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Goodbye January and hello LOVE! So, maybe I am a bit late but, happy new year people! I have no idea where and how but January seemed to disappear on me, sneaky little fella. I remember December but then everything turns vague and blurry :D So... If anyone asks where are my Actifit posts from that month, just tell them that there was no January in my 2019. This year started just a couple of days ago...

Joking aside, for some reason January was hectic and I could not organize myself and the time I had. Days went on very fast and as much as I was always doing something, I did nothing and feel completely unproductive. Luckily for me, February came and everything changed so I feel like I got a second chance at a fresh new start.

Two walks today went on lovely. The morning one was a bit longer. I was happy that rain finally stopped falling and I could get outside without getting wet. The thing is, I have my walking sneakers that are only for dry terrain so when it is raining outside, I do now walk but exercise indoors instead. A month went by and I can not really say that I did a lot of indoor exercising, as I have already said, January was hectic. This all changed a couple of days ago and will change some more in the next days. The thing is... I will probably start regularly going to a sports training soon, probably from March and I have to get my body ready for it. What sport? I will keep that a secret for now.

As far as my mental activity goes, I am currently using all of my placebo-creating brain to not be sick and thinking what else can I put in my body to be better. Wanna play a fun game I like to call "Name that vitamin"? lol, yeah, I took them all just as minerals and the strongest chemistry I could find that did not need a prescription. I try to fix myself up and I always give myself 3 days to do it. If the symptoms do not go away, then I go to the doctor. I am on day one so fingers crossed that I get to my usual self soon. On a happier note, over a week a go I made a post celebrating my first year on steemit and I told you that I will be giving away some presents. 5 people that left me the best comments would receive 2 SBI shares each, and they did. The other thing is delegation. Each one of those five people needs to tell me what group they would like me to delegate 50 SP to. It is not a problem if more than one person nominates the same group. So, @thereikiforest, @riverflows, @jaynie, @irelandscape, @alexs1320 contact me in the comments or on discord and let me know what group you have in mind.

There you go my lovely people, my first Actifit report in 2019 is done. If someone finds January, tell that jerk I am looking for him :D

Until next time,
and use ActiFit!

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Hi there. Maybe it took you the month of January to recover from the New Year party? 😋
If course I would recommend StemQ or steemstem with regards to delegation!😉
Having said that there are some other good projects out there such as knacksteem and partiko which I use extensively on the mobile.

It has been done honey, StemQ got the delegation.
As for the recovering, maybe and maybe it is just how 2019 is going to be, with disappearing months :D

Thank you! 😀

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Welcome back to actifit, dear Petra! I was missing you! In the meantime I enjoyed your excellent articles!

It is good to be back, thank you 💚

I've been wanting to give to this app a try for a while now, can't wait to see how it works :)

Give it a try, it is really amazing!

I always thought January was never actually a month. Welcome back.

Good, I am not the only one :D

January?? Meh...I missed most of that month too lol or at least that's how I feel 😂

I hope you feel much better asap. Sending some Reiki love your way to help BeautyFull 💖🙌💖 and Happy 2019 to you as well Dear!

Thank you so much for the SBI 🙏 I would so much love if you could please delegate to our most amazingly amazing #powerhousecreatives family 💯

✨You rock Petra!✨

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I am glad to know that I am not the only one who missed January :D
I am feeling better today and expecting to be perfect tomorrow, thank you for your love honey, sending you some too 💚💚💚
I am still waiting for @jaynie to respond so I know how much delegation to give, 50SP from your prize or 100 from yours and hers together.
Enjoy your day!

Thank you so much for such a generous gift sweetie! And you can go ahead as we discussed via DM! MWAH!!! Was such a lovely surprise, and sorry for the delayed reaction in responding!!! xoxoxo

So glad you are feeling better! and I greatly appreciate the love 💯
Thank you again BeautyFull!😀

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aaah thank you darling!!!! @thereikiforest!


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Here you go... this is January, but they have changed their name apparently!

As for an sport? I'm guessing table tennis? well, that's what I would choose... on the other hand billiards would also be up there, but I think that is more a mind sport than a physical one!

Anyway, welcome to the new year! It's pretty much the same as the last, but you are in time for the Chinese NEW YEAR!

Yeah, the new Pig year, that will be exciting! nope, not table tennis and not hand billiards. It is more active than that. Keep on guessing :)

Squash? Pole Dancing? Archery!

Hahahahaha, nope but if I had to choose from those 3, I would pick archery :)
Let's make a deal, if you guess what the sport is, there 1 SBI in it for you.

Yoga? Rock climbing? Juggling?

I hear you!!! January was racing by really fast. And February seems to be the same way. Maybe we have to run faster to keep up with them LOL How fast does time run? Hmmmmm

Yup, they really are fast, I guess we need to learn to fly :)

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