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Museum Mile

For this evenings acifit post I share some photos taken with my iPhone, this morning after i asked yesterday if anyone had any places in NYC they would like to see shots of @dswigle mentioned the Frisk Museum, so I decided to do a walk along Museum Mile for tonight's post.
At the tie I walked along the area of 5th Avenue known as Museum Mile all the museums were closed, I did visit many of them when I first moved here but haven’t been to any for years maybe that's something. Should start working on visiting a few of them.

I took it a little easier today so my focus was to make sure I got over 10K and didn't push it to do much more today the last few days I whale walked a lot and I am not as young as I used to be LOL

This first shot is of the Museum of New York City


iPhone XS
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Next Up is the Jewish Museum, the order I am sharing is te order as I passed them


iPhone XS
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And next up is the Cooper Hewitt Smithsonian Design Museum


iPhone XS
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And one of the perhaps more well known Museums in NYC the Guggenheim


iPhone XS
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I am not sure this next shot is a useful, but the feign on the wall did have te word museum or art on it and I forget to go across the road and see what it was


iPhone XS
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And next up another very well known Museum the MET, they have an exhibit o Rock Music at the moment that I do want to go and see, and I have bene there twice and the lines to get in were crazy both times, I do not like crowds or Queues and both times i decided hell no I am not queuing up and moved on, but one day I must show some patience que up and go see inside the MET again


iPhone XS
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I am also not sure if this is a museum but its c lol building so I am sharing a shot of it anyway :)


iPhone XS
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And here is the Frisk Museum, since it was asked for I took a couple of shots of it this first one looking through he fence on 5th Avenue


iPhone XS
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It looks a pretty cool place and I don’t thin I ever went into this museum so it is one I want to go and see soon


iPhone XS
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And that’s all folks

unless stated otherwise all photos used in my posts are taken and owned by myself, if you wish to use any of my images please contact me.


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Thanks for the resteem Appreciated ;)

Frick Collection has a lovely unique pebble stone way with the light/dark design, neat old buildings all of them. What a great way to spend a morning seeing the grand older buildings in your city.

I must go back there when it is open someday so I can go in and check it out

Cool walk about! I know none of these places! What is on display at the Frisk museum?

Oops I keep typing Frisk Museum but its the Frick Museum and it is an art gallery i think I have never been in there

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Thanks kindly always nice to getting rewarded for getting out and walking

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Thanks Kindly appreciated

It makes sense now that I think of it, but I never realized there were so many museums in NYC. It really does seem like they pretty much have one for everything!

Ohh yes and this is just a few of them there are museums for just about everything for sure here I think I read an article a title while back saying there are over 80 Museums in NYC

I like the architecture style of the older buildings JJ.
A friend mentioned the older buildings in Russia, but I don't know if I will ever get there.
The museums here look so great and maybe we can ask for some shots of the interiors?
Maybe you can do 5 museums per day, inside out, as that will push you into the top 5 at #actifit hahaha.

I to love the older buildings I come across here, of course, nowhere as old as in part of Europe or other countries, but still cool to see.
When I first came to work in NY, I did visit a few of the museums but that is a long time back, I am planning to try and make the time, o(ie sneak out of the office during the day) and visit a few of them before I move away from here so there may be some shots of inside some of them in the future

Thanks for taking us on this interesting photowalk. That's a lot of culture in one area. 16K is nothing to sneeze at, I'm glad you decided to "take it easy" today!

LOL well when I typed taking it easy I wasnt thinking I would do that much, today I will be lucky if I hit 10K

aww your dropping some awsome stepps hun , congrats on making it to the top 20 in actifit too :D
what a cool way to show pix for dswigle too :D
i do love smithsoonian the best ;)

Thanks my friend the Smithsonian is another one I must try and visit when it is open and go in one day

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Thanks Kindly appreciated

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Wow!!! That was awesome! Thank you and just so you know, the mansion that you pointed out is one of the few left of the fifth avenue row of mansions. It is the Harry Sinclair (I think I spelled that right) and is the Ukrainian Institute of America. They actually host exhibitions now and again.

Le sigh. You truly gave me the good deal, visiting them all like that. You should visit the Frisk. I think you will be surprised by it.

Thanks for the walk and congratulations on your steps!!

Thanks for being a great Guide for #SteemUSA~

!tip .20

I do plan on slopping off from work one day here and there and visiting some of these after looking up the Frick Museum ( I keep calling it other names LOL) is one of the first ones I plan to visit and maybe the MET next if I can ever deal with the queues

Thanks for the info on that building

Haha! I can only imagine what you call it! :)

I'm glad you will visit it. I think you will like it unless it has changed that much. But, I don't think so. Oh, take a breath and go back to the Met! You know you want to. It is one day in your life That is the way you have to look at it.

It works for me. :)

With my Time in NYC running down I need to make it inside some of the many places I have taken photos of,
and I have not forgotten Bumdo I will get back there again soon :)

DUMBO Yes!! That is one of the coolest perspectives.

Ohh yes I have been there many times I normally walk over the bridge to there and then around and always enjoy my visit there

Yes, because who doesn't love the shot of the bridge! Oh, yes!! You are on a timeline for shots of the city. But, you have so many incredible ones at your disposal right now!

I love walking across the bridge in the early morning any time of year but especially when the days are shorter and you may catch a nice sunrise, yes an unknown timeline at the moment whether weeks or months so I am trying to make the most of most mornings LOL

Museums are my thing to visit when traveling, @tattoodjay. In a lifetime I could never see all of them in NYC. What a pleasant walk today with all the cool buildings even if you could not get in.

I have only been to a couple of them, I plan to try and visit a few more of them before I leave NY it would be a shame not to

Are you leaving soon, @tattoodjay? Get more photos before you do :)

Most likely exact date not set yet but may be as early as next year

All good things must come to an end, I guess. You have sure had a good run there.

Ohh yeah for sure when I was first dragged to the HQ kicking and screaming I insisted for one year max, its been over 15 so II guess I adjusted to living here, but I should have a few more months to take photos here :)

Awesome count..

That's a lot of museums in one place.. Washington DC has The Mall where there's a lot of museums close together.. I imagine this is kinda like that?

yes I think it is very similar I only drove by the mall there never walked there