VOTE FARMING/ABUSE involving curation project BAYANIHAN!!!

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Credits to @bayanihan for this image

Hello everyone, I don’t usually blog on Saturdays but I received a message from a friend regarding massive abuses involving this “Steemit Philippines Curation Project” they call @bayanihan.

Actually, I considered this curation project to be a truly remarkable one when I read their introductory post 7 months ago. And I really thought that the curators of this certain project are doing great in supporting new and amazing Filipiino steemians but it turns out I was wrong.

There is/are steemian/s with account name @bisdak taking advantage of this @bayanihan account. I don’t know if certain curator/s is/are involved with this but I am 100% sure that this account is personally owned by one of them.

This @bisdak created multiple accounts, created posts on each of the accounts and used @bayanihan to upvote all of them! What a brilliant man he/she/they are/is, and here’s why!

@surpassinggoogle is actually trailing with the bayanihan curation and so if bayanihan upvotes a certain post, Terry a.k.a @surpassinggoogle automatically upvotes that post too! Terry has huge SP in his wallet thus his upvotes could really give decent amount of rewards.

These are the accounts made by @bisdak to profit from @bayanihan and @surpassinggoogle’s upvotes: @baskog, @lucians, @poloshirt, @sincerelyyou, @supersexyme, @truevictims and @wakwakon. So it seems that @bisdak is really a hardworking person/s.

Also, I would like to add that there are Filipino steemians (including me) who are disappointed with the people behind this project. You guys said that you want to ensure that the reward is shared to a wider audience but why is it that your upvotes are sometimes concentrated to certain people only?

There are so many issues in @bayanihan but I don’t want to talk about it. Instead, I want our countrymen to tell you how they feel, if they are happy or not, if your project has great impact to our community or just created for personal benefits.

I hate to say this but there are/is trickster/s, unprincipled/s and corrupt/s person/s in your team and he/she/they are/is using your “curation project” for personal gain! So I am asking you to sue that @bisdak, because he/she/they are/is not just bringing disgrace in your team, but to all of US FILIPINOS!

Not to mention that the word "BISDAK" means bisayang dako - proud people of Southern Philippines. I am a Bisaya and most Bisaya I know are good people. We do not take advantage of our friends! So whoever you are, you are such a disgrace!

So if you (@bayanihan) truly care about the Filipino steemians, you need to make your curation project better, be transparent and at least make it systematic!

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May we request our kababayans to be patient while we try to solve this. Unknown to many, we work behind the scenes quietly and discretely for issues that are brought to us directly.
Rest assured that we are looking into this matter from day 1. Please be patient and we will give an update the soonest.

Upvoted for visibility.

Maraming salamat lola!

thank you po lola salamat ng marami.

kapatid nakilala ko yan sa bisaya na mga post # bisdak na post.

pero dun lang ang info ko at wala ng iba.

I had no idea what's been happening! Thank you for the heads up @asbonclz !

You are welcome @bloghound :)

That act is unfair. Thanks @asbonclz for exposing these evil doers

It's not evil doings, it's a mentality problem.

God bless your soul @asbonclz for exposing these scoundrels, you're that hero we have but never deserved.

This is why foreign people treat us as lowlife scumbags because of this type of mentality.

Which mentality? Those scumbags? Don't fret my friend, there are these kinds of everywhere, it's the level of evil that differs...

Evilness is subjective :)

I even followed @bisdak because I thought her/his "quotes" were inspiring. Shame

I hope this matter is being dealt with. I urge @bayanihan to speak up about this problem, continuous silence/act of ignorance with this matter will make us think otherwise of the project's objectives - curate deserving filipino steemians.

my heart is bleeding, wounded, stabbed!!!
This is sad!#@## I'm sure some more accounts are hiding somewhere!
What a shame! I read back this morning @bisdak account
It started well like a bisayan community.
Speak up! STOP THIS abuse!! We deserve to know!! Pls. resteem!!!!
100% upvoted!!!!

Sending you lotsa love, sis @sunnylife <3

thansk sis:)

Yo ate. Mas sad kami within the group knowing we gace our trust and treated each others as equal. Pero this issue would have been handled better ng isang PM lang sa kung sino sa amin na naghahandle ng account. The intention was good but i felt disrespected a bit. Pero all good. Sorted out na. And group has been improving.

Funny lang how some people likes to gatong on an issue pero wala naman silang nagagawa to help others at all.

Si asbon master ko yan so all good kami. XD

the intention was good but you felt disrespected a bit? post ba ni asbon or comment ko? naglalabas lang cguro ako ng saloobin ko. Gatong, o baka naman naglalabas din sila opinyon nila? Mabute naman kung ok na, sana maiwasan na ang mga ganyang bagay in the future. Maghihintay kami ng update.

Sa post ni asbon, unti lang, kasi di dumaan sa amin. Wala kami narinig before post na to, to think na may GC naman kami, lalo na sa steemph leads. Hindi ate, yung iba gatong talaga. XD Opinions are okay but bashing people who did them good din naman before? It's pitiful I could just laugh at those kind of people all day.

Focus tayo sa issue dito. Dapat sanay ka na dahil sa bayanihan nakatingin ang bayan. Normal lang yan kua. Ang tanong ko: Ano ang sagot ng bayanihan sa issue na to? sa post ni asbon? may release na ba o nde lang ako updated? Para den ito malinawan ang lahat at nde madamay ang danadamay na ibang curators.

Thank you @asbonclz for making this post!
@bisdak undelegated yesterday those accounts that you mentioned above.
ramdam kita @abonclz dahil ganyan den feel ko kahapon.
Be fair enough to the Filipino people. Bayanihan do you really care?
Are you aware that this is happening?
@surpassinggoogle doesn't deserve this at all.
Who is going to be blamed at the end? Terry @surpassingoogle.
Who is benefiting from this? YOU don't even care about Terry!
Who is working 24 hours to curate hundreds of articles per day!
Does he deserves all this $#% . ?
@bisdak only cares for his/her WALLET!!
WAKE UP kabayan! It's time to stop this abuse!!
We have the right to know because we belong here!!
For more info check:

Don't thank me sis, let's stop this mentality, stop this cancerous mindset to spread.

which mentality? pinoy mentality?
ang katotohanan lang ...inabuso, umabuso at aabuso pa??????
what a shame!!!

I don't want to generalize but Pinoys are really like that.

namihasa,namimihasa, nag short cut at gustong mag invisible!
katotohanan gusto kong malaman!

Hahaha you're so funny sis, galit ka talaga sa corrupt no?

kz tatay ko si Tatay DIGONG!!!! LOLS
aabangan ko ang post ni lola at marami pa akong katanungan.

Shame on abusers!

Mao jud ni ang problema sa atoa Sir, atong panghuna2x. Di maningkamot ba, gustog sayon na kinabuhi.

The culprit had probably read your post already and would surely deny your allegation. You may include the evidences you gathered so others won't think it's just a mere accusation.

mao ni siya gtawag na open book sensei @asbonclz, all is recorded in the blockchain. tsk3.
sometimes even the greatest intentions will fall in the long run because of greed

I agree with your last statement master @iamkuyaj.

symbolism ug ideas kay dili man ma corrupt pero ang holder of that ideas kay vulnerable to corruption.
so yeah, daghan kaau maaung innovations ug intentions at first but once maka hawid na ug kwarta, ma wala na ang integrity because of greed.

Lage tikoy mao bitaw ga set tag rules para ma preserve ang atong purpose hehehe

naa dyud mo simang ba. bisag unsaon. haha

Mao lage hahahaha

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