My Actifit Report Card: 2018.10.22. Mon

in #actifit2 years ago (edited)

walked to subway, bus, office,
office works,
walked in forest in the back mountain.
walked back to bus, subway, home.
house chores.

Daily Activity, House Chores, Moving Around Office, Shopping, Walking, Weight Lifting


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흐흐 저 오랜만에 인사드려요~!!! 스팀스팀님두 아직 계시는군요~!!

와우, @bellomedley 님 몇달 쉬다 오셨군요.
러시아, 핀란드, 발틱3국
대단한 여행을 갔다 오셨군요.

어디 갈 곳이 없어서, 저는 스팀 죽돌이 하고 있습니당.. ㅋㅋ

그 동안 스팀이 꽤 변하고 있어요.

A few advises for you:

  1. Go to mack-bot's page and knock its daily reports down.
    Better to not do it all at once, since your voting power depletes after each vote and recharges over time.
    Just knock down its 6 days old and 5 days old reports, and tomorrow do the same with its 5 days old and 4 days old, and so on at each day.
    You can still do quite a damage to it.
    mack-bot and spaminator are both run by patrice, in case you are still unaware.
  2. Knocking themarkymark's shitposts' rewards will only do good too.
    Again, start with the 6 days old posts and move on to the newer ones.
    Do not flag them all at one day as it is ineffective.

I may post a thread about a part of themarkymark's corruption in the future.
I noticed that steemflagrewards gives him benefactor rewards and direct upvotes.
It means that the group belongs to him even if there are a few more collaborators with him in that group.

BTW, to what extent are clayop, asbear, ocd-witness, ats-witness related to themarkymark, patrice and their actions?
I ask because I see you mention them too.

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