Steemit Defense League is dead

in abuse •  18 days ago


The Steemit Defense League is a group of accounts run by the spammer & plagiarist @camillesteemer (aka @mybestnews). Initially, she was flagged for spamming by @abusereports and started to make accounts using the Steemit faucet account creation to flag anyone supporting or commented on an @abusereports post.

Initially, the Steemit Defense League was just the @trollshunter and then @a-steemdefleague used to flag endlessly. In a short time, it grew from 2 flagging accounts to 15 accounts all using the default 15 SP given by the Steemit faucet.

The Steemit Defense League

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Thank you so much for posting this. It has been a huge frustration. The only thing I have been able to come up with on this is pure jealousy and small minded people. I do not care one bit what another posts. It is absolutely ridiculous to downvote posts, unless there was truly harmful material in a post. It is sabotaging this platform, and effecting the whole.


There are a lot of people posting garbage and when you do something about it they get very defensive.

Steemit's #1 problem being addressed by the 'Untouchable' @markymark


Love that movie


If I was graphically inclined a bit more so I may have slipped your face on one of them. I can't imagine how dangerous that line of work was, yes and an awesome movie. They took a lot of liberty with the total truth of this movie but still damn good, one of few that I still own actually. Keep raiding them bootleg Steem accounts. I look forward to getting more involved, I have seen them too and it really, really pisses me off that they have steem delegations, post nothing, and only downvote like that.

That oughta slow them down!


Oh they will be.

From this point on, it would take them about 2-2.5 days to cool off between each downvote session and if they create new accounts, we just keep asking for their SP undelegated.


Perfecto. That makes sense.


they were like annoying mosquitoes! hahahah


Mosquitoes actually do some damage.

oh wow

registration is fucked

And the #1 bandwitdh user has fucking 7 steempower and all he does is resteem hahahaha and theyre like invincible hahaha WOW its like a steem skelaton! damn we can fucking learn from this hopefully haha man we need BANDWIDTH flagging like you just mention over on

Good work @themarkymark. I'm fairly new to steem and as with any public, social platform I was sure there were spammers and other problem makers but I'm glad we have someone like you to help resolve the issues the arise.

Just wow! Wickedness is wicked. I can imagine how much havoc they might have caused, there were so many of them... 15 in total!

not long ago I was showing on my stream on @dlive that I see every upvotr or flag and that I can check who gave those flags and where. Finally found 1 of my videos with 3 flags from 3 accounts I never heard.
Didn't feel those flags to be honest but those flags were from those accounts you mentioned.

I don't know this thing exist. Good I read this here.

Awesome work, @themarkymark! Cool to see the servbot image get another round! Their bumbling nature really fit the situation perfectly.

I was flagged by them again and again. I could not understand why they did so. I wrote a post about it in which you advised me to ignore them. After a few days they stopped downvoting me. But downvoting is still a problem. Nobody dares to downvote whales but this tool is used against those who are weak. I wrote a post yesterday in which I suggested how the system of flagging can be amended.


Most downvotes are warranted and healthy for the platform.


No doubt downvotes are necessary for this platform but a mechanism should also be formed so that nobody may misuse this tool.