Removable Rewards - @steemitag self-upvotes at the last minute!

in #abuse4 years ago

I posted yesterday about @steemitag commenting with steemconnect links asking accounts to delegate their entire stake.

And you guys immediately made your feelings clear, with enough downvotes pouring in to push this account down to a reputation of 13 already!

I looked to see what this account was to up to and I was excited to see it started deleting comments!


Well, I was excited until I scrolled down.


So, after the flags came in, clearly @haiyangdeperci and @steemitag saw the writing on the wall and began burning all the VP of the account on self-upvotes, at about $0.08 - $0.12 each.

Fortunately, I wrote a script to get all comments with pending payouts. This is everything, any votes on the comments, but most of these paying out in a couple of hours are the self-upvotes.

To be entirely clear, this is obvious theft from his delegators.

So now I'm turning this back to the community again. I hope we can erase most of this, out of principle if nothing else.


Please kindly remove your bot comment as i am replying msg manually. As it is a contest, i am replyng same msg

As noted in the link in my message, you can delete my comment but you'll need to delete your reply first otherwise the blockchain won't allow my delete.

Would you mind deleting this comment as well. Thanks.

Deleted.. kindly proceed. Thanks

Deleted. Thank you for the help

Halo, kindly note you have another message is not deleted too. Also the haikubot message can be deleted too?

I manually deleted my last comment as a courtesy, but please read this article as it tells you how you alone, without asking me, can delete my comments. With this you can remove any other comments that may remain.

And no, I do not control @haikubot, which is why I'm replying to every single comment asking the community to downvote it.

V v nice and thank you dear

Could you please start flagging haikubot? The spam comments appear without users subscribing and the bot offers no option to stop the bot from commenting. I've asked the owner to stop commenting on my posts and received the snarky reply that I just need to mute it. That doesn't stop the spam from showing up on my account. I'd appreciate it if you'd start flagging them as well.

If you look at my recent comments you'll see I was actually following this account encouraging flags for quite awhile, but recently stopped. This shows I need to build my SP a bit because my vote is also not enough to hide the comments.

There's a lot of things I dislike about this account so thanks for getting this back on my radar. I'm going to think of more ways to encourage this account to at least offer a whitelist for people to prevent it from appearing.

Oh, yeah. I see some of them now. I thought you were an account that had been commenting on them, but I hadn't seen any in a while, so I wasn't sure. I don't think I was able to hide the comment either.

Hey, glad to help. I have been trying to help reduce the spam on here and it helps sometimes, but other times it takes a while. Having a list to opt out of receiving it's messages would be fine with me. Seems reasonable, but that's just me.

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