Abuser Series Volume 1

in abuseseries •  2 months ago

         Volume 1 of Abuse Series is now complete. I started the series back in the beginning of July and have been expanding it since. I have decided beforehand that each set/volume of this series would include 12 posts, for arbitrary reasons, and I would then move on to other topics while continuing to work on it at a much slower pace.

Here is a table of contents to the first 12 entries:

  1. Memes #1
  2. Sharing Contents on the Blockchain
  3. Lies. Damn Lies. And Statistics.
  4. Pretenders
  5. A Web of Lies
  6. Playing Solitaire
  7. Memes #2
  8. They Were Phishers of Men
  9. What is Spam?
  10. No Attribution Required?
  11. Censorship
  12. The Folks You Come Across


         I was pleasantly surprised that this series had an audience despite of its niche scope. I am grateful for the anti-abuse community, which includes members of the @steemcleaners and @steemflagrewards, for visiting and commenting on them.

         I also want to acknowledge the @buildawhale, @sadkitten, and @quarantine team for inspiring the topics addressed in this series. It would not have been as fun without them.

Future Directions

         The series will continue, but probably at a slower pace, like I mentioned at the beginning of this post, as I expand my reach into other subjects beyond the abuse niche. At some point, I may even give this series a cover, or logo, so it will look more polished.

         I will most definitely put the link of this table of contents in the footer of my other series. This post will also link to the first post of Volume 2 as I write. I am actually looking forward to realizing these directions.

         Again, thank you all for reading!



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I see you are passionate about human nature. Lets dance

Nothing to be Quarantine here.

I have read one of these in the series, but I didn't know there were all these too! I will be definitely having a binge read :D


Haha enjoy!

Great post!
Thanks for tasting the eden!

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really glad to have you in the discord :) I am trying to read more and my brain is honestly melting. I have not gotten any sleep lately but look forward to more posts :) keep sharing


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Hello))) cool series abuser)


They are okay reads if you are into the topic.

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