ripped out of my so called copyrighted thought. Going into a tail spin I vowed not to let that happen again. It has been two years since my father and best friend past away. It is a unbelievable feeling watching souls die, enlighten souls, competent souls. I look at the people that survive and wonder to myself when am I going to wake up. The dream that I am currently in is full of dismay, trespassers, resentment, sadness. I often say the same as the author, the copy paste generation. No original thought, they want it easy, they want a quick fuck. The moral and ethical standards of the people that embrace the devilish placement of embedded corporations. Microsoft, Google, Facebook, Apple are an example of entities of abusual fortification offering "free" cookies to the unsuspecting children.
I will close with this poem....
Do not look over there
You will not like what you see
If you come with me
Over the glade will be
just over the sea
there will be a blanket
covering your state of being

r.a. di pietrantonio

take care, beware, I will be waiting for thee

bid bots is a money making machine on their part, they should only vote that is quality and original content, the whole concept of reward is meaningless if spammer are richer and wiser than quality content creator.

Minnowbooster is helping Steemit to get better!


I have been so furious about the crappy content in the trending and hot page. When an artist like me with quality posts get zero attention after posting since aug of 2016 (another account). But yesterday I was looking how much they actually make. Of a 770$ post they have paid for 730$. If someone wants to pay that amount to get attention go ahead. I feel sorry for them not being able to create quality and have to buy their fame

Like you rightly said, the war against bidbots is like a lost war. Personally, I don't support it one bid and I've made a few comments round the community which showed my disapproval but what can we do, the chain was built to allow it, therefore, people will keep building them. I only hope the bot owners will get to read this and implement a couple of things here to help clean the community else it will be a case of flower and bee which @tarazkp wrote about last night.

This is a direct quote from Wikipedia-
In ethics, value denotes the degree of importance of some thing or action, with the aim of determining what actions are best to do or what way is best to live (deontology), or to describe the significance of different actions (axiology). It may be described as treating actions themselves as abstract objects, putting value to them. It deals with right conduct and good life, in the sense that a highly, or at least relatively highly, valuable action may be regarded as ethically "good" (adjective sense), and an action of low, or at least relatively low, value may be regarded as "bad".[citation needed] What makes an action valuable may in turn depend on the ethic values of the objects it increases, decreases or alters. An object with "ethic value" may be termed an "ethic or philosophic good" (noun sense).

I also tackled what I view as quality, to help ourselves learn about ourselves and overcome the creation of evil we participate in, and quality information to change the world, as a result. I also like important quality posts about how to improve and make Steemit succeed. That's how I curate.
Cheers ~~

Thanks for the piece.

I've been seeing quite a bit of "fair use" abuse here. I'd like to see it a bit tighter.


I like the fact that a whale like @adsactly dropped this piece. I'd like to see more of this kind of positive/proactive approach from other high profile peeps.

Perhaps some of this could be frequently attached to or highlighted by some of the amazing curation you guys must do.

It has come to my attention that this is what we want for the future of STEEMIT, no? When it comes to Sophia the Robot and SingularityNET it doesn't surprise me that so much automation is taking over cryptocurrency. Even curation. False curation at that.Isn't curation supposed to prove quality? Here's what I can see people saying about Steemit in the future:"Don't bother with steemit unless you know how to code a bot.""Don't bother with Steemit unless you can afford to put up $100 just to promote your post"Here is one quote I've seen an upvote bot using:

"Don't power-up! Send your SBD to the upvote bot so people can't see that you're upvoting yourself!

I watch people dump crazy amounts of money into bots. What is this, iRobot? Most bot services don't even care about the content they upvote, they are happy to do it for the money!

In my conclusion

I have determined that nobody gives a damn and people are going to abuse the system until steemit is worthless. Only then will someone with enough power speak up.


That is disappointing indeed. You may be right as well. I think that the community will come together and make Steem a better platform as a result but I've always been quite positive and forward thinking... It may be naive but I'm still hopeful things are going to get better on Steem!


Only then will someone with enough power speak up.

The only people with the guts to do something is @berniesanders and @grumpycat. Everybody else with the power to stop the abuse seems to be sucking up as much SBD as they can, completely ignoring the giant Pink Elephant sitting in the room. Of course, the same people who aren't doing anything about it are also making serious cash with upvotes, upvote bots and more.

Original and meaningful content is the way forward.

This is a whole lot of information @adsactly. Creativity is truly the best option for every steemian that wants his work appreciated. But unfortunately, sometimes these original contents end up with low payouts and that can be very discouraging thereby leading one into the act of plagiarism..
In my humble conclusion , posting creative contents should be for the passion and not primarily for the rewards. That will be of great help. Who knows?you just might get that shocking reward you desire.

Great community @adsactly

really when i join steemit i done as u mention above ...but some how i tried to make a blog with my ideas but i din,t get a well responce from there.
1:blockchain rule of sharing is good but mostly people share just for earning and they have not such a good content,
2:initials doing copy paste that make a less knowledge to others.
3:a sigle selfi is benificial for thoes who have worth in steemit...people like me and their selfies are just a garbage hahaha....

your post seems to be not a post but experiance thanks for sharing.

This is rightly said @Adsactly, the platform is almost becoming unbearable even for those who do quality contents. I wish everyone would be subject to these rules. With that people will work had and always have faith in their rewards.


Quality content is the way forward. It was what the platform was built for and it is how it should be used. If everyone followed proper guidelines for their writing the whole platform would look a lot better as a result of it.

I think the main abuse in this platform is plagiarism. If you are using other people's content, you must link to the source in the bottom of a post. That way we can reduce plagiarism.


Yes, I would agree. The plagiarism on the platform is a big problem. As a community we must find and report abusers like this as quickly as possible.

great share.totally loved the community support

Nice post. Always posted a great post herewith us, and this post is also a great one as well as most informative articles about to work on steemit...
Most important knowledge discuss with us and also guide us how works on this network for going to upwards in right way.
Thanks a lot for such a great post @adsactly.
I definitely resteem this post because its great as well as inspirational, informative for everyone.

information about posting photography was too much helpful for the community!!

allows each person to get certain exposure on the platform and yeah you control to fee it. The right of entry to exposure for all is extraordinarily sunny for the platform. About the "abuse" part, simply Whales look after it. Let's contract real!

Bot allows everyone to have some exposure on the platform and yeah you have to pay it. The access to exposure for everyone is very good for the platform. About the "abuse" part, only Whales do it. Let's get real!


Yah well my point wasn't saying that bots are the greatest thing ever, just that they exist now and that probably won't change. What we need now is constructive discussion about how we can make things better for original content producers.

Blacklists should definitely be much larger than they are now lol.

Hmm..its a post to read..l really disapprove to the existence of these bid bots but.... Thanks anyway @adsactly

Good post. thanks

hello I'm Mos a new member. nice to meet you.

Sometimes minnows just use bot to get upvote without maintaining a quality content of the post. Black list is good solution. Thank you

Wow..... Good post.. Thanks


I see your point about the bots boosting posts and why we need some kind of blacklisting.

This is not so different from paying to boost posts on Facebook even of your content isn't super excellent.

I will rather want to see a solution to plagiarism. This is a big headache even beyond steemit.

Intellectual properties are being looked down upon and stolen like breathing air.

What to you think can be urgently done about this?

which is suitable for rebels, we remove him from steemit.

Well, like you said, where there are great guys, there will always be people trying to take advantage of the system. It's just the normal way of life. I feel guys like your group should also try to support the little guys more, before they get discouraged and quit.

That would be a loss to the community.

Like you rightly said, the war against bidbots is like a preoccupied war. Personally, I don't look after it one effort and I've ready a only some notes sequence the group of people which showed my condemnation but I'm sorry? container we do, the lock up was built to consent to it, therefore, family will shelter construction them. I merely expectation the bot owners will follow to comprehend this and put into operation a fasten of effects at this juncture to aid untainted the similarity also it will be a litigation of flower and bee which @tarazkp wrote about stay fresh night.

It would be cool if all worked out as you said, I guess it's possible to do it.

Nice post

Thank you for your thoughts.

How about my art work to encourage good work and bright future for the Steem ecosystem.

How about my ideas?
Let's Steemians use emoticons to express their minds.





The entire post could be explained in just two points after the content is posted:

  1. If you dont have the money, Get in a relationship with "WHALES" or ass kiss them.

  2. If you have the money, "PAY THE BOTS".



No. I don't think you read the article clearly. Firstly the point was made that bots are a reality now, they are probably not going away. Beyond that the article talked about needing communities and supporting each other assuming members make QUALITY content and follow proper academic standards in posting. Beyond that it explained how to write in an academic fashion. It also asked for proposals as to how Steem could be changed for the better. Read it again. ;)


i did bro.. The thing is, steemit wont be the way it was anymore.. We might never be able to see good content on trending page. No1 here is for good content, its just about the money. Have u seen 2 lines or just a photo type poss on trending page? when peole like me confront them, we get flagged. its becoming a sad fact.

Do you know i have posted a 100 times i guess as to how can we make steemit a better place again, they flag me for spamming, why? coz im trying to tell everyone to change steemit and make it genuine.
10 similar posts get then same answer from me..

I might be flagged again, but these are the points iv been making. Taking a risk one more time:

a) We need good content on trending page, and no 2 liners or only specific content related or of specific members only or just a dinner shot.
b) Bots should review the posts before upvoting.
c) Need genuine Meritocracy, not fake (Give Fair chance to everyone, not just the rich)
d) Meetups/Programmer related posts should be funded privately, and not by trending, This is not called good content. Need a separate page for it like an UPDATE or ANNOUNCEMENT page without votes.
e) Or You can remove Trending and Hot page, so people will only look for content they are intrested in, using search bar or tags, & not upvote only for rewards.
f) We also need Reward limits and Posts limit. I guess if we keep max 200$ per post and max 5 posts, that comes to 1000$ per day means 30000$ per month. Which is morethan enough for any one to live life in any part of the world. and obviously you can invest in steem/SBD or other cryptos. This will also limit greed.
g) Also a minimum reward like 50 cents to 1$ (more or less i leave to experts) for every post with a minimum content (bots can handle this im sure) will give a boost to minnows, and will also lead to genuine wealth distribution.
h)Flagging should be removed, and i have seen and experienced personal grudges being removed by the whales who rarely posts due their high deligated power, and just flags the posts of members they dont like for whatever reason.

All the above points will eliminate the "Central Banking System for the Rich only" & "FB/YouTube content sensoring" type scenarios thats going on on steemit.

It's very good to encourage quality work because we put in great effort in making good work. Great post though! Thanks @adsactly for sharing :) Upvoted and resteemed.

Lets be honest... Does a copy-paste tech spec of a mobile phone really deserve to be in the HOT section? C'mon guys, if members of the Steem community found a post like this getting a huge upvote they should report it through the Steemcleaners or MinnowBooster discord servers. As a writer who often spends time in the @ADSactly server I can also say that this would be a great place to report abuse as well. The community will listen to your points and support its members. All you have to do is join to become a member. Yep, its really that easy!

i agree that's point ......I got a lot of information in this big article......!!!

I have No knowledge about steem because i am new here...One think which can i understand here is to build community and follow best people which give informative post such like that....

Great post, the best information !!
I love your post

As far as using bots the answer is quite simple: Limit the number of bots that can be used in a post. Those making hundreds off post that the transparency bot is highlighting are using five, six, seven bots to achieve that amount of money.

Very nice post, thanks for sharing

Bot should stop for value of good post.

that is a hideous tale