MinnowBooster - Updated Terms of Service (ToS)

We will be taking new measures to eliminate inappropriate use of our service. Abusers be warned, a new policy is being put in place and if you continue to upvote content that violates our TOS, we will be removing your upvote and declining a refund payout.

What constitutes abuse of @minnowbooster?

  • Using multiple accounts to post duplicate content and purchasing MB upvotes for all of them
  • Same goes for using multiple accounts to post low quality content just to farm Minnowbooster for profits
  • Upvoting posts with MB that are written in a copy / paste style
  • Using a MB vote for very short or repetitive content. Length is subjective, but 150 words is a good safe guideline.
  • Using the service via automation scripts and bots
  • Scraping information from MB website

Photography Post Rules:

  • Single photo posts are not allowed
  • Photography posts must contain supporting text and show significant effort in terms of production value (location, setup, lighting and subject) to be considered boostable.

Art, Video & Animation Post Rules:

  • Posts must be originally produced by the author and contain supporting text.
  • Memes are not considered art.

Public Domain Content:

  • Sources and Authors used in posts must be correctly cited and linked to original content

Forbidden Topics:

  • Violence, self-harm, gore
  • Politics & political opinion
  • Religion
  • NSFW

Use discretion in upvoting posts, using a small MB upvote for short content may be okay under some circumstances but think about the content you are upvoting and decide based on the criteria we have laid out.

What is @minnowbooster's new policy in dealing with abuse? Users who violate our TOS regarding upvotes will face the following consequences:

1.) Your post will be unvoted by Minnowbooster
2.) You will not receive a refund for the original upvote.
3.) Your account can be blacklisted


User errors while using our upvote or delegation services are non-refundable

Violation of these TOS can result in a temporary or permanent blacklisting. In case user is blacklisted, the first 10 transactions done by the user are returned with a warning in the transaction memo.

Any amounts sent won't be refunded after 10 warnings.

What can MINNOWBOOSTER do for you?!

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Minimum Upvote0.01 SBDMinimum SBD you can send
Upvote comments?Can Be Enabled
ProfitAlways Guaranteed!Varies with SBD price, but always receive more than send.
Minimum Lease Purchase1 STEEM
Maximum SP Lease / Steem1 STEEM/50 SPPrice per week/Lease size
Minimum SP Lease / Steem1 STEEM/400 SPPrice per week/Lease size

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We are happy to hear your feedback about where we can improve.

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I hope that all the other upvote bot services follow your footsteps in putting down strict rules against vote abuse through bots.

A lot of trending post are there because most of upvote bid bots have no rules to adhere to upvote posts.

I appreciate your rules.

Given time, it is @minnowbooster's belief that this new policy and the enforcement of it will do a considerable amount of good in terms of bringing back quality posts made by real minnows. Thanks for your appreciation and understanding of this new policy.

Agreed, it is very important to crack down on users that are abusing the system. This is a great step in the right direction, thank you @minnowbooster for all your help, support, and dedication to the Steem network!

Yes we felt that we need to make some changes to our Services and here we are ... Thanks for your appreciation and support :)

how long did it took to get a steem level of 60?
any tips for a starter?

For starter, the only tip you need to put in your head is to always post interesting content consistently. As you can see, getting votes is not very easy unlike before.

true that.

thank you. i think some of my posts are somewhat interesting well for some people

Well your rep increases when you get upvotes
If you get whale upvotes then it increases faster

Great to see that you're putting in some real effort to try and prevent abuse. I'd really like to see a bigger effort from some of the bid-based bots too, without them it's a losing battle.

What exactly is abuse? Its not like if I buy a vote I get any profits.. in fact the rewards from the votes are always a negative ROI when what I pay for the vote :/


Well if you add SBD + STEEM then you're always in profit

I appreciate your rules!

I disagree with part of your terms. I'm against upvoting poor quality content and vote farming because that generally makes the steemit world a worse place, but why would you put restrictions on the type of content people produce? Who cares if someone wants to write about religion or politics.

Yeah, I get you can do whatever you want, but I find a clause for "Forbidden Topics" to be a bit much.

Since we sell votes of users, we want to protect them from having their vote on things they may not agree with. So if you buy the vote of someone who disagrees with you on a controversial topic, we don't want them finding themselves upvoting stuff the disagree with.

I agree that politics if done respectful are good for steem. But we have to protect our sellers in that regard.

Mmmmh. This is a tricky one. I think that politics is an interesting topic and it seems to me that an article that expresses political views can trigger a lively discussion with many comments which is good for Steemit and the community.

The other thing is; if someone decides to sell their votes through minnowbooster, doesn't that inheritably have the consequence that your vote goes to content you may not like or may disagree with. If this is an issue then maybe you shouldn't sell your vote.

But as I said; it's a tricky one. I think MB is taking some big steps in battling spam and making Steemit better and I applaude you for it.

I guess I can see that. I can't really get behind the whole vote selling thing. I loan out steem power through your platform, and I have a hard time even coming to terms with that. I probably spent more time researching the users applying for the loans than the interest is worth, and I still don't feel good about it. But, that's how due diligence works sometimes. If I couldn't do some sort of due diligence myself, I just wouldn't get involved.

But, I'm glad you are running a responsible service and putting quality controls in place. I appreciate that as a steemian and human being.

Since we sell votes of users, we want to protect them from having their vote on things they may not agree with.

Aha, it makes sense now! I'd thought Minnowbooster was simply acting on inputs from... Taliban. If not from Trump.

How about letting the vote-sellers tick boxes, to decide what forbiddance should apply to their vote? Perhaps politics, religion and activism-against-violence shouldn't be ostracized, if the platform is meant for mass adoption?

Disclaimer: I have used MinnowBooster just once and it was fantastic. It was rule-compliant, if I may add. :)

We are adding more and more tools to it so sellers get more control over what they sell. We are currently focusing on reducing the abuse of our bot and having votes available for when genuine users need them.

I think well articulated political and religious posts are valuable to the community because they promote critical thinking and open debate/activity. I also disagree with those restrictions. Glad I'm not alone there.

Well these are the topics that get the community offended and Minnowbooster has always been a community that helps another community thats why these rules were set

Hope this will bring a reasonable changes.

before I was very happy to hear the news that minnowbooster issued a new policy that may later be able to provide guidance for me who is still a beginner in this esteem world, it would be better if later I make mistakes or mistakes that are not related to the main points of the rules of program development policies such as violence, elements of racial and religious harassment, whether I am directly blacklisted or other sanctions, if it is advisable to make a kind of warning or warning before a fatal sanction, I am very proud and uphold the values ​​of standard rules Operating procedure from program developers, thanks for your attention and cooperated

That is tremendous. If this could be monitored and carried out accordingly,it is will minimize this artitude.

It can be monitored and will be carried out. It is up to the Steem community to help track and monitor abuse. Farming, plagiarism, low quality posts boosted to high levels... None of it is acceptable and the rules have now been made more clear. Hopefully people will think twice about breaking these rules or they will have to face the consequences of their actions...

This is encouraging to see.

I like your all content because your content type and quality is so good.

Thank you very much for providing so many services and helping us grow

rules that's right. will you break up old users? Before same being asked rules

There have always been rules. If you are a member of the MB Discord you will see the channel #mb-tos but the fact is most people don't care to follow them and just do what they want. That is going to change now as everyone needs to work hard to make this a quality platform with quality content.

I can't use the discord . I got banned in your group. I sent the queries by hand, but a lot of times. Now when I see the rules, I understand that was wrong. Is there a way to get out of the ban? or is it forever? I recommend to enter at least one warning and not just ban

I cant say when but there may be a system change in which users who were blacklisted for automatic voting get another chance. Until then just try to improve your posts.

How to delegate SP to market?

Delegating in the market has fixed returns and you can see these before filling the order. While delegating to the bot lasts until you cancel, on the market there are fixed periods and you have to be active in filling new leases.

Returns will be paid out to your STEEM wallet in daily increments. Visit the market http://www.minnowbooster.net/market and click "Fill Offer" to fill any offer you like

This sound like a good move! Hopefully my blacklist status will be removed :)

Thank you for sharing this special post.

This is great. If this could be monitored and done accordingly,it is will curb this artitude.

Yah other bot services should do the same

Yah other bot services should do the same

I use minnowbooster very seldom, I dont have enough sbd to buy votes.

i filled out the appeal form to be removed from the blacklist, what happens now? i can't ask about this in discord because i was kicked out for asking about the blacklisting.....
is there a chance for me to be able to use minnowbooster ever again?

Perhaps you were impolite to one of the mods? Feel free to join the discord server again but keep in mind mods are very busy handling requests.

thank you so much for giving another chance. and yes, i will be careful about my behaviour

Great Initiative :) Hope you will able to judge correctly by not banning original authors :) Thank you for good work

Thanks for your information and I do appreciate it @minnowbooster.

good ..sir you are doing best because some cheeters makes double accounts and trap all of us....its cheeting...they are all hungry ..sharks..and want to all but the wrong way they use...

thanks for upvote done

It's good to have new policies of course to fight abuse. Just be sure to do it right. You've messed up your codes, twice already and hoping it's the last. There's no guarantee in life though is there?

The new minnows really need feature of teaching them all about the site and how to get in easily with steemit....

Tanks to share

and I thought this will never be done....finally :)

The rules have been laid out a lot more clearly. Now it is up to the community to report abuse and eventually things should get a lot better on the blockchain as a result! Minnows who post quality content and upvote it should have nothing to fear as long as they follow the MB TOS closely.

so this is not the rule, programmed into a code. We will see if a community will be able to catch every abuse... there are a lot of them

We're not there yet, but reducing manual work over time through automation is certainly a direction we'd like to move in. Complete automation is very difficult to achieve, although some things like scanning post content to look for objective metrics like word count, single photo posts, etc is quite feasible.

I know. Automation makes lot of people scarred, because it has lot of potential (in positive side) for those who like to make things easier, and also potential (from negative side) for those who like to supervise other people (and also make a lot of money out of it...like facebook or google with selling adds). But in every way it requires a lot of work and knowledge to set all parameters and codes in place.

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Apa penyebabnya akun saya masuk daftar blacklist ??

I had read your ToS. I agree. So, try my best.

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mmmmmm guess its ok

You guys are working to do the best voting service in steem. This is out of the question.

If you ask me, instead of decreasing the day for bid (48hs from now as i can see) its better to control the ussers and certificate them.

I mean if i "register" on MB someone should watch my account and then "certify" the usser.

This time change ruins me a little, but ill try to adapt. Ill use to bid without a rush, now ill be a little in a hurry after do a post. I mean, ill post 3 times (max) in a week cuz i dont want to decrease the quality of my content, then ill just have plenty time to send bids (watching the chart on the site) now this screw my mechanics...

But wel... as i say, MB is the best Voting Market in the entire community.

But this change screw me XD

Thanks for all, and sorry my shitty english

That great change from MB team. I'm sure that will decrease abuse from Steemit platform.

Congratulations @minnowbooster!
Your post was mentioned in the Steemit Hit Parade in the following category:

  • Upvotes - Ranked 7 with 1067 upvotes

And why you didn't mentioned that you are now use capcha at minnowbooster.net?

This is good news, helping to make steemit a better place, I've only just recently (today in fact) found out much information myself about how to post properly. I have been guilty of copy and paste articles without giving my own opinion, needless to say I will be changing the way I write in the future, thanks, and thanks to @cheetah for pointing me in the right direction also

i hope that every one the alternative upvote bot services observe your footsteps in setting down strict guidelines in opposition to vote abuse through bots.

quite a few trending post are there due to the fact most of upvote bid bots haven't any guidelines to stick to upvote posts.

I appreciate your guidelines.

here is a very good example for ssomeone that needs to be blacklisted, copy paste postings and comments and thinks it is not visible when using a fancy program which switches some words ...
Well and obiously he is veeery dumb to post that shit here xD
Oh and he is using minnowbooster to upvote his copy/paste postings

got to be no-brainer and lowlife :P I don't know, just seems like it, maybe I'm wrong

You gotta laugh at it though, literally the worst place to put that stuff, I guess he got unvoted by MB.