Like a bean that forgets his skin "figuratively"

in aceh •  last year

Hello fellow Steemians!



Photographs of nuts, content, and skin depict human nature that does not know itself. I hope the other Steemians do not like nuts that forget their skin. Oh yes the beans are a bit hard on the skin but the contents are soft and very tasty for us to eat.


But besides that this bean is very good for human body health. Especially the fat contained in nuts is very beneficial for the digestive system in the human body.


Everyday I work in coffee shops may feel bored with many other foods available in the coffee shop where I work is Smea coffee.

Maybe I do not think this bean makes me tired of eating it. Even these nuts include my favorite foods.

This boiled peanut became my daily snack at the Smea coffee shop. I often enjoy it with a cup of coffee and a packet of boiled peanuts on the table where I work.

I can be said manager at Smea coffee shop. Do not be surprised if anyone sees me also being serving very friendly customers. In fact I also accompany the customer while talking just to meet customer desires.

Sometimes I can also tell new Steemians who still do not understand how to write in Steemit. I am very happy to be one of the Steemians of Aceh.

Hope from Steemias Aceh. Steemit continues to expand and extend to the whole world.

I am very grateful to @ned who has created this Steemit app. Because very many of these applications need to meet daily needs. In my opinion, @ned the figure who became a very high social role model for the world community.

Taken with the smartphone camera of Asus Zenfone 5

Have an awesome day!



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that jeut neuh bak neu ceumanek heuh,,,


Lon ureng Aceh, tinggai pih di Tanoeh Aceh, hai neu maklum keudroe. Kiban ureng Aceh. Menyee bak ceumaneuk chit ka ata droe ,,
Kon nyee lagee nyan hai @hardick-steem :)


Thaks you my friends :)

Kacang rebus my favorite @anwarabdullah, lihat post saya 😊

Timan ureung na lagenyan?


Lee ureng yang lagee nyan, tip nyoe yang lon tume inoe di kedai coffee smea. Aleh ek di jet jak lon keunoe,,,?

very good post him my resteem yes
success is always close friends@anwarabdullah


Thanks you so much my friends @taqincz

Inti jih. Bek lage kacang tuwo kulet


Beutai hai teungku @acutimam

Gawat katuwe kulet


Beutei teungku @karamullah :)

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