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The question of the day: is it all worth the hassle?
So is it? Not only concerning steem but also life in general!
Everywhere I look around me there is drama. Drama here drama there!
Why take the effort to write a genuine decent post, if an actifit post would earn as much as a post which took more than 30 mintues to write?
Yes, there are people claiming that this 0.5 steem could be worth $10.
Well they could be right but also wrong!
Why write a post when the interaction on the steem blockchain is at one of the all time lowest!
I did hear that more and more whales are doing manual curating. Well where are they then?
Haven’t seen them!
The good thing about the HF is that trending is now not showing the ones who did invest the most steem on their posts but is showing the ones who do have the best steem friends!
So yes, another actifit shit post from an active users who did try it all and failed miserably!
I do have two hidden personal missions on the steem blockchain which will take probably a year or so to complete and then this account will just go into auto voting the well know authors who’s posts do pass the linear reward curve! Because if I vote them my vote will have value, if a do upvote a post of another small steemian my vote suddenly has less value!
Still don’t understand the idea behind this HF feature!

As you can see my dark mood still isn’t over and I do feel that it can take some time to get over it, if I am able to get over it!
Feel free to flag this post to shit! Because it seems that there are accounts created who just downvote random posts! Great thing guys and girls!



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I have yet to see the positive impact of the HF. Maybe trending looks better, but that's about it.
I spent more than 2 hours on a post yesterday... stupid thing to do.
I saw some people mention their curation rewards had gone up significantly, but not mine. Not a lot, at least.
I keep an eye on the new posts during daytime, but all there is to see is crap, crap and more crap.

I hope the dust will settle soon, and that I have been wrong all along... But I'm afraid I haven't... It does look like this is really killing this place.

Keep Steeming, keep ranting (feels good, doesn't it??!!)

I wanted to buy you a beer to enjoy, but it seems like none of my beers got through today.

I will try again anyway


I’ve seen some orcas and whales doing some manual curation to their credit while others are just upvoting friends or set autovotes on certain creators who have taken a back seat and are basically just churning out stuff which is a pity! Now that the power is in their hands they should be creating Minnows and dolphins who will build up others

But these selected dolphins and minnows aren’t doing much but serving themselves and selling

I agree engagement is super low of late, I try to keep going and find a few creators I enjoy but there’s a reason I’m on the top of the engagement league and have very little competition to get there

200 plus comments per week is impressive! I try to do the same but I do lack the motivation at the moment!
I know that some whales are manual curating but they can’t serve all of us!
Just in a too dark mood to care about it!

I never seem to get on those engagement leagues, and I swear I am engaged.

I am @monstermama on splinterlands BTW, you big bully (lol, hahaha)

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Lol it’s more about length of comment than amount of comments and I tend to ramble on so I’m always finding myself pretty high up

LOL I’ll look out for your alt account and thanks for unmasking yourself now I know actively not to take it easy on you 🤪😋

I have noticed more engagement on certain posts.

My engagement still sucks... Still I keep steeming, and now collecting Marlians - I can see the buy wall dissapearing, but I still feel good about curating through there and giving upvotes that are much larger than my steem account that I have been building for years are.

Keep going. It will level out.

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It is indeed nice that besides steem we also can earn some tokens with a same post!
I will try to increase my engagement back above 100 comments per week, which is harder than it sounds.
I am very curious how things will evolve! And as long as I enjoy myself I will be here!

Thx for the engagement,

I hear you on this and am wondering the same thing. I will say that I don't think that @actifit posts are bad. It takes effort to participate in @actifit and if the project is managed right there is a lot of growth potential in the health and fitness space. I myself have not figured out the sweet spot for my efforts on "new steem" and I'm getting bored lol. We'll see how it shakes out. Right now I'm having more fun with Beer tokens.

I love those !BEER tokens!
Bottoms up.


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Hey @cflclosers, here is your BEER token. Enjoy it!

That linear pay curves suvks... to get full value it had to be worth 40 steem. Good grief, no one but whales can do that without bid bots, that will all get the wrath of the downvotes bots

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Indeed it is. If you don't have enough SP or don't have wealthy SP friends and to don't to grow your account, you are pushed towards the bots!
Really strange things are happening!

That linear pay curves sucks... to get full value it had to be worth 40 steem. Good grief, no one but whales can do that without bid bots, and using them will get the wrath of the downvotes bots. It is hard to see how they invision it working. Now I am best to just autovote accounts I anticipate getting big payouts

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I did hear that more and more whales are doing manual curating. Well, where are they then?

Some of them are trying at least. Last I heard one of them said he had kept his head so far up his ass self voting the past 1-2 years while waiting for the new fork that his eyes are still adjusting to the light.

interaction on the steem blockchain is at one of the all time lowest!

I guess it is on us to engage constructively on other people's content to make up for it then.

Anyways, thanks for sharing your thoughts! I think it will take some time for people to adjust to the changes, undelegate to bid bots, and start curating again.

I know there are some who do but there aren’t enough of them to serve of all 😔

I do try to engage but I have to admit that I do lack the motivation to do at the moment!

Thx for the comment.
Appreciate it!


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Feel the same way on a number of items you mention but all I hear are more positives so maybe it’s just me. I am willing to be patient and adjust my own way. At least I still have Splinterlands.

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If I do hear postive info about the HF21 it comes from the bigger accounts or the ones who are lucky enough to have their support.
I haven't seen lot's of possitive feedback from minnows and below.
Indeed we still have splinterlands!


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Just keep on steeming man, I appreciate what your doing here... I know, I'm not even a dolphin yet, but still... It's all about perseverance, and hell, with a bunch of dolphins and minnows we can become more powerfull than the whales, but we have to stick in there!
And by the way, a good rant is never bad for your health!

A rant is indeed a great ventilation, it decreases stress!
I just lack the motivation at the moment to write decent posts. Probably it will come back! Sooner or later!

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