Art Plagiarism Case #13 - Caso de Plagio Artístico #13 - @chinotattooart

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Previous Art Plagiarism Cases by the User / Casos Previos de Plagio Artistico del usuario:

Post's URL / URL del post:

This user was caught a few days ago doing art paraphrasing, warned and notified of the rules, the user then went ahead and sophisticated his art paraphrasing, making it the source not reverse searchable. With the help of some magic he was caught again anyway.

Este usuario fue atrapado hace unos días haciendo arte parafraseando, advertido y notificado de las reglas, el usuario siguió abusando y sofisticó su arte parafraseando, haciendo que no se pueda encontrar la fuente por busqueda reversa. Con la ayuda de un poco de magia fue atrapado de nuevo de todos modos.



Source of the Art Plagiarism/ Fuente del Plagio Artístico:

Author of the Photograph: Jorge Silva

User Permanently Blacklisted for Reincident Aggravated Art Paraphrasing

This is Jaguar Force,
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I thought that people could change with time, learning from their mistakes, however I can say that this person has fallen to the bottom.

First he leaves a bad image as a Venezuelan, while asking users for money. The crisis of our country we are all facing, but it is not an excuse to be asking for money in a blatant way when you are supposed to have a gift in the "art".

I've been on the platform for over a year and it's always the same with this user, so thanks a lot to @jaguar.force for their excellent work, and to @mariusfebruary I can tell you that as a Venezuelan I'm proud of their latest actions (delegations to Venezuelan teams and constant support), but you must be careful, just as there are people who are dedicated to doing a good job, others just take advantage.

Thank you for your detailed analysis. @chinotattooart has asked me for support on Discord. In good faith, I supported him with two transfers and with an upvote. After it became clear that he had copied and colorized someone else's work you flagged him initially. I was willing to give him a second chance and outlined the procedure which included to post clean and original work for a number of days. With this post, he made it clear that he has no intentions of rectifying the situation. For me, this case is closed and the account @chinotattooart is blocked.

I became aware of him here and several users helped him. Thank you and @jaguar.force for the information, good to know!

Look, I think you have been more than generous in giving man like this a second chance. That alone shows you're a good man and should not reproach yourself.

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