Like a Virgin, Downvoted For The Very First Time.......

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Yesterday I posted a piece on gratitude and positivity. A little later, @ginabot informed me that someone had downvoted the post.


Hmm @bestwebmaster, what got you worked up I wonder, what was so offensive or controversial? Let me check your profile on steemit and your profile on steemd to see if I can get any clues:



The following information is revealed:

  • this is a brand-new account, only one day old
  • @bestwebmaster has not blogged or commented yet, nor have they received any replies
  • the name on the home page is BotAntiTrolls
  • the description on the home page says: Flagging the abusers and their fans!! You want to know why you are flagged?
  • 'location' is Steemit anti trolls
  • @bestwebmaster follows 5 accounts (4 of which are resteem services) and is followed by 10, none of whom I recognise or have had interactions with
  • on steemd, the only activity of this account is to downvote, the last of which was 10 hours ago. The account voting power is currently down to less than 17% (oops 😱)

The account has a reputation of 25 and very little SP. Thus there is no real damage done through the downvote, but the situation is interesting.

@bestwebmaster declares on their banner "Flagging the abusers and their fans!! You want to know why you are flagged?" - well yes indeed I do @bestwebmaster and that is why I am writing this post :D.


If I were to speculate, I would think the following scenario possible/probable: A Steemian has become pissed off at a user/number of users and has created or commissioned a bot to downvote a list of these users and their 'fans' (followers).

The terms abuse and trolling can easily be used subjectively and irrespective of fact.

I do not see how abuse could apply to any action of @barge on steemit, assuming this refers bot or self-voting 'abuse'. I have on occasion challenged the viewpoint of a post, but this has been done relatively softly IMO, see for yourself 😌.

Regarding trolling, there are two occasions when I have intervened in a conversation in a manner that might, at a stretch, be considered the activity of a troll. The first one was decidedly trollish, but unlikely to have resulted in such a response as described here. The second instance however, concerns the Truth Troll and a conversation that I butted-in on after reading this post of his. It may be possible that this is a backlash from there. As stated, this paragraph is my best-guess speculation as it describes the only possible connection between my activity on Steemit, and this downvote that I can think of. It would be telling indeed if the Truth Troll had also been downvoted by @bestwebmaster, but TT has not had any activity for a couple of weeks, longer than this account has been around.

I am unable to query the blockchain in a manner that might reveal more about this, but I am rather intrigued and would be delighted if someone can be bothered to delve a little further. It may be random bot activity and nothing to do with my wild and dramatic speculations of course! @abh12345, as the one skilled and approachable person I know, would you consider this at your convenience?

Finally, a word of gratitude and positivity in the direction of @bestwebmaster (or his/her human master :), for we have made a connection through this uncertain and crazy tangent of words and possible hurt feelings (not mine, I don't take the downvote to heart). Thank you BotAntiTrolls for enabling me to publish a kind of post on the blockchain that I have never before attempted. And of course, thank you for taking my downvote virginity, I hope it was as good for you as it has been for me!


Edit: I just came across a post by @pirateofthedtube which discusses the 'Steemit Defense League' in which this appears: "As many of you know, there is a guy who basically decided to rip Steemit apart by creating 70+ accounts and downvoting tons of, at times random, people." Interesting, there seems to be a discussion of this going already and the post links to other articles which I am about to read...

Edit 2: Ok, I see a post by @themarkymark from a month ago which details the end of the Steemit Defense League. Also another very recent post by @guiltyparties which talks about the Flag Ring, in which the SDL reappear.

Hmmm maybe they're back again!

FINAL Edit: Yes it seems to be the case that I was Struck By A Smooth Criminal (to continue the vague 80s music theme :) of the infamous Steemit Defense League. @bestwebmaster seems to fit the pattern and the discussion on the Flag Ring appears to confirm this. I will know if @guiltyparties adds this account to the 'SDL' list.
[Update]: update.jpg

Therefore @abh12345, dunno if there's a need to delve any further, but thank you anyway 🔆 . As for my wild and dramatic speculations, at least I didn't point any direct fingers, and I guess the linked comments and discussions do hold some entertainment value for the curious reader 😂 .


That is so dumb, I'm sorry! I have never read anything of yours that is even vaguely offensive. Keep on keeping on! :)

Hey @bethwheatcraft, nice to see you and thanks very much for saying so 🔆

I also got downvoted by 2 anti steem cleaners account. Same with that account, the only activity is downvoting. They're wasting their voting power. Too bad for them.

That's kinda what's strange - this account was down to under 17% VP, and one of the posts I read suggested this was a common trend for these kind of accounts- ie around 25 Rep, very low SP, and VP mostly used up. The interesting thing is that there must be some human motivation driving this - if not crypto, then what? Revenge does seem a possibility - but on whom? A list of 'offenders', or on the Blockchain itself? Ach the games humans play :D

Wow I just wrote a lengthy response here, then clicked reply by accident and lost the whole thing.

I've been getting attacked by these guys too. At first I thought it was my account being specifically targeted because I use boost bots, (a practice I am somewhat on the fence about) but this isn't the case.

I looked into it further, and many people are being victimized by these accounts. It's some kind of mass ring of accounts being used for abuse and nothing more. They clearly don't have an integral understanding of the Steem blockchain, because they are downvoting posts that are past payout, and don't manage their VP in any kind of constructive way.

My initial reaction was anger, but when I figured out what was happening, it became funny to me. These downvotes, as you know, are virtually harmless to your account.

Now, when I make a post, I get the popcorn and can't wait to see how many downvotes I get. It's like a new dynamic that has been added to give some pleasure to my blogging experience. It is more amusing than anything, that people would be willing to waste so much time, because why? They lack creativity? I don't know the answer, but it's beyond sad.

Don't let it get you down. I doubt you will, because you understand just how foolish they are.

oh..btw @barge

This post was downvoted by @trucmipo
I'm sure you probably knew that already though.
Want a good laugh? Go look at his wallet memos....

Peace bro.

LOL, thanks my friend, and shame you lost your first response - a real bugger when that happens :(

I saw the downvote by @trucmipo and reported it on the Flag Ring post, where I saw this account was already on the list.

It is very strange. There's defo some motivation behind it of a human nature, as well as some effort going into making the banners and posting the BS about 'flagging the trolls' lol, but the behaviour is ineffective and atm, just provocative.

I wrote this post at the point I thought it might have been personal (like you did at first), but then, when I realised it wasn't, well, dunno about popcorn lol......

And great gesture to message the wallet @futuremind, love it 😂

I really did sit there with a bag of popcorn on Steemworld after creating my last post..

To my dismay, no downvotes came in.



Ha!! You are so creative @barge, I love it! This must be a charm of sorts, because I have received no downvotes since my rant. I wonder if broadcasting the fact that I don't care made it boring to them? lol

With this post about trolls you've earned multiple times back the amount the troll could ever downvote with the accounts 25 rep. So good for you!

You got a plankton sized upvote from @worksinsane because your post appeared in the We Curate quality post search tool. It is a web art thingy thing that searches posts which fulfill predetermined rules. Upvoting isn't automated, @worksinsane reads posts before upvoting.

For more information read the latest post:

Thank you @worksinsane, I've had a look at your project and appreciate your comment and presence here :D.

And yes indeed, there seems to be no current danger from the 'anti-troll' trolls and I have also benefitted through the post upvotes, as well as an opportunity to express myself 🔆 .

Thanks for your vote and for stopping by.

Hey @barge

I had planned to look at a couple of accounts that 'tagged' myself and @denmark guy recently, but as you state above it seems like the, or a SDL incident.

Personally, I'm not too worried. Perhaps if the accounts turned up with a raft of SP then this feeling may change! Until then though, I think it's best not to be too concerned.


Thanks so much for responding @abh12345, and for your reassurances. @guiltyparties has confirmed it is an SDL-class bot/user :D ... atm it seems to be provocative, kinda like a naughty little David vs plenty of peaceful Goliaths, but without even the slingshot! This could suggest an intention of returning armed with SP, who knows - strange behaviour and quite a bit of it about 🙄
Thanks again Asher 🔆

Thanks for the information @barge, i'll not worry too much about it for now then :)

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